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  1. I don't know what the next edition should be. For now I'm the best scout. I should probably contract Manchester United to give my services. At least I won't recommend a them to rectify their mistake by making another mistake like Riola did.
  2. And he's getting chances for Milan whereas on the other side Gabigol is not given any chance at Inter.
  3. Very interesting changes this time. In fascinated by Tolisso getting 90 and Cornet to 86. But shouldn't Lacazette be 92 by now? Coz even if Lyon plays well or not, he's on top 2 positions in goal scoring charts in France for last 3-4 years.
  4. Oh my god....... Can't believe I won........ Correntin Tolisso is now rated 90, rising from 88. Thank You Very Much!
  5. Late but not Lonely! In at Colchester United for now....... Did you miss me??
  6. I'm here since the beginning or rather since the inception of the idea of a GW of this level. Was at Alfreton Town in season 1, then moved to Hull City and then quit the GW. Now I'm back at Leyton Orient. Would be interested to take uncharged of Blackburn Rovers for a long time.
  7. When will the random events take place?
  8. Since you're making a custom GW, Why don't you remove the teams which doesn't deserve to be in a European championship and bring other teams in instead. Like AC Milan is no match in 2nd division. Rather promote Sevilla and bring in Lyon.
  9. 1 inch isn't a large difference tbh when you're buying a €50m player for €100m.I don't think height is a problem when United can win PL and be finalist in UCL with a midfield of Fletcher,Anderson and Scholes.
  10. I guess this is the year of returnees from Gotze, Pogba to Lukaku.
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