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  1. Ed Woodward is a clown. You spend months inquiring and not putting in the required bid for 2 players (Sancho and Alex Telles), then on deadline day instead of signing Sancho, you sign a 17 year old that won't even play until January, who has played about 25 minutes in Serie A for 30 mill. Then you cave in and sign Telles for the required bid when he could've joined weeks ago and integrated into the team. And you sign Cavani, 33 years old, for 2 years, who was a free agent back in July 1st and no one put in a bid for him. I hate Ed Woodward so much, he, the Glazers, Matt Judge and t
  2. Man Utd set to sign CB Willy Kambwala, French U-17 captain. Not in the database yet, but maybe one for the future.
  3. Would you give Hazard and Sancho for Mbappe?
  4. There's a joke in there about making Dier less sh*t.
  5. A level 2 concern after playing/starting 24 games, soon to be 25. C'mon SM. With the hype Tariq Lamptey is getting now and seeing how well he plays at just 19, I can see him take Wan-Bissaka's spot in the England lineup. I'm now considering getting Lamptey instead of Pavard and just wait for that sweet rise. Also helps deal with less concerns. Edit: Lamptey is 20 now.
  6. Do you guys see Ansu Fati or Greenwood having the best potential/rise?
  7. Trying to avoid player concerns and continue building a solid team. Is it a good idea to sell João Félix now (level 1 concern, rotation player with Sancho and Havertz) and buy either Greenwood or Ansu Fati? Also is Verratti safe at 94? Thinking of selling either him or B. Silva for more money and having my younger players cover for injuries.
  8. Mané and Neymar. Kane playing at Tottenham and I don't see him going up or the club going far under Mourinho. Salah not as great as before, his 95 was kinda early, arguably not as impactful as Mané last season. Hazard needs to do better this upcoming season with Real Madrid.
  9. SM is so frustrating with concerns, since I took over a gameworld I've been playing van Dijk starting and subbed based on fitness every game since his level 2 concern a bit late into the season. Not counting SMFA matches, 23 starts and 5 subbed. I know you have to get around 32 appearances, but there's only 1 game left this season. Then he gets to level 3 today. Is there a chance he'll go down to level 2 if playing consistently (every game, barring injuries) next season, or should I look for a replacement now?
  10. Is Angel Gomes ever going to get a rise? Last was 2017 ffs. I'm trying to get more money from him and sell.
  11. Bruno or B. Silva? I don't know if B. Silva will regain his form, and with Bruno being the more important player for their respective teams... Bruno?
  12. At this point, I'm convinced Alaba has to win a Ballon d'Or and score a hat-trick every game next season to get a +1, and even then it's a MAYBE.
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