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  1. Ok, so the left-backs I have are Lucas Hernandez (Bayern), Romagnoli, and Alphonso Davies. Davies plays cup games for me and I'm just waiting for him to potentially be my future starter. I'm not sure whether Romagnoli will rise or still have that left-back position, and same for Hernandez, given that Davies is doing well there. Is buying Renan Lodi a safe option for LB in the near future so I won't have to worry about having an actual LB? I don't watch AC Milan enough to tell if Romagnoli is gonna be shifted to CB, or Bayern if Hernandez will be shifted to CB. I'm also considering buying Wan-Bissaka and just having him and Trent at right back. Right now I'm using Hakimi and Trent at RB. Is Hakimi's position just gonna to be changed to RB, since he's mostly played there instead of LB? Or will he continue to be a versatile option? Ideally I'm thinking Wan-Bassaka and Trent at RB, Davies and Hakimi LB, with some other cover in the future.
  2. Choose 1 or 2: Fabian Ruiz, Donny van de Beek, Nicolo Barella, or Houssem Aouar?
  3. Serge Aurier or Matteo Darmian? I don't really watch PSG, but from what I'm seeing Serge made a mistake with the media and may be getting less game time?
  4. This may be obvious, but should I take 15 mil, Alexis Sanchez and De Bruyne for my Neymar? I will need to replace my aging midfielders ( Schweini, Yaya Toure, David Silva) soon if I plan on staying in the game world. But I also have 85 mil to spend to buy replacements and keep Neymar.
  5. Ok, so the owner and creator of a Game World I'm in recently left just before the last game of the season. There's only one other manager besides myself, and he sold Reus on 13 Dec. to Dortmund (External Club) for 52,800,000. Can't remember but was only transfer banned until 21 or 22 Dec, in no time at all. Prices have changed and all, but I placed a bid for Reus (valued at 44 mil) using 2 players and money, and there are no rules against doing transfers/ offering players with External clubs. Only rule is no transfers with Unmanaged clubs. So the bid goes through the two times I've tried, even adjusting the transfer, but coming back to check: The deal involving Club América and Marco REUS of Dortmund has been rejected. What's going on?
  6. I have the option to buy Juan Bernat from an unmanaged club, should I sell Jordi Alba and put a few mil into getting Juan Bernat?
  7. Sell Hummels for Javi Martinez and 20 mil? Assuming Javi will remain at CB on SM.
  8. I've detailed the report as much as one possibly could, giving the time, and all the shady transfers used for three clubs managed by the same person. Is there something I'm missing, or does the process take longer to remove the other accounts? I waited longer to see if the other accounts would be removed but I'm not sure anything will happen Basically: On Monday, 23 Feb 10:22 and on the same day 10:37 " managers " of the same nationality took over two clubs. The third club, the manager that came a season before, officially sold Sebastian Corchia ( spelled Corchia incorrectly on the report ) valued at 12,220,000, age 24, rating 88 on Tuesday, 24 Feb 00:25, for 26,800,000 to one of the accounts. Then on the same day Tuesday, 24 Feb 00:25, the third ( older manager ) club sold Youri Tielemans valued at 7,840,000, age 17, rating 85 for 20,400,000 to the other account. Then that third manager used the funds to help him buy Manuel Neuer (15,481,000 plus his GK ) , and Leonardo Bonucci ( 15,261,000 ) on Wednesday 14:17. Ever since, those two new clubs were inactive for the same amount of days. One of the accounts was removed and the other still inactive. Though the main ( the older account ) has logged in about 1 day. ago I may have screwed up the name for the transfers, but don't they check the News Feed? I'm not complaining, I just don't know if the report wasn't enough, or they didn't see any solid evidence for multiple accounts
  9. Has anyone been successful with this formation? I've searched around and couldn't find anything. Just need all the details that goes with the formation. Would be greatly appreciated, I want to test this
  10. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I still think it's ridiculous how much was paid just to get Shaw, and I'm surprised other fans would be willing to pay more than what was speculated for Shaw. This is all based on him having potential and the fact that he's English. I know players shouldn't be judged based off youtube vids, but the ones I do find for Shaw earlier in the season are all special effects in the beginning and then a back pass, some forward passes and little runs down the field or something, then more special effects in admiration for Shaw. I do hope he becomes an incredible signing to fit in with everyone else. I just have to see him play throughout the season. But right now, I really don't see why so many people love him sooooo much
  11. Re: Match Result ( Charity Shield Final ) not showing Huh. Never heard that before. Woke up and the results came. I won
  12. About 9 hours now and the match result hasn't shown up. Do I need to wait longer for the result to randomly show up or is this a serious bug?
  13. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I don't see how Shaw is worth 27+ mil. This transfer bid is just something that was reported today, it's not guaranteed that we'll even go after Shaw, so this " breaking FFP " for Utd is irrelevant. Some players will also be leaving, it's not like we'll have an excessive amount of payments. We'd have to wait and see how Van Gaal does with transfers, if he's appointed.
  14. Re: James Wilson - Man United starlet Can't wait for him to be added! It'll be like the addition of Januzaj
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