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  1. Good time to sell Kroos for Hakimi, considering age and SM rating drop? I have another mid that can take over.
  2. Shaw instead of Spinazzola, Kane instead of Lukaku, and surely someone else instead of Højbjerg?
  3. Just remembered some time ago I suggested someone take Mane over Salah, I didn't expect to see him drop, sorry for that. Also WHY has Havertz's left side positions been taken off? And WHY can De Bruyne play as a striker now? What are the SM admins smoking?
  4. I remember someone asking if League Shield games (not SMFA) counted for appearances, and I thought yes, but now I'm not sure lol
  5. Just to add on to Kieran's list, Joao Virginia (73) 600K. Played against City in the FA cup and made a great save. Will be interesting to see if he can take over from Pickford for Everton.
  6. Got Trent available now. I could sell Theo or Hakimi, but I'd need Hakimi to move to left-back, hopefully he'll keep his left-back position in-game for a long time. Sell Theo or Hakimi?
  7. Sorry, should've clarified-- I mean an excellent corner taker. I'm more interested in the player assisting, not scoring. But interesting to see if you all do have certain players that score a lot from corners as well.
  8. This one's more about the game simulation. Are there certain players that you've found are more likely to get you goals from corners? Edit: And by this I mean the player assisting through corners, not the one scoring. Any excellent corner takers you've noticed?
  9. Is Marquinhos gonna keep his DM position? He has had it for a while, right? Had a brilliant idea I could move him to midfield and buy back Upamecano (sold him to an external club to get Dias + money) and bring Upa back to my defense. I'd be selling Kroos in place of Marquinhos. If SM randomly takes his DM position off later I'll just have to smile through the pain.
  10. Pedri for me. He's more influential for his club, and I think once Messi leaves, Barça will build around him and Frenkie Je Dong. I didn't expect Tonali to get another +1 so soon.
  11. If Atl Madrid win the league, would Joao Felix rise to 92? I sold him some time ago because he wasn't performing how I expected irl, and Atl Madrid didn't seem like a good fit. Frustrating choosing between him, Sancho, and Havertz. Also you think Dybala will keep his 93?
  12. About to win the league by 10 points with a 95 GK, planning on switching to a 92 GK. This is encouraging, every team I've managed has always had a 94+ GK so I'm gonna test this out and see.
  13. Can't remember tbh, but Bruno was supposed to be signed that last summer and they waited too long to get it done.
  14. I agree, though I think the board would have Ole in for at least another season. The only positives about Ole is that he's come in for damage control after Mourinho, and he's trying to bring back the Utd culture, that drive to win matches, and he's finally getting rid of players that aren't good enough. He may need another season to bring in some quality players, but he should be a short term manager. I'd like to see a manager with fresh tactics come in so we're not over-reliant on Bruno. I read something about Woodward having tears in his eyes when he showed a fellow club chief or some sporting director criticisms about him. After signing Bruno I bet he's acting like this is a victory for him, as if he showed us lol. Tells you all you need to know about him. Edit: I'd like to add I don't rate Maguire, he's slow and a waste of the money. Never wanted him. I wish we had new CBs. As much as I like Bailly, man plays 5 games a season and he's done. And I wouldn't miss Fred or Martial at all if they left for better players to come in.
  15. As much as I would love drops for Liverpool players for the banter, this isn't really enough to warrant a drop. If he under performs for another season a drop would be reasonable. These ratings aren't just done game by game, it's seasonal.
  16. You think Muller is gonna keep his 94 throughout this year and the next? I'm thinking of selling Hazard for him and getting some money out of it. Though Hazard is 2 years younger and could get back to some decent form if he ever recovers from his injury. I have some young players that could take over, but I want to remain competitive and bring them on by maybe next year.
  17. Wanted 10-0 so bad! Disappointing Utd didn't break the record. Rafa would rather be a waiter in Spain than manage a French club.
  18. I have 12 concerned (lvl 2 going down and lvl 1 going up) starting players in one of my gameworlds. 12.
  19. Please Socca never mention Utd before a game.
  20. Let's just agree to disagree. Doesn't matter how many shots or chances Inter had, the equalizer was from a dive. Could've ended with Inter scoring more regardless, but AC Milan would be clear if they defended and saved shots throughout. Look at this, there's no contact on Barella. He's already jumping, then falls over like he was shot: https://streamye.com/vz7gq
  21. @Milanista1Can't believe the ref gave Inter Milan that penalty. It was clearly a dive from Barella, you can see it in slow-mo. If AC Milan held for longer they should've won. Highlight of the match was Lukaku and Zlatan fighting before half-time.
  22. Yeah it's probably the hard tackles. Then again this could happen even against unmanaged clubs that don't play hard tackles. I hate when SM's simulation makes multiple players out injured from one game. I hope this is something they address, like concerns, when they make changes 20 years from now. 😀
  23. I'd say Rashford (being the youngest and already at 92), then it's kinda close between Dybala and Firmino. Dybala just edges it with the age difference and how out of form Firmino is, so have to consider Juve or Liverpool. Then Hazard, being the oldest, having injuries and how SM treats older players who don't perform at consistent high standards. Wouldn't have thought I'd ever pick Firmino over Hazard, but here we are.
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