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  1. BradVanDam

    World Heavyweight Blankionship

    Nice one mate, I've sent you the ID. Anyone else interested let me know.
  2. Hi all. Looking to create a new GW. It's going to be called 'The World Heavyweight Blankionship'. 1 division with 20 of the biggest clubs, each team starts with no players and I'm thinking about £300m/£400m cash. Going to be a squad cap of 30 players in total per team and no signing players over age 32. I'm thinking this will help make it competitive as no one team could hoard all the top players, and hopefully there would always be a good amount of external players so transfer deals wouldn't dry up. Obviously the 30 man cap rule can't be enforced so would need people happy to play by the rules. If you're up for it or know anyone else (that won't cheat) that is, let me know. Cheers!
  3. Would anyone be interested in a new custom gameworld? Does anyone have any ideas of a type of gameworld to create, one which one attract plenty of interest....
  4. BradVanDam

    Total squad worth - £2bn?

    Has anybody yet to break a £2bn total team value? With my Juventus team I have First team value: 639.7m Youth team value: 373.2m Loaned out players value: 196.0m Cash: 358.7m Total value: 1,567.6m Should I splash the cash on more players or keep it in reserve?
  5. BradVanDam

    Stupid player concerns

    Thanks for the respone Nico Surely thats a ridiculous concept though, I could play him every game and he continue to develop concerns? Wheres the logic in that?
  6. BradVanDam

    Problems Since New Interface

    They really seem to be trying hard to ruin the game completely
  7. BradVanDam

    Stupid player concerns

    Please can someone explain to me why Jan Oblak has progressed to a level 2 concern for me, despite me playing him the last 17 league games in a row since he developed level one concern. Any Soccermanager admin response would be nice.
  8. BradVanDam

    New Improvements

    Does anyone want my 9 teams too? I don't.
  9. BradVanDam

    New Improvements

    What's with the bold colours and cheap graphics? Is the game targeting 8 year olds? Stars around the player ratings look unbelievably tacky. Navigating around is terribly slow? Are there any plans to change this new look? Will definitely affect whether or not I quit the game
  10. BradVanDam

    New Improvements

    I there any way possible to switch back to the old layout on desktop? The new layout is shocking to say the least.
  11. BradVanDam

    Indian Super League - Welcome to India

    Can I take a team if one is available?
  12. BradVanDam

    OMC Championship - Starting 25/07/15

    Game world ID 238913
  13. BradVanDam

    New Custom League To Start 24/07/15

    ID is 238913
  14. Hi all I have created the OMC Championship, basic layout: 2 Divisions of ten teams each £100m for each team, with each team having a blank squad 3 promotions/relegations to keep it interesting 20 of best European teams Hopefully the league won't be flooded with the best players straight away, no requirements to join, please join and enjoy! Thanks!
  15. BradVanDam

    New Custom League To Start 24/07/15

    Yes i will do, will you join?