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  1. When you take over a club, and there are bids for some of your new players, how do you cancel these bids. There must be a way of doing this, is there??? Please help and advise, dont want to lose some of my players...
  2. I have been offered gattuso 96 in exchange for my clichy 91 and flamini 90. Is this a good swap for me and should i accept this...
  3. I am new to this but have been lucky to get two quality teams. Arsenal gold2 and juventus gold7. I am sure i was just lucky, right time right place. Looking through the gold championships, i have noticed that all the experts...ie reps 100+ have all got top teams. I was wondering if you boys get to pick first ,when there is a new gold championship. Is there a good time to get a good team, and when is it??? Does anybody know when there is a new one, and anybody got any tips on how to get one quickly!!!
  4. Re: Internet slow or is it me!!! I have read your arcticle on gold championships. And it makes a very interesting read!!! But i have downloaded firefox and it seems the same:( Do i need to alter setings for firefox. What can i do to speed firefox up?
  5. Re: Internet slow or is it me!!! SO IT COULD BE THE WEBSITE??? Anybody know how this can be fixed. I have even downloaded firefox, and that seems slow.. I have spent hours complaining to bt about this slowness. It looks like i owe them an apoligy:eek: :eek:
  6. Does anybody have a slow problem on this website or is it my computer!!! I love this game and website, but it is so annoying sometimes waiting for the next page to turn. Is it the website, internet or my computer!!! It seems slower at peak times. Does that mean the obvious!! Anybody out there who knows how to speed up computers on the internet! If you do please let us know and i can stop throwing things at my screen. :mad: Apart from that...WHAT A GAME...
  7. I am new to this and would like to know two things. Firstly, when you take over a new team and there are bids for your new teams players, how do you stop them going!!! I took over zaragoza gold 1, and they were five players who had bids, not accepted bids. And all five still went the next day. How do you stop this!!! Secondly, when online on this superb game, Is it my computer or is this website a little slow sometimes. Is it slow when there are a lot of people on website at the same time, or is there another reason. Does anybody know how to speed up my internet, eg... deleting files etc...
  8. Hello, im lewis james and have just joined the forum. My first question to all you experts is: Can you play players out of position and play well.. Eg I have a 94 rated right back,and have plenty of right backs for cover, but i am desperate for a centre back.So could i play him at centre back. I know u will say just try this,but dont want to lose a game cause of this. So has anybody tried things like this. And what were the results!!! :)
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