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  1. Boavista FC signed Silv as their manager this season and things are looking good so far, with the new signings ready to make history in their first promotion. We'll see how this will go. The first XI for the next season looks something like this : Lecomte - Tete, Conti, Diallo, Biraghi - Blas, Van de Beek - Sarr, Muto, Horta - Selke And as substitutes we signed Mateta and Frenkie de Jong, two youngsters ready to make their way to the first XI in the next seasons.
  2. He plays in Ligue 1. Will never get a rose of +10 in that league.
  3. Jerome Prior +4 Ludovic Blas +4 Mathieu Cafaro +5 Mouctar Diakhaby +5 Alexis Blin +4
  4. My best deals in EC6952 so far over the years and still at the club : Tolisso - 770K Dahoud - 1M Rashford - 90K Sane - 1.5M El Haddadi - 420K
  5. You have way too many attacking players and no-one helps the defensive players.
  6. Yehven Konoplyanka was our new signing for tonights match, after Quincy Promes left the club, and the ukrainian attacking midfielder scored in his debut match becoming MOTM. Sylv is quite pleased with that and hopes for a big season.
  7. And we're pretty much ending the transfer campaign with the signing of two important players for our future with maybe one last addition , depending on the leave of Lamine Kone : Adrien Silva - the Sporting captain signed with us this morning after a long talk with Sylv about his role in the squad. He will be our captain for this season and will play in his favourite CM role for us. Jesus Vallejo - the Real Madrid man signed last night with us after being loaned a season to us in real life.
  8. Next up are two players that can help us for the upcoming season : Raul Garcia - even since he's a total jackass in real life football, Raul Garcia is a monster in central midfield area and we needed "a pitbull". The basque player signed last night with us. Tammy Abraham - the tall and powerful ex-Chelsea striker proves himself a beast this season and a "wonderkid" is always welcomed at a club like ours.
  9. Eintracht Frankfurt signed 4 players the really wanted in the first day of bidding : 1. Lyon's fan favourite central defender - Nicolas N'Koulou, he can also play as a central defensive midfielder. 2. Another african defender from France - Serge Aurier - he can play all along the right side and as a central defender. 3. Karim Bellarabi - the german attacking midfielder can also play all along the right side. 4. Franco Vazquez - all around midfielder and striker, the italian is an awesome addition to our squad.
  10. Hello mate. I will take them to the top for sure, haha! P.S. : I will update my PS4 membership for online gaming and we'll play some FIFA17 for sure! I'll let you know.
  11. Keep him. Will play for Boca. Not 90 minutes, but will get a few solid games.
  12. Henrichs will get max 82 for now. But I think that 80 will be this new update.
  13. Indeed. I'm quite fond of football and I spend a bit of time looking at players, stats, managers, tactics etc. I once wanted to become a real life football manager, but it's hard in Romania becoming one.. So for now I have to play SM and get on with it, haha!
  14. To be honest, I haven't used the scouting tool ever. I prefer to do the things "the old fashioned way".
  15. Haha, "back in my day" we had an awesome forum page for EC 6952. But they messed up the forum and most of the people went away, staying within the game only. Pedro is still here? I've seen him on the first page, but that was a bit of a time ago..
  16. I inherited a good squad as the new manager of "die Adler" and I plan to take them to the top. With a good amount of 44 mil in the bank for the new season, we can make a few improvements and set our sight on winning something this season. Eintracht Frankfurt Uber Alles!
  17. MANCHESTER IS RED TONIGHT Manchester United won tonight 4-0 at Old Trafford against Blackburn Rovers with 2 doubles by Luis Suarez and Alvaro Morata, winning the league title. "There isn't anything sweeter than winning the title in front of these awesome fans who stood by our side when we were down and we thank them for giving us their support! I am so excited as I've won my second title, alongside my second English Cup title. This season is special, for beating all odds and winning the double, but the title won in my first season managing this amazing team is my favourite after a fierce battle with Liverpool and Arsenal, giving me the dream start here, at the Theatre of Dreams! We have to work just as hard next season and try to win another and another title, because it's in our DNA! " , said Sylv after the match ended. Fans favourite, David Beckham replied when asked by the reporters about the title win : "Sylv managed something amazing at United this season. He made players believe they can be the best and they did just that. It's not about the name on the back of the jersey, it's about the badge in the front. He brought in time Gigi Buffon for a safe back, Krychowiak, Vidal, Mahrez, Kante, Morata for small sums of cash just before they went big under his command, swapped Griezmann for Koke to play along side Luka Modric for a balanced midfield and Wayne Rooney for the beast Luis Suarez, plus a bunch of young players ready to play their part in the next seasons. He creates teams just like Sir Alex did and that is the Manchester United Spirit! "
  18. Why spend 10 mil on Mario? He's going down... another failed prospect. At best he'll be another Bojan. At best!
  19. He likes to get that extra inch at corners to attract a taller defender in order for Suarez to score. Some sort of a Johnny Bravo of Man United in that matter!
  20. Griezmann is top notch. 1.Thiago 2.Gomes 3. Ramsey If you need to sell, just based on cash need, sell Zaha for sure, Vardy, Kompany and Shaw. I am a Man United fan, but will be hard for Shaw to become as good as the spanish defender. Azpilicueta is one of the best lateral defenders in the world, even though Chelsea had a rough last season. And since you have a bunch of central midfielders, just in cash need matter - Kante.
  21. Manchester United thinks again about the future of the club and brings a number of young players that might turn out to be the next Sane, Weigl, Dahoud or Tolisso for the youth team. The players brought are : PRIOR, Jérôme VAN CROOIJ, Vito DIOP, Issa DJIKU, Alexander CAPRARI, Gianluca PETKOVIĆ, Bruno YOUNES, Amin REESE, Fabian SARENREN-BAZEE, Noah-Joel PUTARO, Leandro ENGELS, Björn BAUMGARTL, Timo PARTEY, Thomas BAUER, Robert AMIRI, Nadiem LENGLET, Clément ÇALIK, Ahmet All of them have at least decent stats for the teams they played at and some even captained their sides.
  22. WIth 7 more games to go until the end of the season, Manchester United resolved last nights game against Derby County with Luka Modric and Raheem Sterling scoring for the Red Devils. In other news, Koke got a +1 rating update, making him the long term replacement as "maestro" in the midfield for Luka as the croatian midfielder got to 30 y.o. but will continue to play his trade at Old Trafford for quite some time. UPDATE : Luka Modric and Luis Suarez both got +1, Luka to 95, while Luis got to a staggering 97, forming a deadly attack for United alongside Messi, Mahrez, Sterling/Morata.
  23. You need a strong midfield in order to create real chances for your strikers. And by playing with a bus in front of your goalkeeper just lets the opponents do whatever they want and score from one strike.
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