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  1. Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear, unfortunately reporting cheats to the SMFA is a complete waste of time as they simply just don't care!! Ultimately Soccer Manager is here to make money for the owners and the worst part is that the people who cheat are people who pay for gold membership, extra clubs etc. so by banning them means that the owners are not making money, therefore will never happen. I have reported so many blatant cheating transfers and have now given up as they never do anything. The latest being this, I have just setup a new custom game world (244675) where you can't buy any player over
  2. Don't know why it says that, these options have NOT been selected, I am looking to create a challenging game world not an impossible one!!
  3. The Under 21 Challenge Championship Game World ID: 244675 Minimum of 8 managers needed to keep this game world open. Only the best and most loyal SM managers are wanted here! Are you up to the challenge? Can you last for the long haul? Not looking for managers who quit after a few games! No buying over the age of 21, small leagues for quick seasons, best teams start in the lower leagues. Very rich economy. Build your team of youth talent and see who flourishes in the future. Come on!!!!
  4. New season about to start in the North & South American Championship (Gameworld ID - 215345) Are you up to the challenge of trying to take the league title and overpower perennial winners Sao Paulo who have one the title 5 times out of a possible 7!! Only committed and serious managers wanted!
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