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  1. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I don't think you could blame him if he goes, like the above poster stated, it is his home country and the biggest club in that country. You put a lot of faith in him ofcourse, but I think he repayed that faith with the performances on the field. If he goes, then it may fund some really important transfers.
  2. Re: The Official UFC Thread This is why Jamie should post more in the UFC section
  3. Re: The Official UFC Thread Aye I think fame and success have fried his conscious mind... Either that or the cocaine lol
  4. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Jesus guys please dont disagree with Ben because I really CBA with him holding up more threads with his essays of drivel. Yes Gerrard is one of the best in PL history. Yes Redknapp will have his own opinion, and does not have to check with you before he says it. No he doesn't give 2 hoots what you think.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Great player, As a 24 year old, the premier league is all i've known top tier wise and Gerrard is one of the finest advocates of the league. I'm not getting drawn into the debate from Ben and others because today is not about that. What I will say is, after watching the premier league for all this time, there isn't a midfielder who has so clearly and regularly dragged their team forward. Will be missed, best of luck Stevie
  6. Re: The Official UFC Thread There was nothing casual about the fight, it was extremely close until Cormier gassed out. IMO the reason Cormier gassed was because he has to cut down to light heavy after spending most of his career at heavyweight. Now Cain is bigger than Cormier, he is also better than him with inhumane cardio and a more relentless style. Basically if Cormier ate one of the mushrooms from Super Mario he would become Cain Velasquez. For the reach discrepancy that Jones had in his favour, Cormier was doing really well for the first 3 rounds (and winning alot of the exchanges) until Jones changed his gameplan (Mark of a champion, no doubt). Just my opinion having watched the sport religiously for well over a decade, but what do I know. :s On to last night, Frankie Edgar is one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world. Of course this was known before, that fight just continued that legacy. Really pulling for him getting that title shot. If decisions had gone his way (which they could well have done) he could be a 2 time Lightweight champion, a featherweight champion and looking at possibly fighting for the bantamweight belt. Great fighter. All aboard the Neil Magny hype train
  7. Re: The Official UFC Thread I would wager Cain V would beat Jones considering how Cormier did against Jones.
  8. Re: The Official UFC Thread Anderson Silva is still the best ever. Nobody compares to his genius.
  9. Re: The Official Boxing Thread It made me laugh the way they are building up Johnson. The guy couldn't finish his dinner never mind knock out Anthony Joshua... Zumbano Love wasnt much cop. Been knocked out in 2 of his last 3 and now 3 of his last 4 fights. Don't let that stop you making the matchup though Eddie . As of right now, Joshua has a lot to prove, he is all smoke and mirrors. Until he gets in with a live opponent (Im not counting Kingpin, he is over the hill never has been) I will reserve much of my judgement. I do believe however, he may just be the real deal. So unpolished mind. He lacks head movement. Something he will pay for when he fights the best of the division if he doesn't change that tendancy now. Please no more taxi drivers Eddie, not only is it pointless but it is beginning to become dangerous for the fighters. So pleased for Jamic Mac. Great performance against a tricky customer. Take that Haymon Canelo knocked out Kirkland...did anyone expect anything different? Didnt tune in because obvious KO is obvious.
  10. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I don't think anyone is disputing Chelsea are the best team, but that doesn't make them good to watch. They are doing what they are good at and have reaped the rewards so its obviously working. Personally, I just find them very boring to watch. They are so efficient and unspectacular. Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Arsenal, Liverpool... these are teams not all of them as good as Chelsea, but all are value for money when playing well. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Re: The Official UFC Thread Rumble will tag you and hurt you and most likely finish you. Cain will ruin your career with just how dominant he is. I know who id rather face. Sorry SO4, I dont for one second buy that Jones is scared of Rumble. He has holes in his game that can be exploited...also he has mentally broken in the past. This subject is surely dead at this point. Farcical statements and predictions for why this has happened isn't really MMA.
  12. Re: The Official UFC Thread Okay, I will add my 2 cents. First of all, there's more chance of Santa being real than of Jones having done this on purpose...Bones wants to break records, how can he do that without the belt? Most defences consecutively? That record has now gone for him... His image, matters to him! There's a reason he acted like a white Mormon for the first half of his UFC career and had videos of him feeding the homeless. Secondly, yes he is the best in the world, undoubtedly. What ppl don't realise is he HAD to fight the way he did against Cormier because DC was actually winning the standup battle. He is very adaptable. As for Rumble, I think it was a huge test for both men. I could see either man winning on the night. Jones isn't quite as indestructible as Mr obvious likes to believe But to get stripped/ suspended / risk of jail time instead of fighting what is basically a 1 dimensional fighter is far fetched. The end
  13. Re: The Official Boxing Thread I'm with ya boys, it's incredible to see such an event which is going to bring boxing back to the mainstream. I'm having conversations, talking about boxing more than ever, with people I never thought would give 2 hoots about a left jab. I'm going to my fathers for it with my bro, the guy got me into boxing from a young age so its fitting. I loved the HBO thing with Sugar/Oscar/Foreman/Lennox/Hopkins. They said this was the biggest fight since Frazier/Ali. I mean, it could well be depending on how the fight and the fallout shakes out. Personally i'll go a little more conservative and say its the biggest fight since sweet pea Pernell Whittaker vs Julio Cesar Chavez. Predictions: Manny KO, round 3. (Yes my heart has tomb stoned by head into oblivion with this predicton) I won't say much about the legal stuff, ticket issues, ppv price in America. Its all ridiculous. This fight should be accessible to everyone, not just the rich.
  14. Re: The Official UFC Thread Yeah I always listen to his podcast, its a great show. My issue with him on commentary is he gives information which isn't correct. "hard left hook there landed", and its very clear the shot was blocked/had no impact. urgh. On Jones, *** is he playing at. This is a result of not being punished the first time by uncle Dana. My guess is he's hit the girl whilst high on coke, fled because he is high on coke, and is now in 100% more trouble. But you are correct, the UFC will turn this round any way they can and say how proud they are of him for smashing his car into a heavily pregnant women. :/
  15. Re: The Official UFC Thread
  16. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Really enjoyed the way Arsenal played today. Chelsea on the other hand, were boring and mediocre in their style as always. Its efficient, but theres nothing about them that makes me want to watch them again. Very poor for spectators.
  17. Re: The Official UFC Thread Hope you are all enjoying those wolf tickets Rogan sold last night... Best p4p fighter...ok Rogan. Jog on back to the senile ward. I absolutely do not like Jon Jones, however calling anyone but him P4P #1 is complete baloney. The list of killers he's faced is unrivalled.
  18. Re: The Official UFC Thread Come on Machida!!!! Really dislike Rockhold, he is an arrogant son of a gun. He has said he hasn't watched any tape on Machida...so add 'compulsive liar' to his list of attributes. Also pulling for Van Zant.
  19. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Urgh. Chelsea again winning against the run of play.
  20. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Jeez, Boxing is more of a business now than it ever has been That Danny Garcia win, was atrocious. I had Peterson by a couple of rounds. Alarmingly, I was never in any doubt that Danny Garcia would get the win and that really is worrying. Both Petersen and Garcia are Al Haymon fighters however, Garcia is the marketable one with the best chance of getting those big fight therefore, Garcia wins. It stinks, and Boxing despite putting on great fights really has a fight on its hands to remain respected as a sport.
  21. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread I won't try and hide the pleasure taken from seeing Man City in their current dip. The arrogance of their fans is something ive loathed since they became a billionaires play thing.
  22. Re: Who's finishing second? Arsenal should achieve second now. City are in indifferent form and Arsenal posses more quality than Manchester United.
  23. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread Chris Martin
  24. Re: The Official UFC Thread Needless to say, my 14 fold is not still alive and lol at iaquinta. Kinda refreshing to see him stick it to the people. Having said that, im a big Gamebred fan and think he was abit unlucky
  25. Re: The Official UFC Thread
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