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  1. Such a shame how this forum has died! I used to love talking to people on here about films. If anyone is still around, feel free to add me at https://letterboxd.com/Argie8/ its a really cool website where people can record what films theyve watched, write reviews, rate films, make lists and follow what theyre friends have been doing.
  2. Saw Mad Max yesterday at cinema. Wasnt sure if id like it but it was really good. 8/10 Also watched Memento for the first time. Really interesting film, so unique. 8/10 again for me
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread At Ben, basically my point is that United aren't a good side so it doesn't need to take much to be better than them. We're not better, because of Rodgers, injuries and poor signings. While I'm not saying we will be top 4, it doesnt mean next season will be a write off as well. Just look at Southampton, they were excellent until it came towards the end of the season and could have finished top 4 due to good signings and playing like a good team. If United were a consistenly good side then I'd agree that we have no hope. However, my point is that although we've been poor, the opposition is also not very good, so if we are shrewd in the market and play like a team again it isnt impossible. Because like it or not there are no guarentees in football.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We are rubbish. We know that. But so are United. If we were even half decent we would finish top 4 ahead of them. As bad as we have been, all it takes is for us to sign 2/3 actual good players, get a good coach who will play players in their right positions and we will compete. If United can do it then so can we. People will say "yeah but they could afford all the best players!" They paid stupid money for Di Maria and Falcao. They didnt get United into top 4, it was their other players who stepped up. Their financial prowess and big signings didnt get them top 4 so we dont neccessarily need that either. We don't need expensive star players, we need players who will actually perform with a manager who will reinvigorate the players. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we will get top 4. But United are not a good side, so its not inconcievable to say we could overtake them again.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I wish Ben However, Im pretty sure we get Europa through fair play league so todays result only means we will start our campaign earlier
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Does anyone actually want Rodgers to stay? Must say I'm #RodgersOut now unfortunately, he's become absolutely clueless
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Goodness, you genuinely think he would? He would POSSIBLY start on the wing
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Milner would not play ahead of Henderson, Can or Coutinho at CM.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Pretty sure he would have to take a pay cut to be on 100k a week.... He's been offered over 150k at City, we cant afford that. If Milner were to come he would most likely be our top earner. A player that probably wouldn't start for us.... I'm not hating on Milner, he's a decent player, but at those wages, he certainly wouldnt be a freebie...
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Ings, Milner, benteke and Delph. Dear God no
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Have you even watched us this season? Emre Can has been quality bar the odd game, he looks a class act. Sterling has been pretty poor this second half of the season, not saying its all his fault, but he's not done himself any favours with his performances. He may have been played out of position, but he's gone back to the stage where he looks weak and is afraid to take players on. If somebody offered us 50 odd mil for him we would be beyond stupid not to take it. And I've said this all along.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We are a selling club. In fact, most clubs outside the champions league are. He's been pretty poor these last few months. Why would we rather have that than potentially 50 mil?
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Ben, I think if you come on here saying people are better than Gerrard you're inevitably gonna get a lot of stick As far as I'm concerned, Gerrard will always be the best for me. Overrall he could do EVERYTHING, something nobody else could do. People want to say Scholes was better? Fine, but we are all likely to give our own personal reasons for defending a player. At the end of the day, who cares, its a topic that will never ever be concluded. I'm just glad we've actually been able to see some good English players
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He's 19 and has already had a number of excellent appearances for us. Not to say he's the finished product. He isnt. He's very raw and looked pretty rusty since he came back from injury. However, the ability is there and so is the work ethic. With a bit of luck he will become a really good player for us
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sterling is a much more intelligent footballer than Ibe. Ibe will hopefully come good but there is no real comparison at the moment for me. Sterling has shown it far more at this level and while he may have had a poor run of form he is a bigger talent still.
  16. Mr E

    The Politics Thread

    Re: The Politics Thread
  17. Mr E

    The Politics Thread

    Re: The Politics Thread The one I'm constantly getting is that they come here illegally and take benefits. I can understand them wanting to lower the amount coming, but they make so many points that I dont agree with,as they have no real foundation
  18. Mr E

    The Politics Thread

    Re: The Politics Thread Interesting thoughts guys. I enjoy hearing people's political views, especially if they can make rationale arguments. I tend to echo both Stu and Ben's thoughts. Theyre not a completely bad party, some of their policies make sense. But I do feel that they are a deeply flawed party
  19. Mr E

    The Politics Thread

    Re: The Politics Thread I've just had an argument with my girlfriend about politics as she said UKIP are a great party and I disagreed haha What does everyone else make of UKIP and why specifically?
  20. Mr E

    The Politics Thread

    Re: The Politics Thread Nice. Yeah I voted to legalise it, not that I smoke it. Although I could see the pros and cons of keeping it a banned substance. As far as I'm concerned I dont really want to vote for anyone at the moment. they all seem equally inefficient. Labour: I seem to agreee with them on many policies. However, last time they were in government they completely screwed the economy and frankly I wouldnt trust Ed Milliband with my cats. Conservative: They've done well with the economy and I think I would probably trust Cameron more than the others. However, from what I have gathered (granted not a lot), the conservatives seem more interested in keeping the large corporation rich and arent too interested in bridging the divide between the rice and the poor. I'd probably say that I'm inherently anti-conservative if I'm honest Lib dems: I agree with many policies and I do actually find Clegg to be a nice guy who speaks well and is incredibly personable. However, he screwed up majorly with tutition fees and at times he looks like even he doesnt believe in himself. UKIP: All they care about is immigration. they seem to avoid talking about anything else. They seem to just be trying to appeal to the typical "they come here taking our jobs" folk which I cant stand Green Party: I like that they are interested in the environment however they do seem a bit loopy, dont fancy them. SNP: Theyre a socialist party which does appeal to me however they only care for Scotland, understandbly, and I cant vote and wouldnt vote for them. So all in all, I have no idea. Anyone fancy trying to persuade me? :confused:
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