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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I completely agree United this season are not a good side' date=' check the United thread an I gave our season a 5.9/10 for all factors... we've been very poor.

    United also aren't playing better because of a new manager and injuries.

    Equally though Liverpool have been worse, and so are in a worse position going into the next season, so in theory they have to improve more than United do.

    The problem Liverpool will have is that other clubs are in a better position to strengthen, even a weak United side will improve a lot with the cash they have available and Champions League football which is why I am so confident Liverpool won't get top 4.[/quote']

    I wouldnt back us either. However, with the opposition so inconsistent there will always be a chance. I do feel that the league has really dropped in quality lately. We would need for things to really click, like it hasnt all season, for us to come back. Last season nobody predicted that we would nearly win the league, but it happened. Just shows how unpredictable the game we love is

  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    At Ben, basically my point is that United aren't a good side so it doesn't need to take much to be better than them. We're not better, because of Rodgers, injuries and poor signings. While I'm not saying we will be top 4, it doesnt mean next season will be a write off as well. Just look at Southampton, they were excellent until it came towards the end of the season and could have finished top 4 due to good signings and playing like a good team. If United were a consistenly good side then I'd agree that we have no hope. However, my point is that although we've been poor, the opposition is also not very good, so if we are shrewd in the market and play like a team again it isnt impossible. Because like it or not there are no guarentees in football.

  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    We are rubbish. We know that. But so are United. If we were even half decent we would finish top 4 ahead of them. As bad as we have been, all it takes is for us to sign 2/3 actual good players, get a good coach who will play players in their right positions and we will compete.

    If United can do it then so can we. People will say "yeah but they could afford all the best players!" They paid stupid money for Di Maria and Falcao. They didnt get United into top 4, it was their other players who stepped up. Their financial prowess and big signings didnt get them top 4 so we dont neccessarily need that either. We don't need expensive star players, we need players who will actually perform with a manager who will reinvigorate the players.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we will get top 4. But United are not a good side, so its not inconcievable to say we could overtake them again.

  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Surely the PL has to review this game for match fixing?

    Liverpool are throwing this game to avoid Europa League surely?

    I wish Ben

    However, Im pretty sure we get Europa through fair play league so todays result only means we will start our campaign earlier

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I think id rather give Milner 100k a week than Sterling anyway.

    Pretty sure he would have to take a pay cut to be on 100k a week....

    He's been offered over 150k at City, we cant afford that. If Milner were to come he would most likely be our top earner. A player that probably wouldn't start for us....

    I'm not hating on Milner, he's a decent player, but at those wages, he certainly wouldnt be a freebie...

  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    ;3098289']so who would you pick/buy thats realisitc - please dont say Yohan M'vila again please!

    its amusing as last season i mentioned a bunch of players that were laughed at and 2 have had stellar seasons' date=' one made PFA team of the year - which at the time he was lambasted 'not good enough' by the fourmers here...

    please please please dont reel off a bunch of fantasy foreigners. Aint we learnt the lesson from buying that way over the last 3 seasons?????!!!!

    all mentioned players improve the team, Milner & Benteke would be starters, and experienced premier league campaigners that will hit the ground running! again have we not learnt lessons from this season all new players coming into the Prem needing the time to adapt? hello, our season started woefully....[/quote']

    Bertrand was never good enough, regardless of being in Team of the season. Wouldnt take him now still. We haven't been poor because of foreigners we've been poor because of signing poor players,i.e. Lovren, Lambert, etc. Milner would cost us an incredible amount in wages, 150k he would want, no thanks. He'd be a decent to have around the squad, but not at those wages. Then Benteke while a decent player doesnt fit our style whatsoever. We would ruin him. Nonstarter.

    There are better players out there, we just dont choose to get them. I remember when you were saying Carroll was worth 35mil with him being 'prem proven' haha.

    We should be targeting quality talents like Kovacic and Icardi. They have genuine talent. We need to be signing players like Can: young, cheap and most of all, quality. Konoplyanka on a free would be good. Plus if Chelsea are willing to let Oscar go we should be all over that. Then there's the don that is Lacazette. The players are out there, shame we will go for mediocre talents like Ings :o

  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Sober up mate. Or remember when you loved Sterling before he wanted to leave the cult.

    Have you even watched us this season? Emre Can has been quality bar the odd game, he looks a class act. Sterling has been pretty poor this second half of the season, not saying its all his fault, but he's not done himself any favours with his performances. He may have been played out of position, but he's gone back to the stage where he looks weak and is afraid to take players on. If somebody offered us 50 odd mil for him we would be beyond stupid not to take it. And I've said this all along.

  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Emre Can having a better season than Sterling :D

    Rodgers dragging his name through the mud' date=' fans turning their back on him as soon as he wouldn't sign a new deal.

    Cannot wait for him to leave that club and absolutely boss it when he starts trying again and playing alongside quality players and not having to play as a lone striker or as a wing back.[/quote']

    Emre Can has been comfortably better than Sterling this season

  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I've been thinking and I think the best action for Liverpool is not to sell. If that means him winding down his contract and letting him leave on a free then so be it. We can't allow ourselves to be portrayed as a selling club to future youngsters to come through. Sterling has obviously been influenced by the Suarez saga. We need these dramatic and big name outgoings to end and we need to establish to the world that we still have some power over our players. I for one feel that submitting to the demands of a 20 year old whilst the club is in the current position that its in will have more damaging affects on it in the future than turning down £30m will. And if you call that holding him back against his will then refer to the part where he's tied to us by a contract. If he wanted this he should've thought more carefully about how long he committed to the club.

    We are a selling club. In fact, most clubs outside the champions league are. He's been pretty poor these last few months. Why would we rather have that than potentially 50 mil?

  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Ben, I think if you come on here saying people are better than Gerrard you're inevitably gonna get a lot of stick :P

    As far as I'm concerned, Gerrard will always be the best for me. Overrall he could do EVERYTHING, something nobody else could do. People want to say Scholes was better? Fine, but we are all likely to give our own personal reasons for defending a player. At the end of the day, who cares, its a topic that will never ever be concluded. I'm just glad we've actually been able to see some good English players :)

  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    What have they seen? A student of the game like myself has probably seen enough over a solid amount of games to know he's the next top Championship player.

    He's 19 and has already had a number of excellent appearances for us. Not to say he's the finished product. He isnt. He's very raw and looked pretty rusty since he came back from injury. However, the ability is there and so is the work ethic. With a bit of luck he will become a really good player for us

  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I agree that currently Sterling is the better player' date=' but look at how Ibe is built, then add in his incredible pace, his intelligent positioning and his fearless dribbling I honestly think he has everything in his locker to be one of the biggest talents we've ever brought through.[/quote']

    Dont get me wrong, I dont disagree with any of that. But you could say the exact same about Sterling but more when he is on form. I would love Ibe to get a good run in the team though. He's a talent and actually seems a nice lad as well which is always a bonus.

    Don't think there's any chance of Jaoa Carlos making it with us, I like him. But he's not at the level required. I think he should have a decent enough career though.

    Also, still not over Suso leaving :( Not sure how he has done at Milan but I'm sure he will become a key player for them in the next couple years

  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Sterling is a much more intelligent footballer than Ibe. Ibe will hopefully come good but there is no real comparison at the moment for me. Sterling has shown it far more at this level and while he may have had a poor run of form he is a bigger talent still.

  14. Re: The Politics Thread

    Just gone back to the start of the thread. They do say that you move right on the spectrum as you get older' date=' but I seem to have aged significantly in 4 and a half years :P[/quote']

    Reminds me of when Anakin joined the dark side :(:P

  15. Re: The Politics Thread

    The problem is that even without media portrayal UKIP by definition is a one policy party.

    Anyone who wants out of Europe naturally gravitates to them. Unfortunately those who want out in Europe tend not to wholly understand the benefits of European involvement rather focusing on one of the following (of course there are exceptions)

    1. They take our jobs (despite creating 100' date='000s from foreign businesses)
      [*']They take Public Services resources and funding (despite massively favourable net contributions to taxes and skilled foreign nurses and doctors actually keeping our NHS system afloat)
    2. We don't have room (The only reason with any sort of sense but still oversimplifies a wider housing issue to being the fault of minorities rather than the majority which is in itself ludicrous you might aswell just blame everyone who supports Swansea etc and the result is the same)
    3. Racially motivated reasons (Don't need to highlight why these are bad I hope)
    4. Misunderstanding of 'British Values' (despite the majority of our population having blood mixed from so many different countries and generations it makes the Ministry of Sound look like a teenagers bedroom in comparison)

    The one I'm constantly getting is that they come here illegally and take benefits. I can understand them wanting to lower the amount coming, but they make so many points that I dont agree with,as they have no real foundation

  16. Re: The Politics Thread

    Interesting thoughts guys. I enjoy hearing people's political views, especially if they can make rationale arguments. I tend to echo both Stu and Ben's thoughts. Theyre not a completely bad party, some of their policies make sense. But I do feel that they are a deeply flawed party

  17. Re: The Politics Thread

    I've just had an argument with my girlfriend about politics as she said UKIP are a great party and I disagreed haha :P What does everyone else make of UKIP and why specifically?

  18. Re: The Politics Thread

    92% Labour

    86% Lib Dems

    80% All other 3

    Voted yes for legalise marijuana too. Hopefully one day ;)

    Nice. Yeah I voted to legalise it, not that I smoke it. Although I could see the pros and cons of keeping it a banned substance.

    As far as I'm concerned I dont really want to vote for anyone at the moment. they all seem equally inefficient.

    Labour: I seem to agreee with them on many policies. However, last time they were in government they completely screwed the economy and frankly I wouldnt trust Ed Milliband with my cats.

    Conservative: They've done well with the economy and I think I would probably trust Cameron more than the others. However, from what I have gathered (granted not a lot), the conservatives seem more interested in keeping the large corporation rich and arent too interested in bridging the divide between the rice and the poor. I'd probably say that I'm inherently anti-conservative if I'm honest

    Lib dems: I agree with many policies and I do actually find Clegg to be a nice guy who speaks well and is incredibly personable. However, he screwed up majorly with tutition fees and at times he looks like even he doesnt believe in himself.

    UKIP: All they care about is immigration. they seem to avoid talking about anything else. They seem to just be trying to appeal to the typical "they come here taking our jobs" folk which I cant stand

    Green Party: I like that they are interested in the environment however they do seem a bit loopy, dont fancy them.

    SNP: Theyre a socialist party which does appeal to me however they only care for Scotland, understandbly, and I cant vote and wouldnt vote for them.

    So all in all, I have no idea. Anyone fancy trying to persuade me? :P:confused:

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