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  1. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread haha im sorry, ill try not to be that guy
  2. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I bought 30 at 42k. Glad I sold TOTY Kroos to invest in Isco now
  3. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I know right! I'm really unsure when to sell though. I know the best time to sell is before the upgrade but I dont want to lose out on potential profits
  4. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Got 15 fresh SIF Lacazette's that i bought for under 95k. His current lowest BIN is 325k
  5. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Watched The Raid 2 the other night, it was really great. An 8/10 for me. It has a better story, well developled characters and clearly has a larger budget however I felt the music in The Raid: Redemption was so much more effective in making the film feel so intense. So I'd say I like the films about as much as each other. I also watched The Fugitive for the first time last night. A classic thriller that didnt disappoint. Another 8/10 for me. Also, I saw The Riot Club at cinemas a few months back. Hands down the worst film I've ever seen. Truly awful. Anyone else seen it? And what is everyone elses worst ever film?
  6. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Hahahahahahaha another classic. Oh my god It seems like i just post to comment on his rubbish posts lately, but my god they do make me chuckle
  7. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread So who else is disappointed with the TOTY crash? Planning on buying TOTY Silva and Luiz on Sunday, hopefully they will be cheaper. Trade profit is at 8 mil now which is just crazy
  8. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Sold a SIF Laca for 215k, bought for 80k. Then sold an IF Laca for 115, bought for 55k. Trade profit up to 6.578mil
  9. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Bought myself about 20 fresh SIF Lacazette for between 75 and 95k Got them all up for about 215k. Made about 500k on him already. Not fussed about TOTY coming and having players stocked up already, the demand for him will still be high and will only increase
  10. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Just watched The Raid for the first time. I'd heard a lot of good things about it and i wasnt disappointed. An awesome action film. 8 out of 10 for me
  11. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread So, what do we all think about investing in IF and SIF Lacazette? Surely he's got to recieve an upgrade?
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread haha brilliant
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread someone please make this their sig so we can justify why we dislike him
  14. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread IF Hamouma and Sneijder. Quite happy with that tbf
  15. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Oh my god De Gea's price has rise to 225k!!! :D:D Oh wait, ive already sold all of mine for 120k :mad:
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If it was up to Rodgers we would have players like Vorm and Britton. Im glad he doesnt have full control...
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Its hardly the owners fault. The manager has been given the funds to buy big players but has settled with mediocrity. He might not have signed big names but he paid big fees. The fact that Kolo Toure, Brad Jones and Lambert have started for us in the last couple weeks is down to poor poor signings from Rodgers. Thought we were unlucky today really. We played decent actually just our finishing was poor and De Gea was immense. And our defense was obviously a calamity. I wouldnt be blaming Sterling, he actually played well really. He made good runs to get the chances and was creative. Obviously his finishing was poor but without him we wouldnt have even had the chances. He isnt a striker, a second striker at most.
  18. Re: Official Manchester United Thread congrats on the win
  19. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Thanks again for the 660k
  20. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread IF Pogba is down to 200k after being 270k 3 days ago. Should I invest in him tonight in the hope his price increases by friday or should i not risk it?
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