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  1. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs)

    Radiohead, eh? :)

    This has to be the best song on The Bends, in my opinion. There's just something about that fade in, and that riff in general, that sound so majestic.


    Best song on OK Computer? God, there's so many great ones. Shout-outs go to Airbag, Paranoid Android, Electioneering and Lucky, but the sound of this song takes the cake.


    And now onto a band I'm listening to a bit too much lately, Biffy Clyro. I'll take a few songs off of each album because sharing is caring. :)

    Blackened Sky



    The Vertigo Of Bliss




    Infinity Land (My personal favourite, even though I'll admit Vertigo of Bliss is their best album).










    Only Revolutions








    I think that'll last you guys a bit. :)

  2. Re: the deletion of the 'match advertising' thread..

    Here's how I see it:

    - First of all, perhaps it would've been wise to pitch an idea like this to first the mod team of the forum (a good link between SM's upper echelons and the paying community, the customers that fund the business), and then maybe the rest of the forum itself, to gauge responses and circumvent any potential mishaps in the game's 'evolution' (note the usage of inverted commas and apply if you see fit). At least this way the customer is not being left without a sense of having input.

    - Secondly, (and tying in with the first point), when the use of adverts prior to the match report was agreed and due to be implemented, no-one outside of the dev team knew anything about it. While perhaps wanting to avoid any negative feedback in a 'too little, too late' scenario, it would've at least given customers the heads-up and maybe softened our scathing blows here on the forum (maybe). At least this way the customer does not feel unprepared.

    - Lastly, now that this has all come to a head, the representation of SM to the customers has been nothing short of stubborn. Sure, we understand the need to make money, and the large amounts of revenue that hosting advertisements can bring, but please speak to your consumers in a way so that we know in black and white just why exactly you are doing this. The deletion of the previous thread, and the lack of response to many disgruntled customers quite simply does nothing to appease anyone. In my honest opinion, deleting the last thread has been seen by me as an act of cowardice. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. A simple apology, a mere explanation; anything that makes your customer feel somewhat valued for the service that they provide in paying you for yours, it really doesn't hurt. At least this way the customer doesn't feel undermined.

    So, where do we go from here?

    - Certainly take the time to not only keep your paying customers, but also attract new ones with one easy step - Listen to others in this thread, and add the ability to skip/have no adverts before a match report if you are a Gold Member. Two birds, one stone.

    - Learn from previous mistakes. As I stated above, perhaps implement a better way of gaining feedback/raising awareness about future changes, rather than adopting a somewhat gung-ho style and adding features as soon as it is possible. Even it is something so trivial, and, in all honesty, as harmless to the overall match experience as adding adverts before the match report (but the inconvenience this causes is the main concern, of course). Consider adding a bulletin somewhere on the game's home screen (another Marmite new feature), where we know what is being planned in the game's development, and consider redeveloping this Game Development board to allow us to have our say on any potential developments.

    - Lastly, take on more/better people who can answer to the customers. It'll save you some headache, and give us some messengers to shoot. We're good at that. :)

  3. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs)

    I'm the first to despise such a cheesy pop song and a band' date=' but hearing it countless times at work got it stuck in my head so bad I can't stop listening to it now WTH :mad::P

    It's like Call me Maybe all over again :mad:


    Yeah, but Call Me Maybe is a great song. :o

    *Sigh* First post of being 22 years of age is admitting to that.

  4. Re: American Soccer League 498

    Well, that went well in the end. :)

    Schalke managed to beat Philly 1-0 to finish in 4th spot. Could've been third had Columbus Crew lost, but it's still all good.

    Plus, Demba Ba was top scorer in the league. The man is a goal machine on SM! :D

    Been offered the LA Galaxy job...

  5. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs)

    So you kids think you know music? Tch, you don't know much then.

    Have a listen to this, by far one of the most emotional, saddest songs I've heard. Just pure blunt confession in the lyrics, and it hits you. Simply put, the chorus is a piece of songwriting genius. The way it builds up, from the repetition of 'Sometimes I feel very sad', then with a second, falsetto vocal part singing something else, then a third, lower, vocal part singing something else about ripping 'my heart and soul in two', creating a sense of someone very quickly become overwhelmed with depression, before it all cuts out, with the lyrical realisation that 'I just wasn't made for these times'.

    Moments like this are why this is one of the greatest albums ever made. And that's not hyperbole. :)


  6. Re: .:British Isles:. - M/R's,Transfer News & Discussions -


    Bringing you the best Spurs news as soon as possible, when we can be bothered.


    Bradbury: Please Stick With Me.

    By Mike L. Shoomicker

    Lee Bradbury is regarded by many people in football, and many more outside of football, as some sort of god. However, his credentials are being put to the test lately, as it seems this god can't perform miracles willy-nilly.

    On his way to Spurs' Enfield training ground this morning, he cut a lonely, dejected figure. With his coat collar halfway up his face, and his chin to his chest, he moped his way through the press and through the fans' jeers with barely a response, stopping briefly for a moment only to chuckle at one fans' comment, which he must've found amusing. It's a far cry from the optimistic people person many know him as.

    Training went ahead as normal. Ever Banega, the source of rumours of a move away from White Hart Lane amid growing discontent with his lack of playing time, plus interest from other clubs, seemed unfazed by it all, as did the rest of the team and staff.

    It does seem strange that the atmosphere in training is a far cry from that at White Hart Lane and it's surroundings. The players train with fervour and joke around, in the manner that a club would if they were doing well under their manager, but they aren't.

    Since Bradbury took over towards the end of last season, Spurs have won only one game. They sit bottom of the Division One table right now, and a win doesn't seem to be around any coming corner.

    At a press conference today, Bradbury insisted that he "can't perform miracles overnight; they need time to work, to get all the parts in place."

    He went on,
    "I need a little time, to think it over.

    I need a little space, just on my own.

    I need a little time, to find my freedom.

    I need a little..."

    He was then duly cut off by his PR assistant before he could don a ginger wig and sing the female vocal part.

    Spurs fans were later seen collectively banging their heads against walls. Upon being told about it, Spurs chief Daniel Levy insisted "
    So what? The mongs do that all the time anyway.

    Brought to you by Pie Sports News.

  7. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs)

    LIKE A BOSS!!!





    Wait a sec.... That's not right.








    No, wait, still not right. Why the Hell won't it let me post the Grease soundtrack?! :mad:

    Oh well, have the song with the best subject ever. :)


  8. Re: .:British Isles:. - M/R's,Transfer News & Discussions -


    Well with Sneijder now gone I had a little cash to invest to hopefully strengthen the team enough for a play-off push this year. One signing completed for Blackpool so far aswell as 5 ABD and 2 offers in.

    Fabio Da Silva has joined our ranks with Tomkins and McNeil going the other way aswell as 1.3M.

    Soon to arrive is Hal-Robson Kanu for 2.3M' date=' thought this was a bit of a bargain myself!

    [b']Luis Anderson[/b] in a swap for Iturraspe and 800K. Pretty straightforward one there, I just don't really like the departing player.

    Nikica Jelavic also coming with Sessegnon departing after just a few months at the club. Gives us a quality second striker for the first time!

    Ryan Shotton comes in for 3.3M to add a bit of depth to our backline which is limited in terms of numbers.

    Fabian Frei in for 4.7M, again for depth more than anything but quite happy with it as I think he's a cracking player.

    Contested bids also in for Gameiro and Yanga-Mbiwa. Not too confident with either.

    Overall, really happy with the way things have gone so far, more news to follow.

    I'd withdraw that Gameiro bid if I were you. ;)

  9. Re: Pokemon Games

    HELLO! :D

    I can still remember my old team from the days of Pokemon Blue.

    All level 100.







    Good team back in the day.

    I still play the games now, usually getting one edition from the main series (Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Pearl and Black. Don't have Black 2, don't see the need), and also had Yellow. Will be getting a 3DS just to play Pokemon X when it comes out in the autumn.

    Also used to love the trading card game, and had two decks ranging from base set up to Gym Heroes set: A grass/fighting deck, and a water/fire deck.

    Don't have one particular favourite Pokemon, so here's a list of a few from the top of my head: Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, Bulbasaur, Gengar, Muk, Dugtrio, Articuno, Raichu, Ninetales, Luxray, Staraptor, Hitmonlee, Slowpoke, Pinsir, Heracross, Tentacruel, Sharpedo, Snorlax, Ludicolo, Spinda, Magikarp, and this badass:



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