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  1. Re: SM Friends! HOLY BISCUITS! NEW EPISODE!!! Here be the latest episode. Over 2 months in the planning process, I've finally made this episode. Despite being in Holland, I didn't really get to make as many Netherlands-related gags as I would've liked. Thanks to Dai for giving me the idea to drop Uncle Cally back in for an episode. I rate this episode 7/10.
  2. Re: SM Friends!!! Episode 17: Double Dutch Lee: So according to these directions, we go down this road, and at the bottom, on the left-hand side, there'll be a dutch man. George: So we go past the dutchie on the left-hand side? Lee: Yes, but I was trying to avoid such an obvious joke. Nath: There he is! Sam: Hi, Uncle Cally! Uncle Cally: Ah, so glad you guys could make it! How do you like Holland? Tom: One thing I have noticed is that everyone here looks like Steve McClaren! Adam: Not so. In fact, in his attempt to be more dutch, it is in fact Steve McClaren who looks like everyone
  3. Re: Best Signature (January) ? NO WAY! Ha ha ha, love it!
  4. Re: Im Making Sigs!!! Hmmm. Reading through the thread it's understandable that he's using other sigs. Note that when people were asking for more personalised threads he beat around the bush. Consider this thread closed until further appeal.
  5. Re: Chelsea sack Scolari!! Watcha doin' this Saturday?
  6. Re: English Championship 1 If any of you have received a job offer from Plymouth, please get in touch and wait for me to be online and reply to you before you reject it, thanks.
  7. Re: Funny SM Private Messages As a background, Alpi was just telling people to shut up for no reason. I silenced him and told him that until he learned to speak to people properly, he can remain silenced. This is the PM that followed soon afterwards. [alpi ozalan 1055159] maybe you should shut up first sucker [Lee Bradbury 32000] How am I a sucker? [alpi ozalan 1055159] you suck [Lee Bradbury 32000] I'm not offended by that. If you expect me to be, I'm sorry to disappoint you [Lee Bradbury 32000] It's easy to tell you're 12 years old* * [alpi ozalan 1055159] ha, well sucker you are inc
  8. Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) WHEN IN THE LAST MINUTE DID YOU HIT THE BAR?!
  9. Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Scored six my foot! I was all over ya! You kept getting the easy chances while I actually bothered to play football.
  10. Re: Hello again I feel like I should say something, but I'm awful at speaking sensibly.
  11. Re: Hello Everyone Welcome to the depressing place that is this godforsaken wasteland.
  12. Re: Trekkies! Star Trek fails.
  13. Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Lee is available for friendlies for short while until he gets bored/someone interesting logs onto the chat. For the kiddies who haven't added me yet, my gamertag is DrummerLee. Make sure you let me know you're adding me and tell your tag so I know it's you I'm accepting a request from.
  14. Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Middlesbrough 1-1 Fulham.
  15. Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Today Barcelona manager Lee Bradbury revealed what is set to be his starting XI. ------------G. Buffon------------ Daniel Alves---C. Puyol---G. Milito---I. Cordoba ------------A. Iniesta------------ A. Young-----Xavi-----A. Robben --------Z. Ibrahimovic----L. Messi--------
  16. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ? Lee gets a final say. Neller's right at the end of his post, Ben, 'cause that's pretty much how you were on the chat before I banned you. Regardless, this thread has turned into a typical chat argument; starts with something simple, someone sees it as an opportunity to complain and does so, so we try and defend our corner but it proves pointless as the attacking party can't seem to come to any common ground. Also, before you kids think I and my colleagues get away with murder and clamp down too much, we've had a good ticking off from the s
  17. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ?
  18. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ? Mmm, Aussie pie. I have to agree wholeheartedly with Razz. The thing is, a lot of the time we cut some of you some slack, we get the third degree from other chatters, so we're in a catch 22 here; either give you all a let-off and get bemoaned from some of the chatters and even our supervisors sometimes, or rule with an iron fist and get bemoaned from the chatters. While I'm here, I find that most of the chatters have a good time and get by, and they do so by abiding with the rules, and not moaning about kicks and whatnot, just laughing it off
  19. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ? Dai posted the truth. Your initial post twisted it a bit. I'm not going to close the thread, as that's pointless at the moment.
  20. Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Lost 4-1 to Liam's Villa, who is very very good going forward.
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