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  1. Re: .:British Isles:. - Vacancies Spuds please, Fluff.
  2. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media Pie Sports News Bradbury: No Pressure, Please It's fair to say that Lee Bradbury and Atalanta are the names on the lips of the footballing world right now, having stormed from an erratic start to the season to winning the DAiS Genesis Division One League Championship (Sponsored by Setup of The Year 2013), to give it it's abbreviated name. But while the Bergamo side are celebrating a momentous feat, having climbed from the second flight to the title in just three seasons, manager Lee Bradbury is undergoing a crisis of confidence because of his meteoric ascension to the pantheon of DAiS Genesis managers that includes Kevin Junior and Bradbury's old rival Anthony Maddison. Bradbury said in a press conference earlier this week, "It's fantastic that we've won the league, and it's great for the players who have been absolutely stellar in their attitude and performances this season. My only concern now is that we have to maintain a level that will now be expected of us by yourselves in the media, and while I have every belief that my players will do that, I would like to ask that you do not start baying for blood if we don't win the league again this season. There are some brilliant managers and teams in this division, and it would be naive to think that it'll be as simple for us next season as it surprisingly was this. I can't ask any more from my players, but I can't perform miracles every season." When asked if he would like to achieve the double this season, Bradbury was rather thoughtful. "Well, in all honesty, who wouldn't like to win the cup and the league in the same season? It'd be brilliant, but I can't focus on the cup yet, as much as I'd like to do so. I'm still working on making this great squad even better, and then we can challenge for league and cup together. I don't want to go on a run and win the cup if it meant our league form suffers as a result. And besides, if I were to win every competition in a single season, how much better can you get? The answer's none. None more better. If I won everything in a season the only thing left to do would be to sit on top of my glory and hog all the plaudits. I like to have something to work towards every season." Atalanta have been busy over the course of the season when it comes to improving the playing staff, having brought in 10 players while seeing 15 leave. Bradbury is keen to point out his threadbare squad, but also to justify it's importance, saying "I'd like to have a bit more cover for the team, that's no mistake, but I sat down with the Chairman at the end of the first season and all we always ended up on the subject of the club's finances, which if I'm honest and I don't think he'll mind me saying this now, weren't brilliant. We were like a triple amputee trying to keep his head above water. The wage bill was a tall hurdle to leap at first, but over time we've tackled it, and I think finishing so well in the first season we had in the top flight really helped us figure out how we wanted to go ahead going into the most recent season. We're quite comfortable now, if not massively competitive financially, but the Chairman has been brilliant and allowed me to make any move for any player I'd like if the time is right to do so, and I've gotten some big plans for the next season or two in the market." On the signings he made and missed this season, Bradbury enthused, "What a great lot of players we've brought in! I had so many deals planned out, and while talks with clubs didn't always go to plan - you can never expect them to - I'm overjoyed with our performance in the market. Tom Ince and Jack Wilshere are great additions with room to improve even further, and young John Stones will, I'm sure, be a great right-back in the near future. Ezequiel Lavezzi I'm hoping will shine next season. He's comfortable playing out wide, which allows us to play Demba [ba] in his preferred centre forward role, so everyone at the club now is very happy with the way things are going." The conference was wrapped up with Bradbury being asked who his personal best signing has been this season. "Well, you couldn't make much of a story out of me telling the honest truth and saying all of them!" He joked, befored adding "If you wanted me to say just would it would have to be Samir Handanovic. He has single-handedly won us games with that pair of hands. Every save he has made this season has been tremendous, and not to undermine the performances of our other players, especially Chris Smalling and Miranda who really stepped up to the mark in defence, but I feel without Samir especially, we wouldn't have finished where we did this season." Safe Hand(s)anovic - Signing of the Season? Brought to you by Pie Sports News.
  3. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media To celebrate a fun,, eventful and successful third season of DAiS Genesis, here's the post I made in the 'Custom of the Year' thread, for those who missed it or want to see it again. Let me tell you a little story about a Welsh bloke. A story that will explain everything I have to say when it comes to my setup of choice for this final vote. The story? Well, it goes like this... Nobody liked him. But that didn't stop the miserable, impolite, anally-retentive wet blanket from rising from the ashes of Championship Manager Online, and returning to SoccerManager, a game which had not seen his name grace its pages for about five years. Upon his return, Smouts thunk to himself, "Well, I've got no friends here. Again. But what about the good ol' days?". His mind was cast asunder to a time when the likes of Leigh Auston, Sam Wainwright and Simon 'SonOfPluto' were gracing the pages of the forum and tearing it up in-game. But then, Simon's always been there. Y'know that obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey? Simon was playing SM on that thing. And then he remembered another name... There was one chap in particular. Funny, smart, well-endowed. He lit up the room everywhere he went. "If I can get Sky Blue Lee on board, I'm on to a winner", Dai thought. "He was the only one who knew how a light switch worked." He set about creating a setup so good he could get all the famous names of yore back onto SM. Lee Bradbury was at the Top-Hat-And-Monocle party at the pub in his incredibly up-market and classy city where he lived, when he received a correspondence from his bestest best bessie chum, Sam. "Oi", it read. Lee knew what that word meant, so he kicked the first Leicester City fan he saw. It wasn't what Sam meant. "Dai Smout's making a new setup", continued the message, which also contained a link to its forum thread. He was about as hesitant as Katie Price is to a marriage proposal and an offer to publish the wedding in Okie-Dokie magazine. So Lee was on board. Time passed, and Dai had managed to combine the classic SM-ers of old with the more modern, new-fangled eejits of today, such as Anthony Maddison, Scott Samuels and some Swede with half of Carpet Kingdom stuck to his lower jaw. Smouts knew he had a good thing going, but he wanted more. Much more. As an ex-pat of CMO, Dai had seen the benefits of complete media interaction, offering what he loves to stress as 'Total Immersion'. Kinda like water boarding, his new members thought. Any questioning as to what he meant sparked a Vietnam-style moment of wistful horror in his voice. "You.... Weren't there." He set about in trying to create this total immersion on SM, in the best way possible, so that there would be constant newspaper updates on a dedicated site, with all the latest transfer news and rumours, match reports and all those lovely slagging matches we do so adore. But he couldn't quite manage it, so all we got is a couple o' threads and a lousy Facebook group. Bless him though, he tried to atone for his failings. He made the Facebook group as acidic and hate-filled as possible (not too hard. The recipe usually reads 'Add one Welshman', which came factory-fitted thanks to Dai), and even gave Scott Samuels a job as the groups secretary. It's not Miss Moneypenny, but it'll do. For now. He then decided to liven-up the what-are-now doldrums of the SM Forums with a sign-up-slash-banter-and-general-gossip thread (hooray for hyphens!), a media thread for what turned out to be the closest thing to his newspaper dreams (you know you're boring when you dream of newspapers), even though none of his associates could write anything barely resembling a newspaper article (all articles on the thread are 100% truthful and contained no bias), and finally an interview thread, so we could all laugh at each other some more, in a way only Dai would find enjoyable. As time went on further, the setup got truly up and running. Seasons fly by at a fast pace, and all the leagues are tight and competitive. The transfer market, though still coming towards the end of its infancy, is competitive enough to be interesting, and will be even more compelling once a few more inter-setup transfers are made between managed clubs. Anyone is welcome to join (although not leave. Swallowing your pride and returning upon realising your mistake WILL invoke some sort of sado-masochistic punishment all for the Welshman's sick delight), and anyone who does join will enjoy it. I think it's fair to say that DAiS Genesis, while still quite young compared to other setups, has come very far, and will continue to make massive strides as it goes on. The End.
  4. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Yeah, in the last 4/5 games I've had at least two players each game pick up an injury or suspension. In fact at one point I had my three main attackers, Moses, Niang and Destro, all out at the same time. Still, I can't fault the efforts we put in towards the tail-end of this season, and I've gotten Longford promoted, so I at least matched my own expectations for the season. Well done, Kev. You git.
  5. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Four points behind Derry now. If I get at least level with them it will be an immense achievement for me. Even more so when considering that my main three attacking players are all out injured for the next 2-3 matches.
  6. Re: American Soccer League 498 Gazzaniga, Bigirimana and Clyne all rose today. Plenty more to come in the next week or so, too.
  7. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Cheers mate, 6 points off top spot now 'cause of your win!
  8. Re: American Soccer League 498 I've got Michu suspended for one game...
  9. Re: American Soccer League 498 He'll be a great signing in all seriousness.
  10. Re: American Soccer League 498 Wisdom was a lot cheaper.
  11. Re: American Soccer League 498 And just as I said that, you put in a bid for another of my shortlisted players.
  12. Re: American Soccer League 498 Good 3-0 win tonight over a Toronto side that contained a lot of players I had looked at signing or attempted to sign in the last week. In the end though, it was Ashley Williams, who only joined the club today, who scored a brace(!), and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who got the mighty Schalke a 3-0 win.
  13. Re: American Soccer League 498 So yeah, no big and fancy news post. Anywho, I've signed: Tom Cleverley Demba Ba Danny Potts Gael Bigirimana Paulo Gazzaniga Francis Coquelin Roberto Insigne Nathaniel Clyne Steven Caulker Andre Wisdom Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Paco Alcacer Michu Kyle Naughton Ashley Williams. So yeah, 15 signings. Let's just say I'm looking forward to the English rating changes!
  14. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) Well Rage are a no-brainer, really. 4smim2MNvF8
  15. Re: Bring Back Those Memories - Forumer(s) That We Missed HOW COULD WE FORGET BOBO?!?!?! Named like a clown, and acted every inch a clown, Bobo was the original forum punchline, and a fantastic guy too. Was very close to making it into international football with Malta, if I remember correctly. In a way, along with Smouts and Fraser back in 2006, Bobo was the forum. And not forgetting his older, equally-as-daft brother, 001 Other names I absolutely must drop are Bryan, Burs, Cally, Felix, HKPHOOEY, Kamil Marzec, LeamingtonSteve, Milessurrey (that boy loved his chicken!), Nav, oobee007, Orgy, Perry81, rarther, Raz, Schuldiner, Sparky, Speddiez, and the lovely chap known on here as Wesley Sneijder. Oh, and Munt.
  16. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) You, sir, are awesome! So hard to find Primus fans these days.
  17. Re: American Soccer League 498 Just finalising a few more deals today, and then my Schalke squad will be complete. Expect a news post later when I've finished work.
  18. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) Does anyone like Primus? Been digging the albums Antipop and Green Naughahyde lately. Some good stuff on them. kQv8zNQX578 FkiqaGsSSYw d1WaOKlldIE LNHfFxP9SyM gmCobmRUIKw kY7jSesdxl0
  19. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Nath, you haven't done any of your turn reports in a while. They were cool.
  20. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread First defeat in 10 games at the hands of Brechin City. Well done, Sir!
  21. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - The Final
  22. Re: American Soccer League 498 Bradbury Takes Over at Schalke Following Schalke fulfilling Lee Bradbury's desire to merge with an MLS team and move to the USA, the former Bundesliga outfit have chosen Chivas USA as their team of choice, and installed Bradbury as manager. While the team will now be branded as Schalke, the original Chivas structure remains, causing many 'soccer' fans to wonder what the bloody point is. Bradbury replied "Seeing as none of the other hairy-arse-gobblers of managers in the MLS wanted to move to the Bundesliga, I decided to do the opposite. Schalke are a big team in Germany and have the World's most famous dead person as a fan in Adolf Hitler, and I think it's only fair to help make Schalke more popular among American football fans, (not to be confused with American football fans), and the Jewish communities in particular." In other news, Mr. Bradbury has recently been diagnosed with bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Brought to you, almost unwillingly, by Pie Sports News.
  23. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread GET IN LADS! Great win over Derry moves us within eight points of them at the top of the table. There are eight games left. Intriguing.....
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