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  1. Who do you like more at this moment in time, Cov or Villa ?
  2. Let's get back to the point of this whole thread again please.
  3. I have never, ever cheated on this game and I never will. Don't lower yourself to statuses of a Villa fan by cheating.
  4. You're a funny chap Nav. St Mary's? Don't worry, your straightjacket should come through the post soon Nav . To be honest I'd say either the Ricoh, Stadium of Light, KC, Deepdale or Pride Park are the best in the Championship at the mo.
  5. First come, first serve, it's only fair . Don't forget to look at an earlier post of mine showing you some fantastic offers!!! Only at CSKA!
  6. You must mean the West Terrace, the only stand I never got a chance to sit in . Oh and by the way, it only had 2 tiers.
  7. I like old grounds because they have a certain air about them, a certain character to them. That's what I found with Highfield Road (Sorely missed, RIP ). However, newer grounds like the Ricoh can produce the same atmosphere, just not the same character. Ignore people when they say the Ricoh (often called the Rioch, Richo, Rhico etc) is just another so-called "Lego" ground, as it is not. If you went there you would be amazed by how different it is to, let's say, St. Mary's or that one in the East Midlands which is inhabited by a "team" who are not important.
  8. I will fight for Coventry's right to be accepted as one of the top 30 clubs in the country.
  9. No, here's a brief history of Coventry City (well, the more important facts) : -The first club to have a pre-match radio show -The first club in England to have an all seater stadium. -Winners of one of the greatest ever finals in football's oldest cup competition. -Founder members of the Premiership. -First team to top the Premiership. -Team with the 4th longest consecutive run in the top flight (34 years) -Club who invented the 'Donkey Kick' free-kick technique. The list goes on. I could tell you more but I would just be bragging.
  10. Thank you very much for Jo, Smudge. It's quite nice how, out of four managers, he chose me to have him on loan.
  11. Your welcome to have your vote in a post. I just put those teams in as the options as, like I said, you have to use your imagination.
  12. Who will be champs this season? I'm leaving Chelsea out of this so use your imagination. I say Arsenal.
  13. There once was a team called Villa A long time ago they were Thrillers. But as time went on Their greatness had gone. And now they're poo and are gonna get relegated while Cov overtake them into the Premiership and it's all because of O'leary and Ellis and the fact that they haven't got any good players and Milan Baros is a waste of money and to be honest they haven't got a clue what danger surrounds them, they're so naive.
  14. I was going to ask this!!! Oh well, any help on this much appreciated, cheers.
  15. It's because they all want Villa to get relegated, including me
  16. This is a great idea, I'm in.
  17. I'm going to keep this thread alive with a wild guess... is it George Best? (I'm probably wrong )
  18. Yes, maybe. It's just that I wanted more. I'm not having a go or anything...
  19. Oh great Bobo's in my league... . Bobo I'm CSKA and no, you can't have any of my good players. I look forward to playing, no, beating you.
  20. I only got a £5 million cash injection for CSKA.
  21. Sky Blue Lee


    As I type this, Smout is only 60 posts away from being the first forumite to bag 1000 posts! But I was wondering if you get an upgrade from senior member to something else, as Mr Fly has already mentioned.
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