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  1. Re: Should The FA cap Ticket Prices? Yeah but how do you control clubs capping it then? If the clubs set the maximum ticket price it's about as good as it is now, 'cause a team like Arsenal could just say 'put the ticket price maximum at no more than £250 per ticket', and we're no further forward.
  2. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - The Final Let me tell you a little story about a Welsh bloke. A story that will explain everything I have to say when it comes to my setup of choice for this final vote. The story? Well, it goes like this... Nobody liked him. But that didn't stop the miserable, impolite, anally-retentive wet blanket from rising from the ashes of Championship Manager Online, and returning to SoccerManager, a game which had not seen his name grace its pages for about five years. Upon his return, Smouts thunk to himself, "Well, I've got no friends here. Again. But what about the good ol' days?". His mind was cast asunder to a time when the likes of Leigh Auston, Sam Wainwright and Simon 'SonOfPluto' were gracing the pages of the forum and tearing it up in-game. But then, Simon's always been there. Y'know that obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey? Simon was playing SM on that thing. And then he remembered another name... There was one chap in particular. Funny, smart, well-endowed. He lit up the room everywhere he went. "If I can get Sky Blue Lee on board, I'm on to a winner", Dai thought. "He was the only one who knew how a light switch worked." He set about creating a setup so good he could get all the famous names of yore back onto SM. Lee Bradbury was at the Top-Hat-And-Monocle party at the pub in his incredibly up-market and classy city where he lived, when he received a correspondence from his bestest best bessie chum, Sam. "Oi", it read. Lee knew what that word meant, so he kicked the first Leicester City fan he saw. It wasn't what Sam meant. "Dai Smout's making a new setup", continued the message, which also contained a link to its forum thread. He was about as hesitant as Katie Price is to a marriage proposal and an offer to publish the wedding in Okie-Dokie magazine. So Lee was on board. Time passed, and Dai had managed to combine the classic SM-ers of old with the more modern, new-fangled eejits of today, such as Anthony Maddison, Scott Samuels and some Swede with half of Carpet Kingdom stuck to his lower jaw. Smouts knew he had a good thing going, but he wanted more. Much more. As an ex-pat of CMO, Dai had seen the benefits of complete media interaction, offering what he loves to stress as 'Total Immersion'. Kinda like water boarding, his new members thought. Any questioning as to what he meant sparked a Vietnam-style moment of wistful horror in his voice. "You.... Weren't there." He set about in trying to create this total immersion on SM, in the best way possible, so that there would be constant newspaper updates on a dedicated site, with all the latest transfer news and rumours, match reports and all those lovely slagging matches we do so adore. But he couldn't quite manage it, so all we got is a couple o' threads and a lousy Facebook group. Bless him though, he tried to atone for his failings. He made the Facebook group as acidic and hate-filled as possible (not too hard. The recipe usually reads 'Add one Welshman', which came factory-fitted thanks to Dai), and even gave Scott Samuels a job as the groups secretary. It's not Miss Moneypenny, but it'll do. For now. He then decided to liven-up the what-are-now doldrums of the SM Forums with a sign-up-slash-banter-and-general-gossip thread (hooray for hyphens!), a media thread for what turned out to be the closest thing to his newspaper dreams (you know you're boring when you dream of newspapers), even though none of his associates could write anything barely resembling a newspaper article (all articles on the thread are 100% truthful and contained no bias), and finally an interview thread, so we could all laugh at each other some more, in a way only Dai would find enjoyable. As time went on further, the setup got truly up and running. Seasons fly by at a fast pace, and all the leagues are tight and competitive. The transfer market, though still coming towards the end of its infancy, is competitive enough to be interesting, and will be even more compelling once a few more inter-setup transfers are made between managed clubs. Anyone is welcome to join (although not leave. Swallowing your pride and returning upon realising your mistake WILL invoke some sort of sado-masochistic punishment all for the Welshman's sick delight), and anyone who does join will enjoy it. I think it's fair to say that DaIS Genesis, while still quite young compared to other setups, has come very far, and will continue to make massive strides as it goes on. The End And that's why I'm voting for The Protege.
  3. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Up to second with a big 2-0 win over Dagenham and Redbridge. Yep, we beat two whole teams tonight! Look out, Kev!
  4. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Suck it, Nath!
  5. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - Semi Final 1 Ahh, but can you say Shorpe?
  6. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - Semi Final 1
  7. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Journo of the year.
  8. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - Semi Final 1 I feel I should give you all my opinion. I like eggs, they are full of protein.
  9. Re: Bring Back Those Memories - Forumer(s) That We Missed Tom Erdenay - Legend. Well-spoken, friendly and a great sense of humour. Havoc - Another legend. The Jerries (Timo and Phil) - Great guys.
  10. Well, the question says it all really. After some Man City fans had to reluctantly turn down the chance to see their team's 2-0 win away at Arsenal, in protest at the extortionate £65 price for away tickets, is it time the FA had some sort of regulation in place, at least for the Premier League, to allow fans to make it to all matches, especially in these times of economic mishap? The only problem here is how it then affects smaller clubs if the cap is especially stringent. And furthermore, if the cap can be heightened for certain clubs if they are filling out their stadiums/reduced if not? Your thoughts, please.
  11. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Who is likely to be the better signing, Ramires or Kwadwo Asamoah?
  12. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] The legend is back! Welcome home, Yuri.
  13. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Really disappointed with the result tonight. Should've at least had 10.
  14. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) Been listening to a lot of Blur lately, and I'm enjoying their work. xF1ANx89dEI VxNUOf1a_Go 6QGvenX_VhQ aPsfQu8PMlQ an6sYvWVvgc SvCsMiUOHDo
  15. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Only three teams left in the division that haven't lost a game; me, you and Nathan. After 2 games, that really is quite something.
  16. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Yeah boy! Beat a strong Dagenham and Redbridge side 4-1 away from home! The game featured some SM logic too. Moses got 2 goals and 2 assists, but De Bruyne got Man of the Match for Dagenham with just one goal. Go figure.
  17. Re: Top Ten Rock Bands Of All-Time? Shout-out to ELO.
  18. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread I only have 5 80+ players, and apart from them, only two of my <80 players aren't Irish (just for cup games and such), so from here on in I should be A-okay, rules-wise.
  19. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread In the last few days I've signed a few extra players to bolster the squad. Looking pretty sharp. Longford Town Transfers In: Kyle Storer M'Baye Niang Mattia Destro Richard Keogh Marko Livaja Samir Carruthers Victor Moses Jake Livermore Adam Barton Shane Duffy Michael Quirke Conor Henderson Matt Doherty. Starting XI average rating up to 80 now. Quite pleased with that.
  20. Re: Top Ten Rock Bands Of All-Time? Going by your logic' date=' nor are Led Zep and RHCP. In fact, Sabbath are more rock than the Chilis, and I'm a massive Chilis fan. But then I'm splitting hairs. On a [i']personal[/i] standpoint, while still trying to put this based on universal opinion: 1. The Who 2. The Beatles 3. Led Zeppelin 4. The Kinks (the bloody Kinks! Why haven't they been mentioned yet?!) 5. The Rolling Stones 6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. 7. The Clash 8. Queen 9. Red Hot Chili Peppers 10. AC/DC 11. Busted Also need to name-drop Primus, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, Weezer (first two albums only), Blur, Feeder, Rage Against the Machine. Oh, and Tenacious D.
  21. Re: How about 3-2-2-1-2 ? In SoccerManager terms, to be honest, I don't think either of those points really apply.
  22. Re: How about 3-2-2-1-2 ? 3-4-1-2, perhaps?
  23. Re: Forumer of the Year 2012 I say if it's a draw, then nobody wins; you all clearly didn't work hard enough.
  24. Re: Bring Back Those Memories - Forumer(s) That We Missed I don't see my name. There are so many to mention, Smudger, Candyflip, Newmania (legend!), Bob Loblaw, Roko7, Smartdoc, Insider, Fraser McInnes, Dai Smout, and more I can't remember right now!
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