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  1. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Look, pal, the only phallically-deprived person on here is you, but I suppose you can't help that (unless you have one of those pumps, you can get them on prescription nowadays, ask your GP). And now I've got Talking Heads stuck in my noggin.
  2. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Pretty sure there's three veggies on there you tart! And quoting the same Elohim post twice in two separate, nonsensical posts? You really are going senile!
  3. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] This is what troubles me (check my last post closely ), as I can't be seen beating intellectuals like Simon and then losing to an uneducated rightie. He may not be able to read, however, he can cook, as he has given me some food for thought in the build-up to Sunday (the thought being which tactics will beat him the hardest?).
  4. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Why, do you want me to switch tactics? Worried that you can't counter my existing ones?
  5. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Here we go, Pinocchio's senility is shining through again....
  6. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] And Torres bottled it! Wigan 0-1 Atalanta. A drab game livened up by Santi Cazorla's goal, and Torres' 87th-minute penalty miss.
  7. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] NUDDY LIVES!!!! Cracking signing.
  8. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) I'm listening to some of my favourite drummers or drum parts. Gene Krupa r2S1I_ien6A Ringo Starr (love the fills in this song, really showcase Ringo's unique style.) cG2gNvqGJVU Keith bloody Moon! _ZUMg6Maht4 Mitch Mitchell (amazing drummer, so underrated due to the eponymous member of the band.) OHdwRjIspu0 John Bonham 0WzG64syKHA Stevie Wonder (he plays the majority of instruments on his records. He's a damn fine drummer.) rhw_zbvxvb4 Stewart Copeland (the man is brilliant, in my mind). MbXWrmQW-OE Ro
  9. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Atalanta 3-2 Southampton. A good win marred by the fact that we were 3-0 up. Had to cover my eyes at some points near the end. Ba was class though. Also, well done Elohim.
  10. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Despite completing my first-team squad, I still feel like there's a few players I missed out on. For example, Dembele is hot property now, but I overlooked him this time last week due to looking at other players too. Dembele is one of my favourite three players, with Naldo being another one, so one out of three is okay for now. Am determined to have the three of them at some point in this setup.
  11. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] The first Meat derby of the setup, and it's a 2-2 draw. Cazorla's second in two games, and a wonderstrike from debutant Ron Naldo.
  12. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] I had originally wanted Bruma, but in waiting to tie up the Meireles deal I lost out on him. Still, surprised no-one wanted Mangala. Naldo meanwhile is one of my all-time favourite players so I'm delighted to have him on board.
  13. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Well, Naldo and Mangala are on their way to Atalanta, completing not only my defence, but my team too.
  14. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Raul Meireles is on his way to Atalanta.
  15. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Well, Cazorla had an eventful debut! Scored the opener then gets sent off late on as I drew 1-1 with Chievo. Drawing an awful lot of matches this pre-season. We're making so many chances but not putting them away.
  16. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Dude' date=' that's a waste of a spare arm! [img']http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5wtumaO2F1rrdvx9o1_400.gif[/img]
  17. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] I'd love to see Wenger on the touchline, shouting out at Diaby, while wearing that hat.
  18. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Blackpool manager joe (carlos) sartmy (vela) has decided to part company with the club after 0 games in charge. So one manager has left, and there are still a few who haven't accepted their invites. I'm hoping all is well before the season starts on Saturday...
  19. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] More transfer activity from Atalanta! Done deals: - Ciaran Clark - Martin Kelly - Lucio - Santi Cazorla (really surprised no-one else went in for him. Just strolled through his signing). Accepted along with other bids: - Nikica Jelavic (quietly confident with this one) - Chris Smalling (same as above) - David Luiz (here's hoping).
  20. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Alvaro Pereira has completed his move to Atalanta. That's the full-backs sorted then.
  21. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Wait, Sean's signed Ribery?!
  22. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] I got an entertaining 2-2 draw with Leigh's Deportivo. Felt like I could've won it though, Gomez going close a good few times.
  23. Re: The Politics Thread I agree with you Dave (fancy that!), but there are some people out there that actually believe some of the complete arsehair that is published in that paper. Hell, I read the Mirror, and even then I can see when some things have just been made up, or included in a story for no reason at all. For example, there was an article in there about Top Gear filming in Doncaster or something along those lines, and the last six (six!!!) paragraphs were more about Jeremy Clarkson's various controversies than they were about the main article. These tabloids will take any chance t
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