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  1. Re: Moosic! - Sky Blue Lee's Music discussion thread. Ooh, let's see if I still have that wallpaper, if it was passed over from PC to Mac. I do! And boy, I didn't have a lot of wallpaper-worthy albums then. These days I've got loads. So this is what it was. These days, I have all my iTunes album covers as my screensaver. It's a random 20 covers each time, and the images change over time while the screensaver is left on.
  2. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Went to see Clash of the Titans last night. You can expect to see a full Sky Blue Review of it later, when I am home from work.
  3. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I don't usually trust Hansen. The guy was silly enough to walk into a lamppost for God's sake! Besides, I know how to stop Rooney. Close him right down. Two men pressuring him from both angles. Pressure the whole team to cut off the supply, and bingo. On a side note, how boring is MOTD these days? Hansen says something, Shearer agrees. Lineker asks a question, Hansen says something, Shearer says something else, Lineker agrees. Hansen asks a question, Hansen answers the question, Shearer and Lineker agree, Hansen smiles and nods. And then there
  4. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo 98>96 Johnny, I see your point, but also, you have to think that these players must be doing something right to have the chance to play week in, week out.
  5. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo 98>96 Y'know, Simon, I just re-read my second-to-last post on this, and realised it makes no sense.
  6. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread John O'Shea will score the winner in the 88th minute, sparking cries of "Who needs Rooney?".
  7. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo 98>96 Can't exactly grab it with their ears.
  8. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo 98>96 I do, it's just that I don't see how that because Puyol is supposedly the best defender around, that makes him a 96. In my opinion he should be no higher than 95 simply because his ability warrants nothing higher, not because he's the best.
  9. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Standard fantasy fare. For something with a title like 'Clash of the Titans', we never see them clash at all. There is so much build-up to the climax, but the climax is over faster than a Coventry City Carling Cup run. In all fairness, the 2 hours went by quite quickly, so I can't say it was too boring, just not too exciting either.
  10. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread No service from your captain tonight, folks, as I have been to see Clash of The Titans. IN 3D!
  11. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 I appreciate the subtle sarcasm, but no, that is a good score for me. Had 33/11 on Terminal earlier with just the Spas again.
  12. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 If I've noticed one thing, the three new maps are all really good for shotguns. Just got 28/9 on Storm using just the SPAS-12.
  13. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 I was the same. "Why does he knife when I press crouch? Oh yeah." I think my game of CoD has improved now though because of BFBC2, as I'm far more patient and get far more kills.
  14. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Nah, I find it quite therapeutic. Everyone else does the work for you, and they get lower ratings than you. Trust me, I know how you feel. Used to be like it all the time on 09. I just curb my frustrations because I know that when I finally do get the ball I'll be good with it.
  15. Re: 541 on sides wingers or lb,rb Seeing as it's 5 in defence you'd probably be best off with full-backs.
  16. Re: The Lyric Competition. Halfway through finishing this one. Woke up at noon with a deflated head, Had to make it smile to get it out of bed Been out all night that I wish I'd forget Drank myself under but i don't feel dead I just feel low Feeling flat, can be roughed up again If you decided to say yes And make our own memory lane And hand-in-hand take a walk along.
  17. Re: Right now i'm listening to... One for the road! fQ1sTL_TYUM
  18. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Nah, it never helped me. Good schooling (well, at primary level), and boredom were what helped me.
  19. Re: Right now i'm listening to... np0solnL1XY ALL TOGETHER NOW! If I leave here tomorrow.... Would you still remember me?
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