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  1. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread I too, won 3-1. Danny, Rossi, and El Hamdoui's first for the club got the win.
  2. Re: The Fox Hunters league - Discussion Thread Can someone please let me know about what's just happened to Aaron Ramsey.
  3. Re: The Fox Hunters league - Discussion Thread Good reports Sean, but don't let Kiev's lack of funds fool you.
  4. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Won't let you create a player this year as far as I can see. BRADDERS SR.! What a legend, keeping up the Bradbury scoring tradition.
  5. Re: Ludovic Sane - Champions League starter for Bordeaux - rated 74!!
  6. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Well rather than tell you to read the other posts and then use Google, I'll just tell you that it isn't, because it isn't.
  7. Re: most promising goalkeeper Ahh, good spot.
  8. Re: Right now im watching... Definition of owned: -J_doeDjI9o&feature=related
  9. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread You guys will get bored of UT soon unless you balance it out by playing other things. Myself? Online team play. Got a hat-trick with Xavi as the Spain team I was captaining beat Liverpool 8-3 at Anfield.
  10. Re: most promising goalkeeper He must do, seeing as that's what he put. I think you both mean 'permanent'.
  11. Re: Official Xbox 360 group/thread! I'm back at work after Sunday, but I'm getting Tuesdays off.
  12. Re: most promising goalkeeper Keiren Westwood. /thread.
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