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  1. Re: What the timmy mallet are you lot doing? Abe Lincoln was never seen without a stovepipe hat.
  2. Re: What the timmy mallet are you lot doing? Yes. They are so manly they are at ease with their heterosexuality.
  3. Re: What the timmy mallet are you lot doing? Put it this way. Men wear stovepipes. Bankers wear bowlers.
  4. Re: What the timmy mallet are you lot doing? Top hats are by far the superior race. I myself am a stovepipe advocate.
  5. Re: What the timmy mallet are you lot doing? Considering the only time I haven't been able to get on here and post was against my own free will (router explosion, as most of us know), and you, Sam, just left because you got bored....
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread I hate these guys. Look at the whole video. "Oh hey look at us we're from Coventry, isn't that just the coolest thing? Did you not know where we're from? Well, if the whole first album and every press release and feature didn't tell you enough, we'll iterate the fact in EVERY STINKING VIDEO." I saw lead singer Tom Clarke once in Leamington. Smug little arsewipe walked down that street and past me with some stupid great smirk on his face, as if the whole of Warwickshire revolves around him. He's not even from Coventry, he's from sodding Solih
  7. Re: Right now i'm listening to... What can be better than some Andy Williams? Andy Williams with Denise Van Outen in the video! kWtLK7XP-Bk&feature=related G'night.
  8. Re: Worth the money. It's not quite complete yet.
  9. Re: Worth the money. It's bigger now. In the year since I got it, I've bought a splash (so shush, Goodson), a new throne, a jam block, tambourine (not pictured), and a Chad Smith signature snare.
  10. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Some fool called Wesley Sneijder, who shall remain nameless, told me you lost your accolades.
  11. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 That's convinced me to prestige then. Not far from 70 now, will try the AK out for a little while (will probably suck), pluck up the courage to lose my accolades and challenges and then start again.
  12. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Jetpack/trampoline/giraffe. Or we can get a private match going and try and find out ourselves.
  13. Re: Gameworld not working Fact of the matter is, once it's fixed it'll be largely forgotten.
  14. Re: Gameworld not working The reason they stopped doing that is (if my haggard old brain recollects accurately) the continental issues. Shutting the site down at times suitable for us here in the UK is not as suitable for Brazilian users or the large contingent of eastern Asians the site now has.
  15. Re: Gameworld not working Thing is though' date=' they would've moaned even then. Allow me to demonstrate. [b']Australian Whinger:[/b] Why did you close the site down? I can't do my tactics and stare and some Swiss 16 year-old's profile for an ungodly amount of hours! Scottish Whinger: I agree. Why didn't you just do the updates and keep the site running? Lee who should be SM's PR guy: Because the last we did it this thread happened. Old Whinger: Ahhh, they don't do 'em like they used to... Put simply, no matter how you do these updates, people are still gonna whinge.
  16. Re: Gameworld not working What a shame we had to join in, eh?
  17. Re: Gameworld not working True, but everything is viewed by the customer from the customer's perspective (naturally). As in, most customers will want everything and then some from whatever service is provided, but the business just can't do that yet. Is the problem really that bad?
  18. Re: Gameworld not working If people don't keep the faith, then they can expect service far worse than what they're getting.
  19. Re: Gameworld not working Do I sense an air of hypocrisy?
  20. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Turna has left Bristol City.
  21. Re: The Lyric Competition. So I've finished it now. For A Friend You would say it's for the best Now that only your friends are all that's left To live without you I still grasp your hand firmly My friend, I have to let you move on But I will keep you For a friend away I preserve your colour. For every day That isn't forever. For the true way Our souls combined For a friend Who's left behind. The ones who know you Have your life forever kept Within themselves They say it's for the best As without something, it is best loved For all ourselves. For a friend away I preser
  22. Re: What's your SM rep? Let's see here. My rep is 231. I joined in May 2006.
  23. That's what it says on BBC Sport. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/crystal_palace/8481549.stm
  24. Re: The Lyric Competition. Here's a lyric I just came up with. I believe in Heaven now, Just so you have somewhere to go.
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