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  1. Re: The Best Attacking Midfielders Who? To be honest, the poll would've been more interesting without Kaka and Ronaldinho. I would vote Daniel Carvalho but he's not on there. And isn't Riquelme a DM?
  2. If I get engrossed in the chat or forum, then after a while, the game logs out and plays a demo. This can be irritating. What is the current idle time limit before it logs out? Maybe it should be increased.
  3. Re: updating season It's all a matter of patience. And besides, all the updates are improving the game.
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    Word Game

    Re: Word Game Richard Duffy
  5. Re: walcoot vs c.ronaldo NO NEED TO SHOUT! WE CAN'T HEAR YOU ANYWAY!!! Walcott for me.
  6. Re: Later with Jools Holland Ooh, Make Your Play's on ITV... (Sarcasm) I'll only watch that for Zo Christiensen, though
  7. Re: Later with Jools Holland And the Arctic Monkeys are from Sheffield...
  8. As you know, I love Rock and Jazz music. I am always willing to expand my musical horizons, and this show lets me do so. So many musical colours. It's on now. It's got Arctic Monkeys, some Yankee band, a group from the Sahara, a Brazilian dance-pop group, some guy, and an 89-year old French guy doing Bob Dylan covers! I love this show.
  9. Re: Might have been suggested before... This has gone slightly off-topic. Something like Yarzy said - a maximum of 6 players for each position - is good (excluding keepers of course). But to be honest, the only 'real' formation missing from SM's current choice is the aforementioned 3-6-1. So if this was added, there really wouldn't be any need, unless you wanted to play 1-3-1-2-1-2.
  10. Re: Helping clubs in debt I think he means debt due to wages... To be honest, I've never had a problem. This is either because I rarely sign large talents and get younger, lesser known lads, or because I like to work with the squad I have, or because the players signed should be winning matches and generating income while doing so.
  11. Sky Blue Lee


    Re: FM2007 I have to drop out, sorry.
  12. Re: Setup Forum I agree with Bryan. Plus, with so many setups already, it would be impossible for SM to create them all, and keep them running efficiently.
  13. Re: LONGEST UNBEATEN RUN Roughly 18 with Rovers. P.S. Wrong Section, perhaps?
  14. Re: Favorite Cartoon Movies
  15. Re: Sam Allardyce Resigns If they finish mid-low table next season it's easy to know why. I wonder if a larger job offer is on the table, or he just wants a change of scenery (Fulham or Leicester).
  16. Re: Favorite Cartoon Movies Monster's Inc, anyone?
  17. Re: Rock/Pop Favorites. From that poll, Green Day, in their Dookie/Insomniac/Nimrod era. Their 3 best albums. But Muse have overtaken RHCP as my fave band at the moment. I don't have a favourite band of all-time, because times change.
  18. Re: SM Poetry. Oob, poems don't have to rhyme. Alan Ball Youngest of all Those lions of 66. Hair of red fire, He had passion and desire, The lion of '66. Alan Ball Greatest of all The lion of '66.
  19. Re: chelseas money in sm In SM, we've always been trying to balance reality and fun. With large monetary values for some clubs, it would make the game far too easy and boring for them, and therefore making it far too hard and boring for the rest. While SM like making things as realistic as possible, they have to compromise some of that realism to keep the fun factor for managers of smaller clubs.
  20. Re: World Championship 2 MKII With a failed attempt at loaning Jo for a 3rd season, CSKA have responded by bringing in Peter Crouch on loan from Milan.
  21. Re: Minutes Applause/Silence? Delf, ever wondered it might be because he played for our country, and was our country's best player in our country's finest match? I doubt you said that when Bestie passed on.
  22. Re: Petition to process fixtures at night. Some people work nights, as well. And some people have PC's at work. Let's see, a 9 to 5 job, with an extra hour to get back home (give or take). That's a good 3-2 hours to sort out teams. It takes me around half an hour for 4 teams at the very most on a busy server. Sometimes it takes me roughly 1 minute per team, depending on the circumstances. And who says you have to do tactics on match day?
  23. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Yertle the Turtle-RHCP. Really funky. http://media.putfile.com/Yertle-The-Turtle-28
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