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  1. Re: 88-87 to 89? Emmanuel Rivière.
  2. António José Pinheiro Carvalho, nicknamed Tozé, is an 20-years old ofensive midfielder from Porto B. He came from Porto youth squad and this is his first season as a professional player. He is a number 10, with excellent technique and vision and a great long-distance shot. He's doing increasingly better at the B team, being the best player of Porto B, and his exhibitions attracted the atention of Vitor Pereira and he decided to call him to the main squad. He hasn't played in the main team so far, but with likelihood of Moutinho's departure to a bigger club, we will be on the A team next ye
  3. Re: Jackson Martinez He scored his first hat-trick in Portugal, this saturday against Vitoria de Guimaraes (4-0). He now has 18 goals in 17 games, in Portuguese league; plus he scored 3 goals in 6 games in the Champions league. He will break records in the Portuguese league, and will be sold for 30 million euros at the end of the season or in the next, if he keeps going like this.
  4. Re: Danilo/Alex Sandro I mean Danilo is overrated, but Alex Sandro is truly underrated. Even if SM raises Alex Sandro to 89, the same rating as Danilo, this raise still is unfair, considering their distinct performances. Danilo has been "shaite" until 5/6 games, he started now to play really good, Alex Sandro has been amazing all the time and consistent.
  5. Re: Rolando CB well, he should drop to 88/89 honestly. 4 minutes in the Portuguese league this year lol, and last year he was dropped to the bench in the last games of the season. But the way SM is doing ratings right now, i don't know loool xD
  6. Danilo has been mediocre for about a year since he moved to Porto, he has been under a lot of pressure. One of the reasons is because he costed too much (19 million euros, Porto's highest transfer ever), the other because he wants to play in the midfield, but Porto's midfield is very strong right now (Fernando, Moutinho, Lucho), so he plays right defender, which isn't where he wants. Only now, since more or less 5/6 games ago, he is playing really good at RB. Yet today he rose +1 to 89. I don't understand it. Alex Sandro has been really amazing, the best left defender in the league by far, de
  7. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Interesting your stats. Jackson is 3 years younger but he has 83 more games than cardozo. Since i remember, cardozo was almost never injured, so i assume he played all the time. So i ask you: does cardozo started to play when he had 23 only in Benfica? or he played a lot more games in paraguay? but for jackson, it's all counted, Porto, Jaguares and Medellin, even games he never played. So about Jackson, from 2005 to 2008, according to your stats, he doesn't have a single goal scored but he made 96 games in Medellin. In this 96 games he neve
  8. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! LOL mate cardozo isn't better, cardozo has 2 more goals in Portuguese league, but scored like 6 from penalty kicks lol. Jackson only scored 1 penalty kick, only had 1 opportunity to score. If he had those opportunities, he would be the isolate goalscorer leader. Maybe not that much better right now, but at the same level. So 90.
  9. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! I think that's pretty unfair for him and for Porto. I know Portuguese League is a low league, but Porto is a "big fish in a small pond". So I think some players from Porto and a few from Benfica are really underrated. Falcão showed that when you are very good in Portugal, you are very good in everywhere. Jackson Martinez is technically better than Cardozo which is 90 and consistently scores 1 goal per game. Which PL has his stats nowadays?
  10. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! What about Jackson Martinez? He has been on terrific form this season for Porto, whether in Primeira Liga, whether in Champions League. He has 24 goals in 22 appearances and 3 goals in Champions league. On SM, he's currently a 26 year-old with 86. Next update. Will he raise only +2? To 88? His numbers for a first season in Porto are even slightly better than Falcão's first season in Porto which is now 92!! In my opinion, he deserves a straight 90.
  11. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition Eric Dier for me 75 rated Sporting
  12. Re: Gerard Pique for Xabi Alonso and Pepe I accepted the deal. Thank you very much for the advice
  13. I've been offered 6M + Xabi Alonso + Pepe for Gerard Piqué Is it a good deal?
  14. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Highly unlikely, since PSG although having a few world-class players, still doesn't have a world-class team.
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