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    If you want to know more about me, then ask. I love to meet people. I have facebook as well.
  1. As stated, I am looking for an LB who is slated for a rise into the low-to-mid 80's. I have a low budget until i get my money at seasons' end for winning my division with MK Dons. Any suggestions?
  2. Re: Read This Urgent i have no idea. this should probably be in the "player assistance" area, located: http://forum.soccermanager.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44 good luck mate. a lot of these people here know a LOT more than i do. best of luck on getting him. You may also want to clarify your question a little better.
  3. Re: Hello! It's like comparing apples to oranges. SM is the only one i've seen with real players. So if you are into reacting to real life, and into pure managerial skill, then YES, SM is it. But other sites offer more of a GM/Owner/Exec Board style, with arenas, employees, facilities, training, etc. So you can't really compare the two styles. I find this one most enjoyable because it is one of the easier ones to learn, yet it remains EXTREMELY hard to master. Most other sites are hard to learn and hard to master as well. I like the ease, user-friendlyness, etc.
  4. Re: MK Dons Help Another thread, located: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=19964 Has a 10k Gem that you might want to check as well. 10k is nothing. see if he's still available in your setup!
  5. Re: MK Dons Help Yeah it's cool. He's the only guy over 40 in my club...as i realize you only need one captain. I wasn't meaning to get defensive. You were obviously trying to help! Keep it up! I don't know that much about the game, so i'm glad i have checks and balances.
  6. Re: MK Dons Help That's why i put it as bad news. His presence as a leader and skill in division four (in my opinion) are worth the price. That's your own personal decision, as you have obviously seen both sides of the story. Best of luck!
  7. Re: MK Dons Help I, too, have an MKD team. Here's some guys to help, that i have picked up. BALLOTTA, Marco (G, OVR 87) Good News: He's only $10k Bad News: He's 43 :/ He's playing well for me! The Following are guys i have, that SUPPOSEDLY are going to be good...someday. LULINHA, Luiz Marcelo (AM/F, 75) DAVID LOMBAN, Rodriguez (CM,75) PEARCE, Krystian (CB,70) GALVAN, Martín (F,71) <-- Just turned 15 on Thursday. XUANHONG, Wang (CM, 70) <-- May be hard to get There's more, of course, but these are, mainly, long-term investments. You will not get instant results. Bu
  8. Re: Hello! Definitely. I've actually been on the forum for a week or so, and used it sparingly. I've been reading the forums for a month or two. It's been great for finding risers. (Gonul Gokhan was a great gem for my first voyage into the player talent session, a +15 rise! (: ) The search bar will be a tool in my arsenal (no pun intended) throughout the duration my time here. thanks for your warm wishes!
  9. heyericiscool


    Glad to meet you all. I'm Eric, as you may obviously tell from my screen name, and I am cool. hahaha. Yeah, ok, on to the non-joking part of my introduction. I am a liverpool fan. I am very disappointed in their loss today. Boo. I also manage an Milton Keynes Dons team that i am trying to bring up the the upper divisions. My aim with them is to take many gambles on the transfer market and get some high risers to make some money. Apart from that, I am a college student, studying to get my Pharm. D. degree. 5.5 more years. UGH! I also manage a squad on Hattrick. I like SM a littl
  10. Re: Substituting Booked Players I agree as well. Might be too complicated for the programmers; but would definitely make the game a more fulfilling experience.
  11. Re: 15 yr old!!!!! So he's still rated 60, any word on if he's going up anytime soon. I just picked him up for a Milton Keynes Dons team. I don't get any coverage here in the states, let alone at my university. So expensive to get FSC to watch the games.
  12. Re: MKD needing a back. Oh me too. My first day on the forum i saw a thread on Gonul Gokhan. And i assumed this was going to be a stock-esque, system, buying then selling. Sure enough, we went from 71 to 86. Up 15 in one rating change. AMAZING. I don't think i'm gonna get rid of him quite yet. He's a cornerstone for MKD now, and same with Bojan. He's went up 8. A lot of guys are wide open in my setups and this forum has become something i check quite often thanks to guys (meaning, guys or girls) who do research.
  13. Re: MKD needing a back. Nah, it's good. This is a slow build. And i really only asked for one. I'm just looking to make good investments, so i can sell, work it like a real market, or cash/player flow, etc. i'll definitely hit you up with questions!
  14. Re: MKD needing a back. since we're just throwing around lots of names, you got any hot tips on a winger? I'm really only looking for one. so what's the best you have? haha.
  15. Re: MKD needing a back. Thanks, both of you, and don't worry about not evaluating. Like i said, im just hoping someone wanders by and sees a good time. I cannot afford Kroos with my MKD team, but a liverpool team i have, he was unmanaged, so i've already sent an offer for him! yeeeeeeeeee!
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