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  1. Where are you from?... I'm British but live in Poland.
  2. Re: congrats button nothing's happened.... I guess the right people didn't see this thread, or there are reasons against that I haven't thought of. Oh well... congratulations to all good managers anyway.
  3. Re: Being Accused If he's starting a smear campaign against you in the newspaper, reply in the newspaper. If he's making official complaints and accusations to SM, then do what you have to. Making claims in the newspaper doesn't sound all that serious - maybe it's just mind games.
  4. Re: What seems to be the ultimate tactic? The only way you can guarantee you will never lose.... is to never play. Errm... I don't think there is an 'ultimate' tactic. And you know that it there was then either everyone would use it (which wouldn't make it very ultimate for long) or no-one would tell you (cos it's so ultimate). Tactics depends on your team, on the fixture, on the opposition. There are lots of good threads about tactics - look some up!
  5. Re: SM's premature messages are driving me crazy! So let me understand.... you are complaining that you have advance notice that a player is rising or falling, and this notice comes a couple of hours before the change is actually made.... ... errm what's the problem? Does it affect anything really? As long as the changes are actually made, how annoying can it really be. How seriously are you taking the game if something like that is worth sending repeat tickets? Ok, sorry, it wouldn't affect me but it's not my place to judge, .... but seriously?
  6. Re: Next Ratings?? It may also be to stop people speculating and buying up players just before they rise. If you dont know what leagues are being reviewed then you might tend more to buy players that your team actually needs, or will be a longer-term asset, rather than just looking to make a quick buck.
  7. Re: assistant manager True, I have the same thing. but I guess we have two choices: 1) - go Gold, or 2) - Live with it. Are you really so bothered about European games?
  8. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Been offered 6.4 M for Coentrao and was thinking of replacing him with Bale at 10.8 M. Would that be a good idea? - your advice please.
  9. Re: Johnson,Rodwell,Wilshire Hasn't Rodwell just been injured? I may be wrong and it may be only a short term thing... but anyway I'd go for Wilshire and Johnson.
  10. Re: End of Season gap.. my season finished 10 days ago with no news on when the next one will start, but we have the world cup of something in between so it will probably be a 3 week gap altogether. I also thought it was less of a gap, but maybe this is becoming standard.
  11. Not sure if it would work or would be abused etc., but sometimes I see another team's great scoreline and I'd like to simply acknowledge another manager's good result, or cup win etc. I know it's possible to send a PM, and I sometimes do, but maybe it would be good to have a "congratulate" button or something that you could click and it would send a message to that team's messages... "[your name] of [your team] congratulates [team name] on its last game / or on a good result etc." I guess people may get sick of it if it is used too much, but might be nice to recognise a fellow manager's
  12. Re: Is SWF worth buying? No idea what his ratings change will be, I just wanted to find out who SWF was. Should have known it was Shaun Wright-Filips. D'oh.
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