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  1. rbarrie99

    Looking for an active gameworld ID please

    thanks alot will have a look
  2. If anyone knows an active gameworld that is very competitive could i please get the ID for as i like to manage and build teams up Thanks
  3. rbarrie99

    anybody know competitive gameworlds?

    Re: anybody know competitive gameworlds? applied for the mighty Barnsley
  4. looking for competitive game worlds if u know any or ar in any could I have the ID please?
  5. rbarrie99

    help ?!

    is casillas worth buying for 12m I have hart but would he be good I could also get buffon but I want a keeper who will stay at a steady rating
  6. rbarrie99


    Will he rise
  7. rbarrie99


    is he worth 26m ?
  8. I have pepe company boating ricardo rodriguez alex sandro were could I improve I have 18m will I swap pepe and 18m to get subotic as he is in an unmanaged club ?
  9. rbarrie99

    Garvock's Worlds

    Re: Garvock's Worlds ok no problem
  10. rbarrie99

    Garvock's Worlds

    Re: Garvock's Worlds 149189 one or any one all them seem good
  11. rbarrie99

    Garvock's Worlds

    Re: Garvock's Worlds hello people I have been reading the thread and this gameworld looks great could I have the ID for it please
  12. joe hart ter stegen company pepe Jerome boating inigo Martinez ricardo rodriguez sandro Alonso vidal yaya toure gundogan silva Ronaldo griezmann el shaaraway lewandowski sanchez muller aubameyang welbeck Sorry its a lot of info but could use the help who could I sell to buy better players or who to swap thanks
  13. rbarrie99

    game world IDs plz ?

    could I get some id for the active game worlds
  14. could I get the id for some of the comepetitive leagues:)
  15. rbarrie99

    kolo toure

    is he worth 5.5 maby just for a one season player as my CBs aren't the greatest as I just took over a new club I have 33m