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  1. Re: Sell hart or courtois? Courtois is by far my first choice!
  2. Re: Schmelzer for Fellaini Deal accepted since I've got Clichy (who isn't the best neither but quite safe) and I play in 3-5-2, meaning that a CB may also play on my left side. Hopefully Fellaini will get 92 by the end of the year
  3. Re: Jerome Boateng As seen his perf last year, yeah he'd deserve a +1. But he'll have to be a regular starter for that. Hopefully he'll get that rise in a few weeks...
  4. Re: Swap Deal Keep Martinez (Damiao hasn't showed anything yet in Europe..).
  5. Hey guys, In a competitive GW, a manager wants my Schmelzer for his Fellaini. What's your opinion on it? Do you see Schmelzer rise a lot? What about Fellaini? Thanks
  6. Re: Illarramendi and 25M or David Silva? If it's a competitive GW I'd accept it asap! There is no guarantee that Illarramendi will be as good as Silva...
  7. Just wondering if the guy can get a +1 by the end of the year? He's doing great in Brazil right now and wasn't so bad this season. I would personally give him 60% chance for a rise.
  8. Re: javier hernandez No chance for a rise. But his 91 is solid and if he plays more, there are chances to he could get it next year!
  9. Re: Top up and coming young players to own Hum, here are some of the guys I've got in my youth squad: Morata, Carvajal, Varane, Tello, Nastasic, Verrati, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Pogba, Isco, Deulofeu, Praet, Kovacic, Gabbiadini, Capuano, Hazard (Thorgan),Milik,...
  10. Re: Giorgio Chiellini Get him asap!
  11. Re: Griezmann or Muniain Easily Griezmann...
  12. Re: Giampaolo Pazzini I'd say that he's got a solid 90 (15 goals during this season). Can't see him rising as regards the poor results of AC MILAN...
  13. Re: can diego godin get 92 in nxt rise? Wouldn't do the swap mate. Chiellini has a strong 94 and is only 28. Check the number of defenders that can pretend to get 93 or higher... a very few! Evans is stuck at 90 for a while (and I say that as a Man U fan) Godin has a strong 91 and might get 92 if he keeps up and if he plays the C1. I would do the swap only if you really need the money to get someone else who'll rise in a next future!
  14. Re: mangala went up I'm pretty sure that he'll hit the 90's in a soon futur. Could be next year as well as in six month... Really depends on if he moves and/or if he's able to play better on constant basis. Personally, I'd bet on him
  15. Re: Adil Rami Don't think he'll drop right now. However, I'd sell/exchange him AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
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