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  1. Re: Sell hart or courtois? Courtois is by far my first choice!
  2. Re: Schmelzer for Fellaini Deal accepted since I've got Clichy (who isn't the best neither but quite safe) and I play in 3-5-2, meaning that a CB may also play on my left side. Hopefully Fellaini will get 92 by the end of the year
  3. Re: Jerome Boateng As seen his perf last year, yeah he'd deserve a +1. But he'll have to be a regular starter for that. Hopefully he'll get that rise in a few weeks...
  4. Re: Swap Deal Keep Martinez (Damiao hasn't showed anything yet in Europe..).
  5. Hey guys, In a competitive GW, a manager wants my Schmelzer for his Fellaini. What's your opinion on it? Do you see Schmelzer rise a lot? What about Fellaini? Thanks
  6. Re: Illarramendi and 25M or David Silva? If it's a competitive GW I'd accept it asap! There is no guarantee that Illarramendi will be as good as Silva...
  7. Just wondering if the guy can get a +1 by the end of the year? He's doing great in Brazil right now and wasn't so bad this season. I would personally give him 60% chance for a rise.
  8. Re: javier hernandez No chance for a rise. But his 91 is solid and if he plays more, there are chances to he could get it next year!
  9. Re: Top up and coming young players to own Hum, here are some of the guys I've got in my youth squad: Morata, Carvajal, Varane, Tello, Nastasic, Verrati, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Pogba, Isco, Deulofeu, Praet, Kovacic, Gabbiadini, Capuano, Hazard (Thorgan),Milik,...
  10. Re: Giorgio Chiellini Get him asap!
  11. Re: Griezmann or Muniain Easily Griezmann...
  12. Re: Giampaolo Pazzini I'd say that he's got a solid 90 (15 goals during this season). Can't see him rising as regards the poor results of AC MILAN...
  13. Re: can diego godin get 92 in nxt rise? Wouldn't do the swap mate. Chiellini has a strong 94 and is only 28. Check the number of defenders that can pretend to get 93 or higher... a very few! Evans is stuck at 90 for a while (and I say that as a Man U fan) Godin has a strong 91 and might get 92 if he keeps up and if he plays the C1. I would do the swap only if you really need the money to get someone else who'll rise in a next future!
  14. Re: mangala went up I'm pretty sure that he'll hit the 90's in a soon futur. Could be next year as well as in six month... Really depends on if he moves and/or if he's able to play better on constant basis. Personally, I'd bet on him
  15. Re: Adil Rami Don't think he'll drop right now. However, I'd sell/exchange him AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  16. Re: Handanovic (Inter) or Rafael (ManU) Take Rafael now. Then, next year try to exchange Buffon (while he's still 93 or 94) for a younger keeper (such as Ter Stegen or Courtois) who will be a top keeper in the future!
  17. Re: Alexandre Lacazette - Young. French. Brilliant. (Again) nice article mate. I hope that he'll move soon to a subtop club. And also, he'll definitively break into French national team in a near future IMO. Cheers!
  18. Re: JELAVIĆ or MARTÍNEZ Definitively Mr Martinez (linked with topest clubs for this summer transfer window)
  19. Re: Alba for Silva and Dominguez Thanks guys, gonna accept the deal then!
  20. Re: laurent koscielny He'll get a +1.
  21. Re: Alba for Silva and Dominguez It's David Silva and Alvaro Dominguez. But I'm wondering if Davaid Silva has reached the top of his career at 94 or if he can reach 95? And what is the potential of Alvaro Dominguez, I do not know the fellow...? Also, I think that Alba will be 94 by the end of the year as he's one of the 3 best LB in the world right now IMO. So is it really worth the swap?
  22. Hey guys! Someone offered me Silva and Alvaro Dominguez for my Alba. Shall I do that? GW is semi-competitive..
  23. Re: Dries Mertens - PSV's Shining Belgian Nice contribution. I see him joining Everton with Mirallas and Feillaini (if he does not move to Man U) this summer!
  24. Hey guys, I've got the fellow in one of my GW (competitive GW), and I just received an offer quite interesting (33M). Therefore, I was wondering if I'd better accept it or wait until he plays for Juventus next year (which may be risky as for me he'll not be as good as he was before)? Just for the record, I've got Lewa, Welbeck and Pazzini in my team as well. What do you think about it? Cheers!
  25. Re: Vertonghen vs Howedes Vertonghen will maybe not get a +1 in a near futur, but surely by the end of the year! I'd go for Vertonghen...
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