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  1. Re: Garvock's Worlds

    On Thursday Nov 06th my 3 worlds called Worlds Collide will finish. There will be spaces in each world. There are 9 spaces in each world at this moment in time.

    The worlds will be open for application following the last game next week.

    There are changes to the prize structure for season 2. New prize structure will be.

    Best Div 4 in the 3 worlds = 15' date='000 credits

    Best Div 5 in the 3 worlds = 10,000 credits

    Second best Div 5 in the 3 worlds = 7,000 credits

    Third best Div 5 in the 3 worlds = 5,000 credits

    Fourth best Div 5 in the 3 worlds = 3,000 credits

    Also for season 2 you will only be eligible for prizes if you participate in one of my non prize worlds for the whole season.

    You will also be allowed to buy from unmanaged clubs.[/quote']

    good..i'm interested in joining World Collide 1+3 ..so please reserve my clubs :D

  2. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Second match in charge of my club...Liverpool

    i faced the Blackpool which is now rank 5th after losing 1-0 to liverpool

    63' SÁNCHEZ plays a pass out wide.

    GRIEZMANN breaks into the box and goes for goal with power.

    Goal GOAL!! - The power takes it past the keeper

    I am still not satisfied with the performance!!!

    55% possession only is very poor

    1 goal from 6 shot on target is very low convertion rate

    6 shot on target out of 12 shots

    10 corners and no goal..maybe Gotze isn't good at crossing..

    Next fixtures is against Southampton(rank 12th)

    Following an interview an interview.Colas Anderson announced the signing of Marouanne Fellaini for Castro+Rafinha..Both parties are happy..

    Alaba is rumoured to go away in exchange of Gundogan+Oscar..more to come ;)

  3. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Hi all,a warm welcome to all managers.. :)

    I'm the new Liverpool manager B)

    Some knows me,and some not yet..

    I will be realistic,i am searching to end at least 14th...

    I am not satisfied with the following players,,hence they are for sale..


    CASTRO, Gonzalo

    GRENIER, Clément

    I am searching for a Goalkeeper..Defenders(only rightback and centreback)...Defensive midfielderi..

    I am not looking for same rated players..

    so don't be afraid to make any cheeky bid..You can also offer 2-88 for castro/87+88

    My first match managing liverpool came out as a win

    Liverpool 2-0 Datford

    61% possesion is great but conversion rate is very low

    2 goals from 21 shots

    Sterling to come soon to his club.....

  4. I will be creating a new custom gw in the next 7/8 hours,it will consist of top 5 teams from 10 nations Belgium,Brazil,England,France,Germany,Italy,Netherland,Portugal,Russia and Spain,so it will consist of 50 teams

    there will be 5 division,2 teams from each nation will be in 1 Division.Budjet:150 million,Smfa monitoring transfers:Yes

    anyone interested?teams will be offered after using a random generator to know who control which team,anyoone intested?

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