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  1. Re: Counter formations

    hey,i need your help.be kind enought to hlp me.thanks in advance.

    he is on a winning streak of 5 match.And i am his next opponent,and i feel like getting a football lesson.here his formation


    player 2-straight forward arrow

    player 3-straight forward arrow

    players 6-straight forward arrow

    players 7-diagonal to centre (foward arrow)

    players 8-straight forward arrow

    player 10-straight forward arrow

    player 11-diagonal to centre(forward arrow)

    Tackling Style=Normal


    Passing Style=Mixed

    Attacking Style=Down Both Flanks


    Pressing=Own Half

    Play Style=Men Behind Ball

    Tight Marking

    Use Play Maker

    Use Target Man

    if winning at 60 minutes:

    4-3-3 wingers.

    player 2-straight forward arrow

    player 3-straight forward arrow

    player 4-straight defensive arrow

    player 5-straight defensive arrow

    player 6-straight defensive arrow

    player 7-diagonal to wingers(foward arrow)

    player 8-diagonal to wingers(forward arrow)

    player 9-straight defensive arrow

    player 10-straight horizontal to midfield

    player 11-straight horizontal to midfield

    Tackling Style=Normal


    Passing Style=Mixed

    Attacking Style=Mixed


    Pressing=Own Half

    Play Style=Counter-Attack

    Use Target Man

    if losing =?i don't know yet

    how to counter this tactic.thanks a lot his average squad is 93 and mine is 89.please make quick as match is tomorrow.

  2. Re: ||War of the World - II|| Match Report, Transfers & Banter

    You may end up fighting this War on your own bro :)

    Zlooky what team are you? I am Schalke and as there are other teams free-just quit and rejoin as a stronger team.

    While it is noble to help others-don't do it by destroying the team

    ,anyway my players are for sale.and internazionale know,i am weak about transfer,the players i love

  3. Re: ||War of the World - II|| Match Report, Transfers & Banter

    I don't want Neymar for peanuts' date=' the offer that you finally rejected wasn't even that bad at all, and you know it as well, and I said Alba was fair, but I don't want to let him go. My squad has depth, and I can offer you youngsters if it comes to it, but you seem to counter with obsurd offers.[/quote']

    I don't want ~91 players.(except countinho)i will only sell if u meets my criteria

  4. Re: ||War of the World - II|| Match Report, Transfers & Banter

    Hahaha' date=' exactly mate, that's why I find it all a bit suspicious tbh. The transfers he askes everyone else are obsurd and completely strange in all honest, they're right rip offs and I'm not afraid to speak my mind either, like when I quit the previous time.[/quote']

    If u suspect me,then do it.i must agree i have done a huge mistake by selling lewandoski,but u guys want Neymar for peanuts?Khedira,hummels,suarez too for sale,i don't want players that will never play in my team.i mean try to get find my weaker ositions and offer me gud players of that position and definitely,i will accept

  5. Re: Counter formations and guide to newcomers.(Colas,Anderson)

    About to play an unmanaged side which uses 4-5-1.

    Should I persist with 3-5-2 please?

    If so' date=' with what specific instructions and arrows?

    Many, many thanks[/quote']

    3-5-2 with arrows on two wingers.

    tackling style:hard

    mentality :attacking

    passing style:mixed

    attacking style:down both flanks


    pressing:own half

    play style:counter attack,play offside trap

  6. Re: ||War of the World - II|| Match Report, Transfers & Banter

    After the Dortmund manager accepts Lewa for Lampard and Azpilcueta' date=' then Reus for Masherano + Srna, He laughs off Ribery + Badstuber for Suarez + Hummels. My offer is much better than the 2 that he accepted :confused:[/color']

    thought,i am Liverpool fan and suarez i will keep him thoughtly

    but anyone else can be sold as i didn't want to sell gotze too but he propose me a wow deal which i had to accept

  7. Re: Counter formations and guide to newcomers.(Colas,Anderson)

    Yes instead i used 3-5-2 with your tatics and was losing (3-5-2 counter 4-4-2 in your list). Than changed formation that doesnt counter 4-4-2 and changed result. next game vs 4-3-2-1 what can i use pls

    use this and post your results

    4-3-3 Wingers

    Tackling: Normal

    Mentality: Normal

    Passing: Direct

    Passing st: Mixed/Down Both Flanks

    Tempo: Fast

    Pressing: Own Half

    Use Counter Attack

    You can play with "Men Behind Ball" if you want

    You can use the target man(No. 9) or playmaker(No. 6) if you wish so.

  8. Re: ||War of the World - II|| Match Report, Transfers & Banter

    interested in this gw' date=' keep me posted[/quote']

    report me to know the truth but I am really disappointed that you think me as a cheater. :eek:from 2011 I join the game and no one accuse me as a cheater .here is my main account


    and again if you feel suspicious of my transfers report it.:P

  9. Re: LORD OF THE RINGS - The Battle For Middle Earth

    We had rule breaks from Spurs and Man City so they need to field their weakest teams for the next match' date=' not major infringements but rules are rules.

    There was also a major rule break from the new B. Munich manager. This guy is obviously a cheat after assuring me he had read the rules before I offered him the position. I have asked him to leave the GW and I have no problem with anyone playing their strongest team against B. Munich while he is still in charge, unless he offers me a valid explanation as to why he cheated in his first game.[/quote']

    sorry mate,but I didn't read the rules before joining

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