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  1. Re: Custom Gameworld Association - Help and Management

    We have a vacancy for Arsenal


    Currently in third place in Division 2' date=' three points off the leaders. Players include:


    De Rossi




    Click on the link in my sig for details on how to join....

    I send you a message via pm in soccer manager to offer me Bayern munchen

    offer it to me.thanks

  2. Counter tactics:

    4-4-2:4-3-3 wingers,3-5-2,4-2-3-1,4-5-1.

    4-3-3:4-3-3 wingers,4-2-2-2,3-5-2

    4-5-1:4-3-3 wingers,3-5-2

    3-4-3:4-3-3 wingers,4-4-2,4-1-3-2,3-5-2

    3-5-2:4-3-3 wingers,5-3-2,4-5-1 defensive

    3-3-4:3-5-2,4-3-3 wingers

    5-4-1:4-3-3 wingers,3-5-2



    4-4-2 Diamond:4-4-2

    4-3-3 Wingers:5-4-1,4-4-2

    4-5-1 Defensive:4-2-3-1

    4-2-3-1:4-3-3 wingers,4-5-1 defensive


    4-4-1-1:4-3-3 wingers,3-5-2


    3-4-1-2:4-4-2,4-1-3-2,4-3-3 wingers

    5-3-2 Sweeper:3-4-3

    5-3-2 Defensive:3-5-2,4-1-3-2


    4-2-2-2:3-5-2,4-3-3 wingers

    3-4-2-1:4-3-3 wingers

    4-1-3-2:4-3-3 wingers,4-3-3



    Tackling Style: This is how hard the people in your team will go into tackles. This is something that may take more energy, but can really shut down an opponent’s offense. This is because if every time they get the ball you give them a good knock, they will let down or become injured. If you do not have great defenders, you may want to consider laying off of the hard tackles, as it may result in a lot of cards, suspensions and injuries for your team. I would make adjustments depending on the fatigue of your team, and how good your defenders are, and possibly even how your team is doing defensivly. That may be effected by other factors as well though.

    Mentality: This is how your team will approach the game. If you select an attacking mentality, then your team will look to get forward and create opportunities to score, but your defense may lack a bit. It works the opposite way if you have a defending mentality (Your team will defend like warriors, but not look to go forward and score). Make adjustments depending on who your key players are out on the pitch and the positions they are playing.

    Passing Style: This is how your team will move the ball about the pitch. A Direct style is basically playing right for the goal each time you get it offensively. The long ball is playing a ball to the corner hoping for a break away or a cross to create a goal. Short is where your players will do fancy things like give-and-go’s and use the “Triangles” (For those experienced peoples). This is a great way to move the ball quickly and look good while doing it. The only problem is that if a team has a good defense, it may be hard to get off a clean shot. Mixed is a combination of all of those styles, which can be chaos for any defense to try and defend against if it can be done properly.

    Attacking Style: This is where your team will attack from, or where the ball will be coming from on offense. Down Both Flanks is when you use both the left and right side of the field and look for crosses or through balls to the forwards. Then you can do down just one flank. I would recommend this if you have a below par player in the outside of your midfield. Through the middle is trying to use your CM and Forwards to connect and jam the ball right into the heart of the opponent. If it can be done, it will prove to be very effective, but it can be just as hard to accomplish as it requires lots of talent in certain positions (CDM, CM, F, CF, AM etc..)

    Tempo: The tempo of the game can be defined as how your team moves the ball. You can go fast, slow or change it up. If you are doing short passes, I would use a fast tempo, and visa-versa. For Long balls, you may want to slow it down a little, to allow time for your forwards to recover after the huge runs they make again and again, and to allow your team to move up the field into an offensive position before having your team hit the ball long. Otherwise, you risk having your team clear the ball to the other team every time, instead of having the long ball be an offensive threat.

    Pressing: In this sense, pressing means where your team will defensively apply pressure. In own area, means that your team will apply pressure in your defensive third. To figure out the thirds, simply divide the field into thirds-your defensive third is where your goalie is at, and then there is the middle third, and the attacking third. Your own half…your team will apply pressure as soon as it enters your defensive side of the field, effectively defending more space than the defensive third. All over means all over. When the other team gets the ball, “look out!" because your team is coming after them. This can cause a lot of fatigue however, as your players will always be running.

    Play Style: Counter attack is when your team goes right on the offense and tries to create a quick goal scoring opportunity since the other team is transitioning from offense to defense. This requires a pacey team as you have to be able to get the ball on the offensive side before the other team can get back and defend. Men Behind ball is when your team tries to place all eleven people behind the ball when the other team has it and when you have it. This will allow for a lot of passing options to keep possession offensively, and will create little space for the other team defensively. Tight marking will make your team closely defend the midfield and forwards of the other team, making it harder for them to pass the ball around, find open space for a shot, or get behind the defense. It can be very effective defensively, but one mistake can be a fatal goal for the other team. Play offside means your team will pull the off side's trap. Most teams use this to try and keep a fast forward in front of them, and to keep the other team pushed back into the middle of the field. Again, if your team messes up pulling the trap, they have set a trap for themselves instead! It can still be a very great defending tactic none-the-less. Use play Maker is when your team will look to get the ball to a players foot on your team every time your team goes on the attack. They will then rely on this one person to create chances for your team to win the game. This is a great way to cause trouble for an unorganized/lacking talent defense, as they may not be able to handle your playmaker. However, if your playmaker is shut down, so are your chances of winning. Use Target Man…this is when your team will look to get the ball to a certain players feet, and then play off of them. The target man doesn’t necessarily create chances, he simply keeps the ball on offense to give other players the ability to get the ball from him and go to goal.

    Player Assignments:

    Captain: Usually the leader of your team. The captain is not always the most skilled. He is usually the one the manager will look to keep your team doing what it should, and possibly step up their game in heated moments (If your team is losing in the late min. of the game etc.. I would think of Steven Gerrard as a great captain-he leads the team by his great play and is always a threat no matter how well the rest of the team is playing, but more importantly he is a great leader on and off the field.

    Penalty Taker: This guy is the man who takes the penalty kicks. You want him to be accurate more than anything with his shot, but he needs to be able to put some zip on the ball as well. If you miss a penalty kick, the momentum can easily swing out of your favor….

    Free Kicks: This player is someone who can place a ball anywhere on the field from anywhere. The Penalty taker and Free Kick Taker are not always the same guy!

    Corner Taker: This is someone who can cross a ball with lots of skill. They need to be able to place a ball anywhere in the box from the corner. I tend to feel that the Free Kick taker is a good corner taker, but this may not always be the case, for example, you would want your forward in the box to be there to head the ball into the goal not putting it in for your small little weasel of a midfielder to try and sneak in a garbage goal (That’s not always bad either though ).

    Play Maker: This is the guy that you want to be the 'go to man' on offense. If you need a goal, there he is with the ball. If you need a cross, there he is with the ball. If you play a long ball, there he is going after it. I think you get the point….he’s the one with the ball that creates the goal scoring chances.

    Target Man: This is the forward that you want to have touch the ball once before you get a shot. Normally he will lay it off to an oncoming midfielder to have a go at the goal. He can also go to goal himself as well. The target man and playmaker are not always the same person either-you don’t want to rely to much on one person for your team to win or else an injury or fatigue will be your nightmare of a lifetime.


    3-5-2-arrows on wingers(7,11)

    tackling style: hard

    Mentality: V.attacking

    Passing style: Mixed

    Attacking style: Mixed

    Tempo: Fast

    Pressing : Own half

    Play style:Counter attack,playmaker,target man

    5-4-1(arrows on player 5,6)

    tackling style:normal


    Passing style: mixed

    attacking style: mixed


    Pressing: Own half

    Play style: counter attack,tight marking,playmaker,targer man


    tackling style:normal


    Passing style:mixed

    attacking style:mixed


    Pressing:all over

    Play style:counter attack,tight marking,playmaker

    if some counter don't work send me a message,and feel free to post your results or ask for help:)

  3. Re: Counter formations

    Please help me,i am losing all my matches in a league:confused:..i need a tactic with instructions for my team.In the league,most managers use 3-5-2 with arrows on wingers:(.

    AHAMADA, Ali1GK2188

    BUTLAND, Jack1GK2085

    ANSALDI, Cristian2D(RL),DM,M(L)2690

    CRISCITO, Domenico2D(LC),DM,M(L)2690

    SCHENNIKOV, Georgi2D,DM,M(L)2288

    DIGNE, Lucas2D,DM(L)1987

    WILLEMS, Jetro2D,DM(L)1987

    KOSCIELNY, Laurent4D©2790

    ALDERWEIRELD, Toby4D(RC)2489

    NASTASIĆ, Matija4D©2088

    CAULKER, Steven4D©2187

    VAN DER WIEL, Gregory8D,DM,M®2590

    MONTOYA, Martín8D(RL),DM,M®2288

    LUCAS, Leiva32DM,M©2690

    MAHER, Adam256DM,M,AM©1988

    XHAKA, Granit256DM,M,AM©2088

    SHELVEY, Jonjo256M,AM©2187

    VERRATTI, Marco256DM,M©2087

    COUTINHO, Philippe1024AM(RLC),F(RL)2088

    JOHN, Ola1024AM,F(RL)2087

    SON, Heung-Min1024AM,F(RLC)2087

    INCE, Thomas1024AM,F(RL)2185

    HAZARD, Thorgan1024AM(RLC),F(RL)2082

    LJAJIC, Adem2048AM,F(RC)2187

    GAMEIRO, Kévin8192F(RLC)2590

    CAMPBELL, Joel8192AM(RL),F(RLC)2086

    LUKAKU, Romelu16384F©1988

    CASNOS, Luc16384F(RLC)2087

    YEŞIL, Samed

    thanx in advance.:D

  4. Re: Will Ashley Cole drop in rating?

    i can't see him dropping in the next year tbh but after that i have no idea what his future holds' date=' he may retire from international football after the world cup & his contract will expire at chelsea

    id take him for 20 & at worst you could get some of that back if not more or even swap him for a younger up coming 90 or 91 lb.[/quote']

    he'll be 91/92

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