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  1. Re: PS3 - Online Names ? bradfordmassive.. Play C o d 5 Fifa 09 Pes 2009
  2. Re: Mario Angel Paglialunga -> +8/9 i bought him for bradford city made a profit should i sell him or keep him?
  3. Re: PS3 - Online Names ? bradford massive add me people..
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... he sent me a pm saying can i buy petrov for 40m so i said make a bid..and i accepted it i might go through it might not have to wait and see
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i just checked up on Diego Milito He has played 11 games and scored 10 goals for genao so he may rise as for Cavenaghi i dont think he has started a game for bourdaux so buy milito mate
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... cheers for your advice anymore advice of anybody else?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... should i sell martin petrov for 40m? money aint a problemihave 226m my midfield is like this Messi Menez Robinho Silva Kaka hes like the 4th selection if any1 gets injured or suspended etc Thanks IA Ben.
  8. Re: Luis ANDERSON & Luís NANI for LAMPARD, Frank id rather have anderson and nani then any of them
  9. Re: What football team do you support? Stuart McCalls BRADFORD ARMY !! Celtic Are My 2nd Favourite Team.
  10. Re: Luis ANDERSON & Luís NANI for LAMPARD, Frank If i Was You Id Keep Anderson And Nani Bcoz They Are Young And Talented..Anderson Is Looking Like Hes A First Team Player But Nani Needs More Playing Time... Not Saying That Lampard Isnt Good Or Anything Its Just That A Couple Of Years Anderson And Nani Will Be Really Good Players... But Thats My Opinion Its Really Up To You Hope This Helped Thanks IA Ben..
  11. Re: Hello Hello Welcome To SoccerManager Derek Remember To Read The Rules Read The Talent Threads And Buy Bargain Players Im A Bradford And Celtic Fan Btw Have Fun Anyways Need Any Help? ( Im Here To Help ) Thanks IA Ben..
  12. Re: Urgent Help With Deal is wright phillips on your team?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... id probably do that deal aswell eto'o is quality
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... what kind of league is it a wc or gc if its gc keep him
  15. Re: SM Name Creator cheers kyle mate. look under my name the sig is really small..why?
  16. Re: Highest Rated Teams On The Game? Cheers Mate
  17. Re: Highest Rated Teams On The Game? this is my barcalona main squad took me 2 seaons to do it.. Main Squad GK..Iker Casillas (96) Age 29 RB..Gianluca Zambrotta (94) Age 31 CB..Carlos Puyol (96) Age 30 LB..Eric Abidal (94) Age 29 RM..Souza Robinho (95) Age 24 CM..Daniel De Rossi (94) Age 25 CM..Esteban Cambiasso (95) Age 28 LM..Lionel Messi (97) Age 21 AM..Ricardo Kaka (98) Age 26 RS..Ruud Van Nistlerooy (96) Age 32 LS..Francesco Totti (95) Age 32 I Can Make A Good Squad With Most Of My Subs GK..Joe Hart (89) Age 21 RB..Marcio Rafinha (90) Age 23 CB..Gabriel Milito (93) Age 28
  18. Re: Leeds United FC good luck with ur bet be good if it happens
  19. Re: Leeds United FC You Got Delph From Bradford See What Quality Youngsters We Have Hell Probably Score Tonight Though I Was Only Joking About The Losing Do It To Every Leeds Fan Coz They Are My Rivals B.C.F.C
  20. Re: Rate My Team Thread They already played 2 games Before i took over they lost and drew..since i took over them i have played 2 games and won them both im currently 4th in table on 7 points while the top are on 10 points
  21. Re: Rate My Team Thread First Of All This Is A Bradford City Team That Has The Average Age 20 i had 4.8m to spend so i bought a load of young talents and still have 1.1m to spend..CHEERS TO ALL THE PEOPLE ROUND THE FORUM FOR THE YOUNG TALENT THREADS. STUDER, Sascha Gk THIAGO CARLETO, Alves LB SCHAFFER, Jose LB SLIJNGARD, Donovan LB/CB EDU, Soares Pina LB GUARU, Alexandre LB RAFAEL, Pereira Da Silva RB/RM OPARE, Daniel RB FILIPPINI, Marco RB/LB KAMBOLOV, Ruslan RB MAICON, Pereira Roque CB VALIENTE, Marc CB AISLAN , Paulo Lotici CB PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos CB BULENT
  22. Re: Squad Sizes what if ur a team that are in a low divison like me im bradford city..i have 7.8m to spend so obviously i cant buy loads of top rated players like torres rooney etc...so i have to buy loads of upcoming players that are worth 10k to 900k etc...u should be allowed as many players as u want in your squad even if it is more that 150... thats my opinion thanks Ben.
  23. Re: log in problems? same problemo mate
  24. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... pablo ledesma the 24 yr old
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