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  1. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread For the first time in 5 1/2 years I own David Beckham on SM! Astronomical wages for the smallest team in the setup, however will be very useful in a season where progress is essential! He comes in for 1.6mill, Kaminski and J Pearce. A win tonight at a great Luton team sees Kostic's goal tally already double last season's! A bit of shrewd buying sees some great youth arrive at The Lamb Ground this season; Alessandrini, Dybala, Kostic and Ginter all rumoured to be moving in the summer! A few more sub-75 players join too; essential to keep the club stable! And with a fair few players on the horizon looking to join Tamworth, it's an exciting time! Massive thanks to the City and the Argyle manager for letting me have Isco and Cuenca on loan, low waged and highly rated, just what I love! Division 5 has a few amazing teams in it this year, but I must keep to my strict transfer policies, even if it does mean half of my shortlist going to FGR haha!
  2. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Since I bought Felix Bastians in early Oct 2010 (my first choice LB), this is his injury history: Thigh strain 14 Dec 2011 7 Jan 2012 3 weeks 3 days Twisted ankle 7 Sep 2011 15 Sep 2011 8 days Shin injury 24 Aug 2011 4 Sep 2011 11 days Twisted ankle 13 Jul 2011 22 Jul 2011 9 days Bruised heel 10 Jun 2011 16 Jun 2011 6 days Pulled calf muscle 7 May 2011 25 May 2011 2 weeks 4 days Broken shin bone 8 Jan 2011 24 Mar 2011 10 weeks 5 days Back strain 9 Oct 2010 20 Nov 2010 6 weeks 1 days :( I make that 192/439 days injured! Bad start to the season results-wise for Gretna, finally have two decent strikers in Cristaldo and Walters (both 87).
  3. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Thanks for lots of mentions Ryan, I was very shocked to see my boys (Tamworth) pass a very strong and well managed Bristol Rovers team. We managed to get to the Third round of the Cup last season so I am thrilled to be at the same stage in the Shield this year, being probably one of the smallest teams in the whole Gameworld. Bring on Millwall and the Den!
  4. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread After being written off as the Wooden Spoon winners, Tamworth strung together a few wins and draws to finish a good first season third from bottom. A great cup run was the highlight of what has been a mainly unsuccessful (as expected) season. I've been very happy with my strategy of not buying youth, as with such little money it's pointless, though Kurata was too good an opportunity to miss! Raiding the free agent market (before it was made ridiculously easy with the tickbox may I add!) has really helped me to develop a decent-rated squad going in to the second season. Hopefully more of the same should transcribe into success on the pitch next season! Unfortunately I will have to say thanks and goodbye to Kevin Gray, who has been a rock at the back and considering he was originally bought as back up, he played 27 games with two MoM appearances. Dislike owning retiring players sooooo much!
  5. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Aston Villa have granted me permission to play Merkel in the Shield tonight against them...come on Tamworth! New signing arrives just in time too would love a good Cup and Shield run, seeing as the league is so poor for me atm! My prediction 4-0 Tamworth Hattrick for Merkel and one for my new arrival Zaikin!
  6. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Does anyone have a 74+ GK they can loan me? You have to have 3 keepers in total as they don't let you loan the last two No upper limit, just have to be above 74 or otherwise there's limit point as I already have a 73! I bought a keeper but he is doing horrendously. Worst keeper form I've ever seen (in relation to the rest of the squad). Will post in newspaper first but giving priority to anyone on here first! I'm Tamworth btw!
  7. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Tamworth steal their first win of the season, 3-2 away to the Hatters! After conceding so many I brought in a new CB, and changed the formation to a 4-3-1-2 and am elated with my rise from 1 to 4 points for the season! First teamers are all NMF, something I'll just have to deal with as buying more players will eat into potential profits; most will leave come early August! Transferring is the only way I can get any cash whatsoever, apart from getting better results and improving attendance! Hopefully we can secure another win or two in the next few weeks!
  8. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread my boys are doing a'ite but they can't chalk up a win! ARGH so frustrating! Maybe I should have been a team with some money in Div 5, I'm excited about signing a player for 53k, something's going on and I don't like it! ha I'm doing the Div 5 challenge the proper way! COME ON TAMWORTH!
  9. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread You know you're in Division 5 when you have 194k before 8pm, you play an away fixture and manage to land two players who instantly become first teamers (90k 73 rated each) and spend your entire budget doing so! I love the fact I had a 14k loss for an away game! New record for me! Haven't worked with resources this tight for nearly 5 years, even then I had a starting budget of 2.4-2.8mill! Btw I am Tamworth for anyone who is in Division 5 or interested! P.S. if anyone has a riser on a ridiculously low wage at any time, please feel free to hit me up! (74 or less pre rating increase please!)
  10. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Gretna secure one of their greatest deals yet by signing Phil Bardsley (25,87) for Chairman Value from unmanaged Parma. Phil originally started in the Scottish League but made 7 appearances in as many seasons and looks forward to a return. Although his AvP figures are quite low everywhere he has been, Gretna hope that this will not be an issue! John Ruddy (24,83) is also another latest signing. He should rise to 85 due to Norwich being promoted and if he holds first choice in the Prem who knows what can happen!
  11. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Haha! I've just seen this now! Apologies once again!
  12. Re: Gold Championship 1 News "Gretna are willing to offer two of their best players, Kislyak (23, 85 CM/RM) and Jantscher (22, 85, Wing/AM) for your aged under 25 striker (rated 87 or above). If you are interested, please message me!" Thought i'd let you guys have a look at my recent newspaper post, good deal for whoever decides to take me up on it. Kisylak is slowly getting in the Rubin team, but I can't deal with the wages I'm currently offering and Jantscher is doing well for Red Bull Salzburg (first teamer, 20+starts, 4 goals). If you are willing to pay the wages, it could be a worthwhile investment!
  13. Re: Gold Championship 1 News The part Juventus-part Bologna owned Albin Ekdal joined Gretna in the early hours of the morning. Ekdal is one of only a few players who I have yet to own on the game, partly due to talent and also partly due to the fact that I have only been aware of him over the past two years. He was one of the best youth players on FIFA 09 (lol), a game which I played rigorously and this alerted my interest in the player. In all honesty, I didnt think I would get him, though I did offer my max, but I am very glad to see him at the club. He joins Kislayak as another new signing in the middle of the park. If anyone has a top striker that they would be willing to let on loan, please let me know! (as high a rating as poss, 87 and up if possible!)
  14. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Albin Ekdal moves to the Theatre of Dreams (ever so slightly) North of the Border! More to follow...
  15. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Gretna make their first signing of 2011 by bolstering their attack with the signing of Nicky Maynard. Maynard is the first Englishman of real quality to join the Scottish outfit, and having just returned from a long term injury this weekend (and scoring) he looks to be back on the form he left off on. Hoping to contribute to his 21 goal tally last season and still only being 24 years of age, he is sure to be snapped up by a Premier League team in the next year. Gretna have found the transfer market very difficult to predict of late. Lee Camp, who was available on numerous occasions for CV, left for 12+million, as did a number of other players who I had a strong interest in. This transfer sees the majority of the budget spent at Gretna, however players will be sold in the next few weeks as many more potentials become available. Maynard is currently 4th choice, however this is due to a loanee and two much older strikers being at the club, so should find his place as a starting striker very soon. Up front is an area I perhaps need to get sorted, a large percentage of my goals last season were from midfield players and this seems to be the case again this year. Naturally this is one of the hardest areas to find free (available) players but by the end of the season my strike force could easily be replaced.
  16. Re: Gold Championship 1 News The title is starting to look out of reach with only 4 games to go and 6 points to make up, Gretna don't see Rangers (or Dunfermline) slipping up. A 3rd place finish isn't so bad for Season 2! 2-0 against Cali, goals from debutant Abreu and on-loan defender Maroh sealed the win. (thought i'd lost as i saw these two unfamiliar names, need to get used to the new squad!) Monterrubio and Tomas with the assists, had interest in both players but resistant to letting them go, after all it's their performance on SM that counts, and if I sell I will end up plumping all the money on one player rather than improving the squad! Very tempting though, especially with some of the available names! Abreu with his first MoM, goal and 9 rating, starting as he left off! Fingers crossed he will take this into next season! A young Hungarian and Bulgarian join the youth team, both impressing at smaller clubs and moved on/moving on to pastures new.
  17. Re: Gold Championship 66 Official thread Thanks! I can't believe I've just won (again)! If only I was as successful against everyone else! I'll be surprised if you don't end up winning it in the end though, you have the best squad by far! After me it's you I'm rooting for Heitinga to return next game having fulfilled his suspension.
  18. Re: Gold Championship 66 Official thread a post 2 months after the previous one, gadga leaves atletico (who are now depleted after being the biggest (and maybe best?) squad around) and the mighty Southampton win the English Shield. The only trophies I have won with the teams I love are all the English Shield! I managed to beat an unmanaged team 1-0. I was anxious all Christmas, but it's paid off. After one of the best starts to a season for a newly promoted team, at 20 turns I sit in 8th (SMFA Shield) position. The only signing I have made recently is Johnny Heitinga, who I wasn't a fan of before arriving to Everton, however my dislike has ceased as he can do me a good job at CB but preferentially at DM. As I invested heavily in youth, all I have to do is sit and wait as my team continually grow with no effort required. Lovely stuff. Don't look to be challenging Chelsea any time soon.
  19. Re: Gold Championship 1 News In an attempt to try and get 100% for the rest of the season, Gretna have signed one of the greatest players in this Gold Championship. This is neither for his rating nor his age, however Sebastian Abreu is one of the most prolific goalscorers GC1 has ever seen. Signed by Aberdeen in season 2, he has scored 146 goals in 287 appearances, achieving over 15 goals a season in 6 of the 9 seasons he played. Add to this 130 assists, 61 MoMs and an AvP of 7.84 ( :O ), he is a veteran of the Scottish league. He left Aberdeen earlier in the season (when they became unmanaged) and I always had my sights on him. I was planning on selling a player today to fund him, however Trabzonspor put in a bid on Tuesday which meant I had to use P/E instead of cash, however I feel this guy is worth it. IRL he scored 11 goals this season for Botafogo so I don't see his rating dropping anytime soon. He is also Uruguayan, which is one of my favourite footballing nationalities. He will partner Kenny Miller, and play along side another 4 players who have got 10 goals each this season, making Gretna the team to beat in the SPL.
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