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  1. Re: SM Westgate - Test Game World Hi, I have sent you a pm Ste, but thought I'd best express my interest on here too. If there is any teams left or if anyone leaves I'd like to be considered to take charge of a club in this game world. Many thanks, Rob.
  2. robbiem

    Forumer Tag Game

    Re: Forumer Tag Game Ok here goes... 1). I live in Leamington spa (It's near Stratford upon-avon!). 2). I'm a villa fan :D 3). I Despise the blues, but don't mind any other midlands club. 4). I try to see at least one prem game a season and try to see as many Leamington FC matches as I can with Leamington steve! 5). I currently work for Insainsbury's as a Team leader. I tag anyone left on the forum!
  3. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Can I just say that this IS the best setup i've ever been part of! From my first couple of seasons as Crawley manager where I won the cup to mid table mediocrity with Wellington phoenix I have always found myself enjoying this custom set-up more than the supposedly better gold championships. It's unique, it's a good challenge and it's very satisfying to know that no player can be over 90. So if any forummer fancies a challenge or if any forummer thinks that this game is easy then I suggest you come pick a team on my brother's set-up and prove yo
  4. Re: English Championship 1 Just thought I'd put a special mention for my young Swansea side who beat Tom's Birmingham 2-1 in the cup tonight. Good match and generates a lot of money for a side like mine in division 3! A solid cup run is going to be very important to me this season so hopefully a few more giant killings will come... The rebuilding goes on!
  5. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread New wellington signing Mathieu FLAMINI has has a rating increase to 90 and therefore will be sold when the transfer ban is over......... I'M GUTTED!
  6. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Mawby likes matures New Wellington gaffer Rob Mawby has wasted no time in putting his mark on the team signing six players who will add experience to the young element of the side. Mawby has signed Marco DI VAIO(89), Aleksei SMERTIN(89), José ARELLANO(88), Teddy RICHERT(89) and Vincent HOGNON(89) to give much needed balance and strength in depth. Mawby had this to say to the Daily News, "When I took over I saw the squad was very young which don't get me wrong is absolutely fantastic but a few losses during the season and these youngs
  7. Re: Calling All Distinguished Members Of The Forum Good luck with my old team Tom. Won the cup with them last season and finished 3rd so you have a lot to live up to!!! haha.
  8. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Thats it blame me cos you want a punt at the glory time and play against us big boys in the big boy league next season!
  9. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Todays news headlines: Mawby joins Wellington Pheonix Rob Mawby joins Wellington pheonix after negotiating a "big money" contract and promises to spend on big names and give fans something to cheer about. In his first move Mawby has released no more than 13 youth prospects from the side in a mass cull claiming "It is time to remove some dead wood and look to the future" King Robbie comes to save the pheonix from the ashes Rob Mawby is finally confirmed as Wellington boss and promises the good times are ahead. Wellington Dai
  10. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread *NEWSFLASH* Mawby leaves Crawley Town Outgoing manager Rob Mawby has left Crawley Town after Wellington Pheonix agreed compensation with the club. Mawby has had a good record with Crawley winning the LI CUP this season and finishing Runners up last season in division 1 and leaves them with just over 15million to spend on new players and an average 1st XI rating of 87. Wellington Pheonix are perenial underacheivers and need the guidance of an experienced manager to make them into a force to be reckoned with. More to follow if Mawby agr
  11. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Mawby in talks with rival club Crawley Town's Rob Mawby has been seen talking to a rival club which we cannot name for legal reasons. More to follow as and when we have it.....
  12. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread absolutely superb bro. Nuff said.
  13. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Shaddap you were bigging it up earlier at the football! Besides a bit of pressure never hurt anyone.
  14. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Really looking forward to this. Hope everyone has gave leamsteve some interviews hehe. Should be a good read!
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