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  1. Hi, Weigl , Ginter, Aubameyang and Gundogan from Dortmund should get a +1 Costa from Bayer will definitely go up. Maybe even a +2. Mustafi from Valencia. R.Oxford from West Ham. Mahrez and Vardy from Leicester Griezmann from Atletico Madrid Morata and Dybala from Juve Barkley from Everton Also, a piece of advise...stay away from Chelsea players. A lot of them might go down.
  2. They just included an option to choose between the old and new interface. The problem is that when I select the old one I pretty much canno do anything. The Squad-Tactics-Transfers and everything else...are being blocked by commercials.
  3. We will eventually get used to it...like we did with the other udates, but there are 2-3 major problems in my opinions. 1. Cannot see my entire first team in Squad. I have all the players when I set the tactis but I enter the Squad and select first team I cannot see them all. 2. There is a big problem with player values, especially for small teams. You just killed everyone playing in the lower leagues [ex.5'th division Englisch Ch.] You invest a lot of time and calculation in putting together a squad and now even if you sell all the players you won't get the investment you made for 3 o
  4. Re: New Improvements INFO SMS option for buying upgrades no longer exists and will not be added back in the near future. Soccermanager confirmed it on a bug ticket I created. I thought everybody should know this.
  5. Re: Riferimento: Re: New Improvements
  6. Re: Riferimento: Re: New Improvements
  7. Re: New Improvements I just created a bug. I have the same problem. If they get back to me I will post an answer.
  8. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Very good post. It will help me a lot with my Darlington side, as i am always looking for new players that will grow in value. I would also like to make a few sugestions. Germany Ernst [schalke] Khedira [stuttgart] Kempf [E.Frankfurt] Romania Matei [Dinamo Bucuresti] Maxim [Pandurii] He played and also scored for the National team Grozav [Petrolul] He is a regular in the National team, for which he also scored some goals lately. The last two players [Maxim & Grozav] are a must buy in my opinion. I was also going to put Chiriches [steaua Bucur
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