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  1. Hi, Weigl , Ginter, Aubameyang and Gundogan from Dortmund should get a +1 Costa from Bayer will definitely go up. Maybe even a +2. Mustafi from Valencia. R.Oxford from West Ham. Mahrez and Vardy from Leicester Griezmann from Atletico Madrid Morata and Dybala from Juve Barkley from Everton Also, a piece of advise...stay away from Chelsea players. A lot of them might go down.
  2. They just included an option to choose between the old and new interface. The problem is that when I select the old one I pretty much canno do anything. The Squad-Tactics-Transfers and everything else...are being blocked by commercials.
  3. We will eventually get used to it...like we did with the other udates, but there are 2-3 major problems in my opinions. 1. Cannot see my entire first team in Squad. I have all the players when I set the tactis but I enter the Squad and select first team I cannot see them all. 2. There is a big problem with player values, especially for small teams. You just killed everyone playing in the lower leagues [ex.5'th division Englisch Ch.] You invest a lot of time and calculation in putting together a squad and now even if you sell all the players you won't get the investment you made for 3 of them. 3. There is no posibility no open pages in new tabs . For example, before the upgrade I was doing this when going on the transfer market...a tab for the squad, one for shortlist, one for the player search...Now it takes forever to open all this pages. Hope this feeback helps and you will look into it.
  4. Re: New Improvements INFO SMS option for buying upgrades no longer exists and will not be added back in the near future. Soccermanager confirmed it on a bug ticket I created. I thought everybody should know this.
  5. Re: Riferimento: Re: New Improvements
  6. Re: Riferimento: Re: New Improvements
  7. Re: New Improvements I just created a bug. I have the same problem. If they get back to me I will post an answer.
  8. Re: Advertisements instead of view match? Incredible. If I wouldn't be paying for this game...ok. The problem is that I am a gold manager and so I am paying to manage my favourite teams. At least get the commercials out for the gold managers. I have over 10 team at the moment. This means I have to view the commercial over 10 times so I can view my results. Totally dissapointing.
  9. This is a list of young players [under 19 ]I have in my youth squad. Check them out. I am really confident that they will rise big in the next year. I know that there are many more young talented players, but these ones will really rise. Nicolae Vasile Niklas Sule Sven van Beek Marc Stendera Yuri Mamute Andrea Petagna Jherson Vergara
  10. Nicolae Vasile is a 17 year old D(L), playing for Romanian side Rapid Bucuresti [uefa quarter finalists a couple of years ago.] Because of some financial problems, the club was forced to sell many of the star players, and rely on youth team prospects. He is now a first team regular, and at 17 he will rise big.
  11. Re: 2/6 who ??? I totally agree... Lars Bender is a great player and can also be used in a lot of positions. Strootman is fantastic...he actually was the national team captain in a few of the last matches.
  12. Re: Sandro of Porto no rise??! Don't worry. They will get a rise. At the moment only the english league is being reviewed. I know some players from Porto and Benfica got a rise, but this doesn't mean they are the only ones.
  13. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! I totally agree. I really miss the rating schedule...as it was really helping me regarding my teams and transfers. Sure hope SM will reconsider this outrageous decision of changing the way ratings are being done.
  14. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Very good post. It will help me a lot with my Darlington side, as i am always looking for new players that will grow in value. I would also like to make a few sugestions. Germany Ernst [schalke] Khedira [stuttgart] Kempf [E.Frankfurt] Romania Matei [Dinamo Bucuresti] Maxim [Pandurii] He played and also scored for the National team Grozav [Petrolul] He is a regular in the National team, for which he also scored some goals lately. The last two players [Maxim & Grozav] are a must buy in my opinion. I was also going to put Chiriches [steaua Bucuresti] on the list but it seems that he already received a +5 in rating.
  15. Re: Most profit made on one player He is one of the top scorers in Russia, and also has scored some goals in the Europa's League Group stage.
  16. Re: Most profit made on one player Oxlade 10k => sold for 15 mil. Watt 10K => he is 2 mil now. Ogbona 300k => he is 6.5 mil now. Wissam ben Yedder 260K => he is 4.5 now If you are interested i recommend you some players that will go +5 / +7 at the next review. Grozav from Petrolul Ploiesti Chiriches from Steaua Bucuresti Also look into Lacina Traore from Anzhi...he will get a +4 and reach 90.
  17. There should really be an update or something regarding penalty kicks. I would really like to be able to choose, at least, the first 5 players that will take the shot. Many managers are losing to many competitions because of this.
  18. Chiriches Steaua Bucuresti Grozav Petrolul Ploiesti Matei Dinamo Bucuresti Tucudean Dinamo Bucuresti Rui Pedro CFR Cluj Maxim Pandurii All these players are from the Romanian League and all of them will go up with at least 5 !!!
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