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    SJain reacted to EJ_Styles in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    They've been changing players' positions for Russia and Ukraine the last couple of days. More than likely Ukraine first with the stronger Russian league afterwards.
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    SJain reacted to thorgan lesar in Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)   
    First 11 in Belgium 2018
    Defensive midfielders
    In this category, 7 players have a chance at the position of the defensive midfielder. The young Norwegian Sander Berge from KRC Genk, the Belgian Faris Haroun from Antwerp FC, the Malagasyman Marco Ilaimaharitra from Charleroi, the young Belgian Bryan Heynen from KRC Genk, the Bosnian Gjoko Cimirot from Standard Dd Liège, the Nigerian Anderson Esiti from KAA Gent and the Gambian Sulayman Marreh from KAS Eupen are the 6 candidates for this place in the First 11.
    This wins the Norwegian Sander Berge easily. He is one of the greatest talents, if not the greatest talent at the moment in Belgium. He had even an injury, but that did not become a problem to play further on his level.
    1. Sander Berge
    2. Bryan Heynen
    3. Marco Ilaimaharitra
    4. Gjoko Cimirot 
    5. Faris Haroun (on his age still an important factor for his team. Respect)
    6. Anderson Esiti
    7. Sulayman Marreh
    So far:
    Mæhle - Mechele - Tomiyasu - Uronen 
    X - X
    X - X - X
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    SJain got a reaction from FDTV in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    How the heck did Pickford get to 90? He utter sh!t.
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    SJain got a reaction from Cam Lucas in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    How the heck did Pickford get to 90? He utter sh!t.
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    SJain got a reaction from Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Merry Christmas to all!
    Does anyone know when the Belgian League is reviewed?
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    SJain reacted to thorgan lesar in Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)   
    Goh, good player, but I don't expect a rise. He is playing more lately (had an injury) but he need a move to a better team. So wait till 1st february. If he doesn't move you can sell. 
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    SJain reacted to thorgan lesar in Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)   
    Will rise for sure. He is a nice player and he can play on a higher level, but not in a top team like Arsenal FC. He signed a new contract by the way in KRC Genk, so possible these rumours were just to negiotate the terms of his new contract  
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    SJain reacted to thorgan lesar in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    March - april. Check my thread "Belgium: season '18-'19 + 8 other countries" 
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    SJain got a reaction from Middle_Finger in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Merry Christmas to all!
    Does anyone know when the Belgian League is reviewed?
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    SJain reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    yeah don't think so
    stick with duo (or change Varane for someone else)
    good point
    sell Miranda and Pepe, yes
    because the review hasn't started yet...
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    SJain reacted to Damien1990 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    It varies.
    Winter 2016
    France (Dec) Italy (Dec) Germany (Dec) England (Dec) Spain (Jan) Winter 2017
    France (Nov) Germany (Nov) Italy (Nov) England (Nov) Spain (Dec) Probably will be the Winter 2017 order again but can't be certain.
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    SJain reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    hmm, duo
    hmm not sure
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    SJain reacted to The punch in Rahul W's rating predictions   
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    SJain reacted to Ghora in Official World Cup 2014 Thread   
    Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread
    I don't' date=' just thought what are common/similar things between your wifey n chicken. I came up with two: breasts and IQ.
    I know, her breasts are as big as mine.
    Maybe if I talked about ding-dongs and not breasts then it would've catered more to your taste.

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    SJain reacted to kusnadixiuli in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    SJain reacted to craig in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    The OFFICIAL 7046 BLOG will be changing to Wordpress soon
    Article "images" that are posted at present may not be as good a quality coz am changing over things and don't have time to edit all images to fit etc.
    I can only apologise for the poor quality of some images that are posted before it changes over. I hope images will not spoil your viewing.
    Thanks for viewing the OFFICIAL 7046 BLOG - hope to see you all viewing the NEW STYLE at Wordpress...soon
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    SJain reacted to Euginka94 in Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis   
    Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis
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    SJain reacted to marcos vitorino in English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread
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    SJain reacted to olivier 1 in Top 10 talents Belgium League   
    Honourable to mention
    Thomas Meunier (86, 22)
    Last season Garrido transformed Meunier into a right back due to a lack of quality at the back. Thomas Meunier first needed some time to adapt, also due to injuries, but after a while things worked out well and Club Brugge had found theirself a modern right back. His rushes and his action radius are his best qualities. But sometimes he is too enthusiastic and he forgets his defensive tasks. His new position also earned him a spot in the national squad of Belgium. Coach Marc Wilmots will have to make a choice between Thomas Meunier and Anthony Vanden Borre for the World Cup in Brazil. He was a long time in balance with Vanden Borre for a ticket on the plane for Brasil, but Anthony seems to win the battle. Although Meunier has a great future ahead of him, he will probably leave Club Brugge at the end of the season. Rumours say he is 2nd choice in the list (behind Jung) for the new RB of Wolfsburg next season.
    Andy Najar (83, 21)
    Anderlecht had high expectations of Najar when he joined Anderlecht last season. After spending a long time in the B-team, he got his chance at the right-back, because of injuries and suspensions. He didn’t play great, but you saw he got talent. His attacking pulses were great, but defensively he wasn’t convincing at all. So they tried him at the right wing and there arose a brilliant collaboration between Vanden Borre and Najar. He brought a new drive and played Massimo Bruno and Acheampong out of the team. In 2014 he is the performing player of his team. Analysts say he is, together with Tielemans, the discovery of Anderlecht this season. I’m curious if he can surprise with Honduras in Brasil.
    Bjorn Engels (84, 19)
    Another great debut this season came from Bjorn Engels of Club Brugge. After his unlucky debut under Georges Leekens against Bordeaux in the Europa League last season, Bjorn Engels got a new chance this season. At the begin he looked a bit nervous and unexperienced, but he kept his place and he came better every game. He is not very fast, but his positioning is brilliant. Engels is also very tall and strong in the air; he already scored 4 goals this season. Getting so many minutes at 19 years old, attracts of course interest from abroad. Some Italian teams are following him and for Genoa he is a toptarget. Bjorn Engels also convinced Belgian U21 coach Johan Walem after his great performances with Club Brugge.
    Imoh Ezekiel (86, 20)
    At just 19 years old, Nigerian striker Ezekiel had last season a breakout season with Standard Liege, scoring 14 goals in 24 league appearances, with an impressive average of a goal scored for every 113 minutes he was on the pitch. This season his progression has a bit stagnated and he scored ‘only’ 10 goals in 32 league appearances. That’s why he didn’t made the list, although he has maybe more talent than some of them. Ezekiel’s pace is the first thing any viewer will notice when watching him play. His incredibly acceleration in combination with his all-around athleticism is a threat for every defender. The owner of a sure right foot, his reaction speed also plays a big part in his success; able to pounce on an opportunity quicker than defenders, both outside and inside the penalty box. For someone not huge in stature he is also gifted in the air, thanks in large part to his impressive leaping ability.
    Massimo Bruno (20, 86)
    This traditional winger is very popular this season. His goals and assists have already given Anderlecht a large amount of points, and the player himself is attracting a lot of attention from the top European clubs. Praet may have been the more hyped of the, but Bruno has already been more important to Anderlecht so far. Massimo Bruno was by far the best player of Anderlecht at the start of the season. The youngster was Anderlecht’s outlet on the flank, offering a rare combination of raw pace and a high-quality of final ball or going for own success. Unfortunately Brunos performances have tailed off hugely since October 2013. He must share his place to Najar and Acheampong and he isn’t decisive anymore for Anderlecht. I hope we see the best Bruno very soon back, because he is a joy to watch!
    10. Mathew Ryan (85, 22)
    Certainly the revelation of Club Brugge this season. When Club Brugge bought Ryan last summer nobody in Belgium had ever heard of the Australian goalkeeper. After some months we can already say that the scouts of Club Brugge did an excellent job. We already wonder how long Club Brugge will be able to keep the best goalkeeper of the Belgian competition. Ryan, a big Arsenal fan, dreams about the Premier League. If he keeps on playing like this, things could go very quick.
    This summer, Mathew Ryan will be able to show himself to the world. We can already conclude that Ryan will be heavily reeled upon by his nation in this tough group (Netherlands, Chile and Spain). Ryan will have the chance to test himself against the best strikers in the world. This would mean that his ticket to Brazil could also offer him a ticket to the Premier League.

    9. Chancel Mbemba (85, 19)
    Probably one of the biggest revelations of the Belgian Jupiler Pro League this season. After last season nobody expected that John van den Brom would change his central defending duo. Cheikhou Kouyaté and Bram Nuytinck who had a good season thanks to their consistency. Due to some poor results in the beginning of the season the Dutch coach of Anderlecht tried some new things and brought in Chancel Mbemba. The Congolese defender impressed with his flair, technique, pace and strength and moved from number three to number one in a couple of months. He is an amazing modern defender, who can surely sure make it to the top. Last months Mbemba got a dip in form, but it’s not a shame because the whole team performed substandard. Now Anderlecht won 2 times in a row and they are totally back in the title race.

    8. Aleksandar Mitrovic (86, 19)
    You could say that Mitrovic never got a fair chance here in Belgium because of his transfer price. With his €5.000.000 tag he’s the most expensive incoming transfer in Belgium ever. People expected goals every 45 minutes and preferable some world class goals. Despite scoring a lot in his first months for Anderlecht, the Serbian striker got a lot of criticism. Certainly the Belgian press was harsh on him.
    Mitrovic is very strong mentally and focuses only at one thing, scoring goals for Anderlecht. Maybe he is not the fastest one or has a nice action, but he is a striker pur sang. Always at the right place at the right time and he is a phenomal header. Mitrovic scored already 14 goals in 26 games for Anderlecht, while most young strikers must adapt a while before they start scoring. He made a big impression on the international scene with the Serbian national U19 team. Many top clubs were interested in Mitrovic but Anderlecht signed him thanks to their good contacts with his manager Nenad Jestrovic, who’s a former Anderlecht striker. We all expect a lot from Mitrovic but we sometimes forget he’s only 19 years old.

    7. Hans Vanaken (84, 21)
    Things are going fast for Hans Vanaken. Last season, he was still a player of Division Two club Lommel United. This season he’s the magician of Peter Maes’ Lokeren side. The playmaker already knows where to put the ball before he even gets it. He only needs one look to break open a game. He’s also very good in set pieces and also has a nose for (beautiful) goals. I think he is the smartest midfielder (beside Hazard) in the competition. He always knows where he should run to get the ball. That’s why all the topteams in Belgium and Holland are trying to sign him, but normally he will stay for another season in Lokeren. But if topmanager Maes would leave Lokeren for Anderlecht at the end of the season, I think he will take Vanaken.
    The compilation video certainly don’t show all the good actions he did this season. This link actually shows more actions and goals of him, but it’s only of the first half of the season.

    6. Maxime Lestienne (87, 21)
    Maxime Lestienne, born in Kortrijk, played since he was 5 years old for Excelsior Mouscron. He made his debut when he was sixteen and soon became an important player for the Wallonian club. His pace is his most powerful weapon. This combined with a good shot makes him one of those typical wingers we all like to see. I compare him a bit with Arjen Robben as they both use the same dribble. Still, their opponents can’t stop them because of the perfection of it.
    A lot of clubs are interested in the Belgian winger. According to some sources the chance is big that Lestienne will join a club in the Bundesliga. Wolfsburg is one of the clubs who already enquired but Club Brugge wasn’t willing to sell their biggest prospect yet. This summer is the perfect time for Lestienne to try something new and more challenging. He can’t learn anything more here in Belgium.

    5. Paul-José Mpoku (86, 21)
    Last season Mpoku started to shine again for Standard Liège. Certainly in the Play-Offs he was one of the brightest stars in the Jupiler Pro League. This season, things are going even better for the winger. He’s very explosive, has a magnificent shot and dribbles every defender crazy. He is also a free-kick specialist and he hardly missed a penalty. Guy Luzon gives him the confidence he need what’s very important for Mpoku. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a nice compilation of this season, but I found one of last season.
    He is also a vital player for the Belgium U21 team. Johan Walem gives the winger a lot of confidence and even made him captain of the team.

    4. Dennis Praet (86, 19)
    After rightfully being tagged as one of Belgium’s most promising talents, Praet made his first team debut for Anderlecht as a 17-year-old. You have to be blind if you couldn’t see his superb vision, good ball control, a confident dribbling ability and, most importantly, maturity. Although I’m still not sure he will make it to a topclass player. He misses so far one important thing: aggression. Physically, Praet’s endurance also needs improvement. While there’s also the small matter of Praet needing to bulk up so as to prepare himself for the rigours of professional Football, it is vital that Praet’s bulking up doesn’t come at the expense of his turn of pace.
    His technical skills, agility and vision have seen the now 19-year-old Praet be linked with moves to Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and AC Milan, with fellow players comparing him to Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta. Similar to the Barcelona star, Praet has been used in various positions, including on the wings, despite being considered strongest as a classic number ten.

    3. Youri Tielemans (82, 16)
    Only 16 years old but already one of the most wanted defending midfielders in Europe. Despite his shifty performances, he’s only sixteen!, we already selected Youri Tielemans. You don’t have to know much about football to see how talented Youri Tielemans is. He impresses with his flair and technique but also showing a lot of fighting spirit for a player of his age. I don’t like to compare because every football player is unique but if you want to have an idea you could compare him a bit with Axel Witsel.
    At this moment Youri Tielemans isn’t ready yet to take over the leadership of Anderlecht. Due to Anderlecht’s difficult period it’s not easy for the youngster to improve and get a lot of playing time. It would have been a gift for Tielemans if he could have played along Lucas Biglia this season. Nonetheless, we’re certain that this wonderkid will be one of Europe’s best players in a couple of years. After Vincent Kompany and Romelu Lukaku, the Anderlecht fans have a new Prince as they like to call their favourite players.

    2. Thorgan Hazard (87, 21)
    In the 2013-2014 season though, Thorgan really exploded, scoring 11 goals and recording 16 assists in just 31 games for Zulte. In this time period he has also managed to get his first cap for the Belgian National Team. He has been absolutely sensational, earning plaudits with his magnificent dribbling and passing, and for possessing an absolutely amazing long shot. As a reward for his great season in Zulte, Thorgan has been crowned Belgian Pro League Footballer of the Year 2013.
    Showing his ability to squeeze through tight spaces and make a run at defenders, Premier League defences will be given a cause for concern when he returns next season, and similarly, Chelsea fans can be excused for getting excited at the prospect of the two Hazard brothers causing danger on both flanks.

    1. Michy Batshuayi (87, 20)
    This is probably the most complete striker we’ve had in Belgium for ages. Michy Batshuayi has it all. Pace, technique, flair, good with his head, dribbling skills and he can shoot from every corner. Batshuayi always played in the youth of Anderlecht but he got sent away because of his bad behaviour. The striker always came too late and did what he wanted to do. Standard Liège offered him a second chance and Batshuayi understood that this could be his last chance.
    The big difference with last season is that the youngster became stronger in his head. He plays smarther and is less selfish. Marc Wilmots will select him certainly for Brazil, now Benteke is injured for a long time. Lukaku and Benteke are both excellent strikers but Batshuayi has something that the former two don’t have, situational awareness. Batshuayi should move this summer to a better competition and show the world how good he is, and believe me, he will. Benfica looks the most interested team, but I hope he joins Everton. He can do the same as Lukaku there!


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    SJain reacted to Machines in PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread   
    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
    He's playing really well and if he keeps improving he will definitely have a great future. He has great potential. He usually plays as a winger and his main attributes are his pace, technic and easy shoot. It's almost certain he will move to a bigger team at the end of this season. Good signing mate!
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    SJain reacted to MaoaM in English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread

    Under-21 Tournament
    The final group games for the u-21 tournament is on Sunday night, still a few teams fighting for those final qualification places. Here is a preview of the final group matches and possible outcomes.
    Group A
    Barnsley v QPR
    QPR have already qualified as winners of Group A. Unmanaged Barnsley need to win big, and hope that Arsenal lose if they want to reach the quarter finals.
    Coventry v Brentford
    Neither team can qualify, but this is a match for pride. Brentford need to win by 4 goals to avoid finishing bottom of the group. A win for Coventry could see them leapfrog Bansleyinto third should they fail to beat QPR.
    Group B
    Bolton v Hartlepool
    This fixture decides who wins Group B. Both level with 13 points and already safely though to the final 8, however Hartlepool have a fare superior Goal Difference. Bolton have to win if to top the group, a point is good enough for Hartlepool.
    Aston Villa v Aldershot
    Again this is a battle to see who can avoid finishing bottom of the group. Aldershot need to win by three goals to achieve this. Villa will finish third n the group with a point or more.
    Group C
    Carlisle v Millwall
    Carlisle go into the final game with no pressure, having already won Group C on Sunday. Millwall are level on points with United, but with the red devils already played all there matches it means just a point will see them qualiify.
    West Ham v Rushden
    Both teams will probably field illegable players, so no need to comment.
    Group D
    Blackpool v Southampton
    Southampton are unable to qualify for the next round, but a win over Blackpool could see them consolidate third place if Stoke lose. Blackpool have qualified but a win would guarantee top spot.
    Stoke v Charlton
    A battle for second place see Charlton travel to Stoke. The tournaments new comers need just a point to qualify, They also have a chance to top the group if the better Blackpool fail to win.

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    SJain reacted to ZlookVulk in Bundesliga Ratings Discussion   
    Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion
    he is dreadful and awful but Schalke's no.1
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    SJain reacted to Mr Noisy in English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread
    I still have yet to recieve invites for some U21 games.
    Edit: 5000th post up
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    Birmingham signing!
    Birmingham have confirmed the signing of French U21 international Zacharie BOUCHER for a combined fee of around £3.5m.

    Boucher in action for previous club
    - Boucher recently signed for French Ligue 1 side Toulouse from Ligue 2 side Le Havre. Reports coming from Toulouse fans are that he is now their number 1 keeper, demoting Ali Ahamada to the bench. Boucher has now played in all of the last 6 games after joining last month! -

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    Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Bergkamp gets his statue. The greatest offensive player this country has ever seen.
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