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  1. Re: Sergio Busquets A lot of the Busquets debate comes from the fact that he is quite an unlikeable personality. And a relatively 'boring' player in a team full of skilful world-class superstars. But he is a phenomenally good boring player. He's the new Claude Makelele; he sits in front of the defence, disrupts the opposition, and just allows Xavi and Iniesta to play. If Xabi Alonso came in and replaced Busquets, he would probably bring something extra, and would rise to 95 quite easily. But Xavi and Iniesta would find their own roles restricted, and would probably be a point or two lower. B
  2. Re: Need help with dm Not an ideal list, but Nocerino is getting game-time at AC Milan. Potential to creep into 90 if they have a good season.
  3. Re: Holger Badstuber I'd say a strong chance of rising to 91 in the next rating changes. Almost definite to be at 91/92 by the end of the season (assuming he keeps playing and Bayern keep thumping opponents).
  4. Re: Young RB Piszczek is a solid choice. Safe at 88, and likely to rise if Dortmund have another good season.
  5. Re: Shinji KAGAWA worth it? He should get to 90 this season. Strongly linked with ManUtd, so a possible future 92+.
  6. Re: Eto'o Yep. Eto'o is now the highest paid sportsman in history. He won't end his career with glory and European titles, but he will have an impressive fortune to develop the political career in Cameroon he supposedly wants.
  7. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers This is not an important issue at all.
  8. Re: Sell Sanchez for £40 million? Sell on some of the other players, if you're desperate for money. You seem to have a big squad which is aleady self-sufficient, but players like Kadlec would fetch a few million. Transfer list some of those reserve players and sell them to gain cash. Personally, I'd keep Sanchez at the moment. If he moves to a club like Barca, Madrid or Man Utd, he could get a phenomenally high-rating. If he stays at Udinese, think about selling him then.
  9. This thread may not belong here, but I was wondering if there are any record tables for how long managers have been in a specific job. I'm been with the same Crewe side in EC3 since 28 April 2006, and as the game wasnt very old back then, I just wonder if anyone beats my tenure or whether I might have a management record for the longest uninterrupted tenure?
  10. I'm aware that newspapers do get more use in some gameworlds than others. But I think it would only be a positive development if managers were able to comment on articles, rather than simply write new ones. It would help foster cohesion and rivalry in the gameworlds, which can occasionally be a little anonymous.
  11. Re: Risers destined for 90+ in 2011 Halfway through the season he was Valencia's starting striker and top-scorer. This changed in the last few months, and Soldado is certainly looking a better option right now!
  12. Re: eden hazard A very good player, hence the 90 rating. Probably best not to mention him in the talent scout section...
  13. Re: another pato offer No chance.
  14. Re: Players Previous Ratings Wow. That layout certainly takes me back a bit. Why and where did you have that screenshot hidden away? I've also got to say - Rooney was unbelievably over-rated back then!
  15. Re: Coutinho for Djourou I'd keep Coutinho. Has the potential to reach a far higher rating than Djorou.
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