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  1. Re: Introducing Myself Thanks for the welcomez guys... There are a few good PC manager games out there, obviously FM's the one though, Yeah the old ones had sumthin to them, Was playing CM2 the other day, Pallister and Brucey! lol Yep, its a fresh team, i waited around for 4 days tryna get Man U, but as soon as they create a league, Div 1 full so i settled with Ajax Ill check out the forums
  2. Official FC Ajax Amsterdam Newsletter Club: FC Ajax Amsterdam Setup: World Championship 1637 Stadium: Amsterdam Arena (51,628) Manager: Allahu Ahkbar Latest News Nieuw Manager! The board of directors today announced the immediate appointment of relativley unknown manager Allahu Ahkbar. Although he seems to have the required skills on paper, the clubs well-known fans are highly sceptical of the appointment and have asked to see an immediate positive impact on the club if they are to remain civil. Mr. Ahkbar gave this statement, "I'm here to prove myself in the world of management and in the minds of the clubs fans. There will be changes at the club and they will be made with due care and attention and in the correct manner, I aim to improve on the clubs current financial status over the coming season and maintain a healthy mid-table position, we have a batch of young talent and there will definatly be some alterations to the current squad both in and out." Immediate Impact Positive? Just hours after becoming manager, Allahu Ahkbar has confirmed that the club is being sponsored by the owners of English giants, Manchester United. Unlike traditional feeder/parent relationships, Man Utd manager Johan Cruijff is under no obligation to provide any player switch oppertunities and neither club will be providing financial support. The deal sees Ajax, who are nicknamed Godenzonen meaning Sons of the Gods adopt yet another more formal alias of Ajax United. American Man Utd owner Malcolm Glazer was today quoted saying, "I am showing a personal interest in Ajax, they are a great club and their manager is a long-serving United fan. We are hoping Mr. Ahkbar and his club can benefit from my experience on an international business scale and Man Utd will gain a further foot-hold with fans in our neighbouring country." The club will adopt a new badge for pre-season tours and friendly games throughout the ranks. *New Ajax Exhibition Emblem* Fans applaud sale of Ismael Urzaiz New Ajax signing Ismael Urzaiz landed from Spain only six months ago and after a management change has found himself on his way to Al-Arabi to play out the remainder of his career. The new manager said, "At 36, I thinks hes too old for us to be relying on him for goals, Its time for some fresh faces in shirts... I wish Ismael all the best in the future, Its just time to take the club forward" Jurgen next to be sold? There are rumours that Dutch right back Jurgen Colin could be the next in line to leave the Amsterdam Arena. *New Seasons League Fixture List* Matchday 1/20 ROMA (a)/(h) Matchday 2/21 ARSENAL (h)/(a) Matchday 3/22 MAN UTD (h)/(a) Matchday 4/23 SAU PAULO (a)/(h) Matchday 5/24 BAYERN MUNICH (h)/(a) Matchday 6/25 BARCELONA (a)/(h) Matchday 7/26 TOTTENHAM (h)/(a) Matchday 8/27 AC MILAN (a)/(h) Matchday 9/28 FC PORTO (h)/(a) Matchday 10/29 LIVERPOOL (a)/(h) Matchday 11/30 JUVENTUS (h)/(a) Matchday 12/31 WERDER BREMEN (a)/(h) Matchday 13/32 SEVILLA (h)/(a) Matchday 14/33 ATL MADRID (a)/(h) Matchday 15/34 CHELSEA (h)/(a) Matchday 16/35 VALENCIA (a)/(h) Matchday 17/35 R. MADRID (h)/(a) Matchday 18/37 LYON (a)/(h) Matchday 19/38 INTER MILAN (h)/(a) Pre-Season Preparation?! It remains to be seen if the team will be ready for thier first league game in just 3 days after star striker Klaas Jan Huntelaar, veteran Edgar Davids and young keeper Marco Van Duin were photographed exiting Amsterdam's Rasta Baby coffee shop at 3am this morning by a young photography student. More FC Ajax Amsterdam News Coming Soon...
  3. (I saw we didnt have a thread, Probably because were a new setup) This is the thread for all World Championship 1637 managers ________________________________________________________ I'd like to start off by saying I have alot of players for sale and a youth squad of 17 players all available for loan. Contact me to negotiate or just place a reasonable bid. I'll accept all loan offers for youth players. Im also looking for one classy loan addition to my squad, Looking at all players with 89+ rating, contact me if you have someone in mind Allahu Ahkbar (Ajax Manager)
  4. Salaam'alaikum (Peace be upon you) Im new to SM, Im 22 and am a big Man Utd fan born and bred in Manchester After seeing there were no new Man Utd teams available Ive taken Ajax Amsterdam in World Championship 1637, my aim is to spend as little as possible in this first season and build on our current finances for the future and maybe bring through one or two prospects whilst maintaining a mid-table position and avoiding relegation. Ive played Championship Manager & Football Manager for around a decade and had many glorious era's at Man Utd but my biggest achievement was with Real Madrid winning 8 La Liga's in a row plus 3 Champions Leagues and countless other trophies as well as Castilla (B Team) winning 8 Segunda Division's in a row during a 2 player game where I won no less than 10 Titles and 29 Cups in 13 seasons With 3 Clubs. Thats a little about me, Feel free to IM me or add me to your SM friends for friendlies/transfers or chat maybe in the future. All the best A.A.
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