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  1. Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should i swap my willian for damiao? No position problems
  2. Respuesta: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm a barcelona fan and i would swap pedro
  3. Respuesta: Re: My willian for damiao and my kagawa for isco or alaba?
  4. Re: Bayern II Thanks mates !!! If you wanna know something about Barcelona II players...
  5. I want to know which players of Bayern II have the potential to be future stars and now even more because Guardiola is the coach. Hojbjerg could be one of those ? Thanks !!
  6. Re: Julian schieber or philipp wollscheid Easily wollscheid
  7. Re: callejon No doubt, he deserves 89
  8. What is his future potential? In my opinion if he continues his currently development could be a world class player! What do you think? For me he's being absolutely amazing this season.... 93+ ?
  9. Re: My tevez for cavani or nasri?
  10. I think cavani is better player than nasri but he's in a lower team than nasri. Or should i keep tevez? Thanks mates
  11. Re: Riferimento: Re: My subotic for el shaarawy +15 Great! Then i would go for el shaarawy! I always play with 3 defenders I will survive haha! If you can you would include dongou in the deal?
  12. Re: My subotic for el shaarawy +15 Thanks mates, but the point is what could be the long terms rating for subotic? I have seen some dortmund matches and he is usually great but sometimes is awful...
  13. Should i swap my subotic for el shaarawy + 15? I also have busquets lahm alba mascherano javi martinezz yanga-mbiwa papadopoulos danilo. I'm asking for long term potential, because i know that subotic is a very good cb, but i don't know this potential in the future, and el shaarawy I think he have 94+ potential, what do you think?
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