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  1. Hi, I have spent a summer of having players demoted in terms of ratings. Terry, Vermaelen, Gomez, Rooney. All good players and in some cases probably on the cusp of being given a ratings demotion but its quite surprising all of them have. On the flip side I have also got players such as Gundogan, Blaszczykowski, Willian, Mandzukic and Zabeleta who all deserve a major increase but none of them have had it. Why is the game really intent on demoting players but not as keen on increasing their ratings. Can someone look into this as the 5 players I mentioned are blatently in need of an increase. Michael
  2. Hi, I have Suso, Wisdom and Sterling at my Sheffield United but all are 75 rated. Obviously in real life they are all Liverpool first team players so just wondering when these guys will get the ratings bump they deserve? How often do the ratings for all players get assessed? Michael
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