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    The EPL, PlayStation, SM (highly addictive), em... em em yeah readin stuff ya know; intresting stuff
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    Lionel Messi, RVP just recently and em.... Yeah N. Vidic
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  1. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I and most of my pals in our GW find it hard to post comments especially when browsin with a mobile phone. Would appreciate it if the 'switch to simple version' option that used to be just under the Post Status feature could be restored.
  2. Re: Advertising in Match Report??? Haven't checked my match reports yet but hope the ad bug has been rectified. PS: SM pls restore the 'switch to simple version' feature that usually accompanied the 'post status' feature. As it stands now, I find it hard posting comments in my GW.
  3. Re: .:10000 bc:. Some close pal of mine _Eagle of luv_ just applied to take control of Real Madrid... He's still waitin for his application to get accepted. Still waiting...
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Wonder what's wrong with Chelsea's strikers... or Chelsea's system as a whole... Sturridge b4 he bcame the red hit-man was as ineffective as Sam i.e prior to December last year... Hope Roman's fingers doesn't get too itchy to pull the trigger. No wonder Guardiola ran away..
  5. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread How the likes of PSG, Monaco, Chelsea and Co. Would be biting their fingers. They could easily have financially out-muscled Arsenal for Ozil's sig (just like in Mata's case) had there been more time. Wenger just simply took no chances. He made the right move at the time which goes to show you that the Prof. indeed knows what he's doing...
  6. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Is Serge Aurier worth keeping or should I sell him? Could anyone recommend any LBs rated 87/89 that fall within the ages of 25 and below? Plz help me.
  7. Re: New view of the website Such is life pal. Some folks would appreciate your effort while others would... well... Never mind you can't plz everyone.
  8. Re: Hi! Newcomer Here:) Welcome M8... Don't let those insatiable-always-critisizing-SMforum-members decieve u SM's a prety cool game enjoy ur stay...
  9. Re: New view of the website Atleast they've attended to the tabular tactics screen bug which is a plus on their side considering hw fast their response was... PS: folks should quit the whining. I don't see anything wrong with's SM's new outlook... If u don't like it then make ur way to the EXIT pals...
  10. Re: New view of the website SM this is urgent (got a match today). Plz restore da tabular tactics mode FAST as some of us (lyk myself) experience difficulty using the click and drag method...
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion When the hell would the powers that be do something about T. Muller's rating. I feel Robben's ratin should also be considered cos i think he's rediscovered himself recently... And what happened to S. Keissling? I mean he finished as BL's top scorer shouldn't he atleast get a +1?
  12. Re: robben ? Yep go for him.
  13. Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383) Congrats Jason for being the manager of the year!! Don't mean to act like a clown in Jason's birthday party but I doubt the Manager of The Year (award) was democratically given through voting which ought to've been done.
  14. Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383) Deena ought to seriously consider being a sports writer... She got the flair for it... Her reports are part of what makes this game world intresting.
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