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  1. Re: Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey. thanks for the help guys if anyone else has any keep posting
  2. Re: Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey. i believe he will rise he has played 23 games this season 3 as a sub which has accumalated 1849 mins this season scoring 1 goal also AEK are coming 2nd in the league no reason why he shudnt go up
  3. Who do you think will be the big changes in thsese areas as i do not watch or follow this sort of football? thanks for any help that is given;)
  4. Re: The Best Setups on SM. WC 182 WC 1700 WC 631
  5. Re: Talent at Man Utd! thanks 4 that man i have neva heard of him:rolleyes: ill think ill go buy him IF ANY1 WUD SELL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Does Any1 Know The When The Next Australian Championship Is Going To Open!!
  7. Who Shud I Buy From The Serie A That Will Increase Alot In Rating Changes Plz Help????
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