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  1. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread That's not going to happen anytime soon. In 2015 TV rights contract will be revisited and all the earnings from Serie A club will significantly drop. I can see things getting only worse for Italian clubs with Juventus being the only one carrying stuff unless other clubs start to think to diversify incomes trough building an own stadium' date=' merchandising and other stuff and not rely solely on TV rights like they're doing right now. Isla is a Juventus player like Asamoah is. The deal for them has been reached in the terms of 38 millions € last summer. Juventus, to not hurt too much last year balance, agreed with Udinese a deal to make co-ownership for the 2 players so that was able to put only 19 millions cost last year and 19 millions next year. And yeah Juventus will pay a total of 19 millions for Isla. The choice to pay so much for a player with a cruciate ligament injury is questionable, our only choice is to give Isla time to recover from it. Why Juventus did pay that much? Udinese, Atalanta are the 2 feeders club of Juventus and we are more willing to pay a little more for their players knowing Udinese and Atalanta will be more willing to sell players to us rather than other top Italian clubs. And if you look at the players Pozzo family discovered in the past years you want to have them as friends. It's the same Inter and Milan do with Genoa. About Verratti I think he made the right choice to go to P.$.G. Ancelotti is giving him plenty of game time and he is developing very well. There is no chance for him coming back to Italy, because I don't see any reason why Leonardo should sell him, they really don't need money Since Napolifan was talking about Napoli youth prospect (I would add Tutino to that list, who I think will be a great player), let's also say that 2 days ago Juventus won Coppa Italia primavera winning at San Paolo 2-1 with a goal in extra time by Mattiello (after goals of Padovan on penalty shoot and Novothny for Napoli) There is a 99% chance Poli will be a Juventus player in summer. Roma-Lazio will be an interesting and very heated final in Coppa Italia, which will be played at stadio Olimpico too
  2. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread Pjanic, De Rossi and Florenzi are my favourite Roma midfielders. I would play them over Tachtsidis. Tachtsidis was one of the player brought by Zeman, I don't know what his future will be.
  3. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread Galliani vs Viola fans
  4. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread No, he stole the ball from Pizarro and scored face to face with goalkeeper. Montolivo scored against Fiorentina at home too. Tomovic Red card was exaggerated and so was the first penalty for Fiorentina. Tagliavento very bad.
  5. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread A mix of both. Perin had a small injury and then the good performances of Pelizzoli convinced new coach to keep him as first choice GK and to be honest looking at the impressive match he played against Juve he wasn't wrong I don't think either Pazzini or Matri will rise in the future. Probably Pazzini is slightly better than Matri imo. Rocchi is always trying to score his 100th goals in serie A (99 goals atm), will he be able to score it before ending his career?
  6. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread Looks like Rodrigo Palacio suffered an injury in a training session and will be missing the match with Atalanta. Tommaso Rocchi is expected to start with Cassano.I think Ruben Botta could be a good signing although you never know how players can adapt with Serie A which is a totally different kind of championship than Argentinian League.
  7. Riferimento: Bruno Fernandes Got a +3 today. He is now rated 78. Looks like Udinese is really close to signing the lad. A serie A move is expected anyway in summer.
  8. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread His brother too
  9. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread Well it didn't go well, although I'm disappointed they didn't fight like usual. I was not really thinking we would have won at allianz arena. Coming back to topic So when Taribo West was at Inter he wasn't 25 years old but 37 years old Yesterday Inter won against Sampdoria. Palacio has been quality as usual, but I've to say that Jonathan once again proved to be top class defender.
  10. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread I didn't know if you took it seriously or not since it's actually 2 April now and not the first. I wouldn't have said anything if it has been yesterday. Although now that I look at it it was probably the first when Geoffrey posted it. Today is the big day. Let's see what Juve can do against Bayern Pogba will probably starts and Marchisio will play behind most likely Vucinic. Looks like Udinese is really close to sign Bruno Fernandes.
  11. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread Dude Milan's one is an april fools joke
  12. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread
  13. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread
  14. Riferimento: The Official Serie A Thread I heard about Aubameyang too, it would be Jovetic replacement and yeah Jovetic is not going to move for less than 30m, because Juvetus offered that amount last summer. It would be dumb selling him for less after a year Croatian players are going to become European Community players this summer, so I expect many Croatian players being bought. Napoli for example already bought Radosevic and now is going after Milic and Inter Kovacic.
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