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  1. Hi, I've made several transfers request without success!! I have enough $,in most cases I offer double what they are worth! What is more frustrating is that I don't get a reply from any managers. The only deals I get done are with unmanaged clubs!! Is there a trick or an art to succeed in a deal, do I need to add a player or something else ???? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated Cheers Matty
  2. Re: G'day all i'm a newcomer. Fantastic day' date=' the boys played well[/b']
  3. Re: G'day all i'm a newcomer. hi & welcome dan' date=' no i don't know when the sm improvements are coming:( [/color']
  4. Re: G'day all i'm a newcomer. Thanks Neller, i'll give it some thought;)
  5. Re: G'day all i'm a newcomer. Thanks for your help;)
  6. Hi everyone i am all new to this. I have just joined up & have taken over as a SPURS manager. I'm a mad SPURS fan from Melbourne, Australia, Thought i introduce myself & say G'day. Any tips & hints are most welcoming:)
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