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  1. I wish you guys make some improvement, that would enforce managers, that go around buying all the players, and never really using them, while they are develepoing concerns. I know, at one point, they will hand in their transfer request. My suggestion, is make it sooner, way sooner. Right now, you almost have to wait for couple of seasons, for them to hand in a leave request. SO, please do something about that, to make the play more fair. How is it fair, in one gw, where one person has the top 40 players in sm, while using starting eleven, that don't even has one of thse top players. So why buy them???? why ruin it for everybody else????? Please, as soon as a player develps a concern, they should have about a week to address it.
  2. Re: Gang Wars-New GameWorld Actually I choose El-Ahly. The Egyptian club. Cairo stadium. They are the champ for Africa Champions league this year. But is all good.
  3. Re: Gang Wars-New GameWorld Actuallly, these are all really cool names..i like your creativity..D As for me, I am easy. Whichever one you guys decide, i am with you
  4. Re: Gang Wars-New GameWorld OK...seems like our gang is complete: Simsim7676 Jasvendra Tofu Kindly confirm (Jas, and Tofu), by replying to this post.
  5. Re: Gang Wars-New GameWorld I apologize again, as i stated before, i was out of town. So, if anybody PM'ed me and i didn't answer, please accept my apology... So, I have so far Jasvendra in my team(i am awaiting your confrimation btw, Jasvendra)- So, whoever likes to join our gang, please pm me, or reply to this post. Also, i am open for any cool gang name
  6. Re: Gang Wars-New GameWorld Sure, You got it. I'll be honored sir! Here is my first member gang. Who else would like join our gang? Also, any suggestion for a cool gang name Jasvendra?
  7. Re: Gang Wars-New GameWorld Hey mates...sorry for the delay on my response...i was out of town..i am here, and if you need anything , just let me know
  8. Re: Dream Team If anyone has a favorite club that likes to be included, just let me know!
  9. Re: Dream Team A great suggestion i received is to pick stadiums of large capacity so the income would be higher. I was told the Indian stadiums are a great example of huge stadiums....interesing suggestion
  10. Re: Dream Team Sure, NP...what is your SM name, so i can add you?
  11. Re: Dream Team are guys in favor of famous clubs or any specific regions?
  12. Re: Dream Team I did pm you..My sm name is El-Ma3alem seedak..
  13. Re: Dream Team Also i wonder, of which region would you guys prefer...it wouldn't matter, true, since clubs are starting with no players, but do you guys like any specific clubs to be there? and how about transfer window?
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