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  1. Re: hi all Welcome mate
  2. Re: how do you sack a manager as game world owner??? No problem Bud
  3. Re: My Roma Side - GC 54 Fairly young side Not much in the way of high ratings to brag about but in a few years that will change
  4. Re: how do you sack a manager as game world owner??? Ill post here so others can refer back if they themselves have the same question. The simple answer is you cant. The only real way you can remove a manager form your setup is either by them cheating or acting as an uneithical manager (abusive PM's ect.) My Home > Support Tickets > Cheating/Abuse or General Help Plea your case there
  5. Re: McKinlays Forum Great stuff Mark, Especially for a First Post! Welcome and Judging from this post u'll have no problems fitting right In
  6. Re: HOW MUCH YOU SPEND YOUR TIME IN A Day FOR SM? Second that Haha
  7. Re: Has The Time Come For Camera Replays? I dont know why im so against the idea. As a matter of fact I Hate it. All Valid points have been said, but I think that if a bad call is made thats the way it goes. Football/Soccer hasnt been played with Camera Replays all this time, and the World is still in-tact. So I dont see why this should be Changed, Although im sure Many of you do. Anyways just my Lonely Opinion. . .
  8. Re: Your Favourite Subject? Lunch In Second Place would have to be English, I love Literature
  9. Re: need your opp. for my 2nd keeper AKINFEEV, Igor RUI PATRICIO, Pedro SERGIO ASENJO, Andrés SHUNIN, Anton Four That come to mind
  10. Re: Has The Time Come For Camera Replays? Ohk Ill admit I may have over exadurated a Touch, But just to emphasise a point of what countless amounts of replys can do to the tempo of any sport A good game is a Quick Game
  11. Re: Own Goals Nice Little Edition imo Add realism to the Game and makes it that Little more enjoiable
  12. Re: Team Doctor Yea to add to this, How would the Team Doctor work? Through the use of Funds/Money, I cant see it working any other way. If so, Its just going to Add to the Gap of Big Teams vs. Small Not a bad idea on Paper but Perhaps its just not for SM
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