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    Re: BIG youth BIG cleanup - Calling on All Good Scouts
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    Re: BIG youth BIG cleanup - Calling on All Good Scouts
    I hope you aren't thinking of buying a whole load of youngsters after we tell you who to get rid of. There are a lot of players I don't know, and probably could be sold. When I started I signed any player mentioned in the Talent Section. That did not help my finances. I would use nearly all these players to trade up to higher rated players who will rise. Keep the 2 good goalies, Fanchone, Rafael, Felipe, McCarthy, Taison, Nsue and Brown. Sell most after they rise. Good work on putting them black and blue, easier on the eyes. I don't know half of them, and most I know, I would sell. Most young signings take forever to get a high rating, so be more selective signing.
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Depends Jamie I guess. Do you really need the 'keeper? If not then I'd probably keep Alex.
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    Re: My apologies for not using the search tool
    Don't expect updates on all of them, but 337.Jack Tuyp scored an extra time goal that broke the scoreless draw and let Volendam eliminate AJAX from the Dutch Cup.
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    Re: Squad Sizes
    I don't know where this whole "it should be as realistic as possible" thing comes from. That's not in the mission statement. The mission is to make it the best game possible; and that involves retaining a fantasy element to the game for most people - there is a reason that I, for instance, am playing this rather than Football Manager, which I don't want SM to become a clone of.
    Yes, realism has a part to play in SM being great, of course, but as has been said so many times before in the past (mostly by me) a cap is not realistic. No squad in the world has a cap on the number of players it can have. You get wage caps, player morale, etc, that naturally 'cap' squad size, and that's what SM needs and what it will be getting in time it seems.
    Until SM fix some major holes in the game - Stadium Upgrades (exists, but is very basic, woeful, and seemingly abandoned) and a decent Match Engine (so competent people actually do better than the incompetent) then the fact remains that talent scouting on the biggest scale possible is the best way to financial success (and inevitably success on the field). Nobody is saying this SHOULD be the case just that it IS at the moment, and whilst these holes remain a cap in the literal sense would be horrendous for so many reasons I can't really bring myself to labour over it all again on this thread.
    I agree there is a point where star hogging can become annoying, but does this even happen in new setups nowadays? I don't see how even the biggest clubs can really swoop for all the best players at speed these days, now that the chairman values players in the way he does. If I join a new setup with a Man Utd I would guess (as have no idea) i would have a maximum of £50m to start with. That will get me one, maybe two, big players from unmanageable clubs? It is not like in the old SM days where you could literally sling your worst players at an unmanaged club and get their star (as Chairman Value did not exist) so how can massive clubs do it?
    Setups are created so frequently anyway - if you don't want the challenge of joining a setup where good players are inevitably going to be entrenched with the better long standing managers, then why join that setup at all? So, opportunities are already "available to all". You can get a new setup anytime, or you can join a new one that is guaranteed to be tough.
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    Re: Any One know whether 3-5-2 can counter 4-4-2 Diamond
    352 will destroy the diamond formation all things being equal, i luv it when managers use the diamond against me:D
    just use Short passing and tick Counter-attacking and Tight-marking ,tempo-fast,pressing All-Over and the rest default,you will win 9/10;)
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to Mattios (Fernando Torres 9) in SM Chat Hall of Fame   
    SM Chat Hall of Fame

    May I remind that this is in absolutely, positively no particular order.
    Same basis as the Forum Hall of Fame, only people that were in Chat, living long in our foundation. Here is where we would like to commemorate and look back at some of our chat members, past and present and maybe, just maybe, the future. Our people in our Chat Hall of Fame.

    Ash CarrollAge: 18
    Location: England
    Status: Left (Seen like once a year.)
    Favourite Football Team: Arsenal
    Type: Laughing. Laughed at most things said that was funny.
    Name: Troy Ledgerwood
    Age: 17
    Location: England
    Status: Left (Seen once or twice)
    Favourite Football Team: Newcastle
    Type: Laughing. Laughed at most things said that was funny.
    Name: Allan MUFC
    Age: 20
    Location: Northern Ireland
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Manchester United
    Type: Comedian. Makes you laugh at what he can say about some members.
    Name: Sam Warren
    Age: 15
    Location: England
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Derby County
    Type: Comedian. Makes you laugh at what he can say.
    Name: Thomas Goodson
    Age: 16
    Location: England
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Norwich City
    Name: Jack Dimmick
    Age: 18
    Location: England
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Arsenal
    Name: Paul Thame
    Age: 19
    Location: England
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Bristol City
    Type: Laughing. Laughed at most things said that was funny
    Name: Mattios
    Age: 17
    Location: England
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Liverpool
    Type: Friendly, Mostly gets along with anyone.
    Name: Jamie Moore
    Age: 17
    Location: England
    Status: Banned
    Favourite Football Team: Middlesbrough
    Type: Comedy. Made you laugh, even if it did seem wrong.
    Name: Ivan Tomincevic
    Age: 15
    Location: Serbia
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Crvena Zvezda
    Type: Calm. Could never put a foot wrong really.
    Name: Nathan Kirby
    Age: 20
    Location: Scotland
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Celtic
    Type: Comedy. Makes a laugh here and there, also serious.
    Name: Cally Annett
    Age: 36
    Location: Location: Northern Ireland
    Status: Active (Occasional pop-in.)
    Favourite Football Team: Rangers
    Type: Comedy. Always can give ya a laugh.
    Name: Ryan Brown
    Age: 14
    Location: Northern Ireland
    Status: Active
    Favourite Football Team: Liverpool
    Type: Comedy. Few laughs here and there.
    Name: Tom Sinar
    Age: 15
    Location: England
    Status: Left (Not often on)
    Favourite Football Team: WBA
    Type: Banner. Could more or less want you banned.

    More on the way. Don't be alarmed.
    SM Forum Hall of Fame
    (Note: Will be updated, please help by giving what you can, especially with past chatters, thanks. )
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    Todoroski Foruming got a reaction from Scot Dutch in Lets limit injury lengths   
    Re: Lets limit injury lengths
    There's way to many threads on this all saying the same thing
    Here's a thread where you can have your whinge.
    Search before posting, PLEASE
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to Scot Dutch in Lets limit injury lengths   
    I lost Fabregas today for 9 weeks due to a broken wrist. I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. That is the rest of the season and part of the next one, over a broken wrist, NOT a serious injury for a footballer. He was already out 5 weeks due to another injury. That's 14 weeks of injuries in one season to my most valuable player.
    I think injuries on SM should be limited to 4 weeks at the most. Also, injuries should be removed between seasons, and player fitness should be reset, to simulate there being an "offseason".
    There's no point in even keeping a player with a 97k salary if he's going to be out for over 2 months. And I'm sure when he finally does come back he will just get hurt again. And no one will buy him, so that's just money down the drain.
    I also take issue with the fact that long-term injuries only happen to the highest rated players. I keep a rotation policy for all my teams and no one plays below 90% fitness, so there's no reason that my injuries shouldn't be spread around the roster instead of always hitting the star players.
    And don't tell me it's a coincidence, it happens to ALL my teams. If you are one of the 2 or 3 highest rated players on a squad, expect an injury every season.
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to pompeyfc in 20yo Striker- Big Rating Increase - Jonathan Biabiany   
    I have used the search tool and am confident there are no threads on him, if there are any please let me know

    Jonathan Biabiany
    Jonathan is a striker playing in Italy for Modena, however he is french.
    He wears the number 7 shirt for his club, and stands at a medium height of 5ft 9inches.
    He was born on the 28th of April in 1988, this obviously making him only 20 years old.
    Now to the important stuff...Biabiany has played the full 6 matches for his club, apart from the match 2 weekends ago when he got subbed off 10 minutes to go. This means he has played 541 minutes out of 554(including stoppage time).
    This makes Biabiany the very first choice starter for his club, as he is the only forward to have even PARTICIPATED in all 6.
    Biabiany has played more than 2 full games more than team-mate, striker Salvatore Bruno, who is rated 84 on SM. On SM he is stated to be a wing/AM, however from my sources he seems to be a forward.
    Jonathan is only rated 75 on SM , and can be snapped up for only 475k (chairman value) in most setups. Furthermore, he is a full 5 ratings less than the average rating of his team on SM.
    Finally, the thing you wanted to know ... I predict a rating of atleast 75>80, with 81 a possibilty and 82 a very slight possibility. .

    Feel free to comment, i hope you appreciate this and ... well like i said feel free to comment. :)
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to Chris Legend in Canerio Keirrison   
    Canerio Keirrison is a 19yr old striker who curently plays for coritiba in brazil, Keirrison has scored 14 goals in his last 13 games, his over career stats for coritiba ate 100 games 54 goals.
    Keirrison has been in sparkling form sofar this season for Coritiba scoring 14 in his last 13 games, this form has led to him signing a pre contract with palmires(spelling mostlikely wrong) so for the near future it looks like this young tallent is staying in brazil, but i dont think it will be long before one of the european big boys snap him up, the likes of Valencia, Barce, Milan, atletico have all been scouting this lad, he is surely destined for great things, and is certainly one to look out for.
    Here is a video of some of his goals

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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to Toro De Líbano in Getting it right.   
    Since I've been on the forum (19th July 2007 to be exact), I've seen a lot of threads which beg the question: "What is the best formation/tactics for my team?" Generally the people that ask it tend to be in some sort of trouble and/or bad form with their team. And I'm sure that everyone here has to put their hands up and say they are part of that group- I am one of them.
    Here I will try to explain the general way of trying to get the most effective formation/tactics out of your side against teams without necessarily having to counter the opposite formation.
    NOTE: Here, the methods are based on weather a full squad is available and injuries and suspensions are not a problems. Small tweaks can be made to your own specific needs.
    Playing against an unmanaged side
    A lot of the unmanaged sides will play a default 4-4-2 (IE a 4-4-2 that has everthing to normal settings), so I feel that it is important that you dominate where most of the possession is won or lost, which is in midfield. To do this, obviously, you should put as many midfielders on the pitch as possible. I'd play a 4-5-1 or a 3-5-2. I would refrain from using 3-4-2-1 (3-6-1). To take full advantage of the five man mifdield, I would use these tactics:

    If goals are hard tio get, use "play target man", which should be, in this instace, the highest rated forward you are using in your eleven.
    (sorry the screenshot is big and in the middle of nowhere, I'm not so good at cropping on paint as I use Photobucket to do my screenshots.)

    The right side against managed teams.

    Obviously first instict is to play your strongest side but it's important that you use the right formation to do it. These are the steps you need to take when deciding your strongest formation with your best team:
    I won't explain goalkeeper as it's simply highest rated one plays. They recover in two days to 100% fitness (or at least they do now), so at the moment it's fairly simple.
    First off, I'd look at your CB's and full backs, and see the depth and strength of them, and comapre the center halves to the full backs: how many are you able to play in each game, based on the number that you have and their importance in the side at the present time? If there are three or four centre backs, rated over 91, but only two full backs that are rated over 91, then it makes sence to play 3 centre backs as your defence. But if you have teo centre backs rated 91, but the rest are in the eighties, and three or four full backs that are also rated 91, then it would be best to play a flat back four, compromised of two centre backs and two full backs.
    Midfield and forwards
    The reason I am doing the mifdfield with the forwards is because what you have in midfield has an effect on what goes up front. As with the defence. The strength and depth of the midfield and strike forces is a factor contributing to how many you play in each area.
    To do this, I will take a random team (not my own) from a non-forumer setup and show the midfield and strikers, and see how mnay should be played in each area, using the above method (I won't use his youth squad as it's rated a lot lower than his senior side.)

    As you can see, the team has 11 90+ rated midfielders, but only 4 90+ forwards. The manager here has two choices:
    1. He can either play a five man mifdield and one striker with Arshavin or Messi as an AM and Klose as the lone striker.
    2. he can play a five man fidfield, this time with two strikers, with Hargreaves playing just in front of the defence, two central midfielders and two wingers, with Messi and Klose up front.

    Four man mifdield tactics

    Here you have to assess which is stronger: The thread down the middle or the flanks? If it is the flanks, yuo then have to decide which flank is the better to use, and then pick accoridingly using the attacking style function.
    Hope this helps people who have trouble picking a good formation or tactics to go with it. If it's a decent thread I might ask the mods to get it stickied, but it depends on the feedback I get. I'll try to sort out my screenshots once I get a bit more time.
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to Smartdoc in Dangers of Weights   
    Re: Dangers of Weights
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to Sky Blue Lee in A Guide To The People Of The Chatroom.   
    Howdy! I thought I'd give everyone a fun heads-up as to the type of people you can expect on the chat.
    The Quiet One
    This sort of person will log in to the chat, say nothing for hours (except the odd 'brb'), and then leave. Always a pleasure to talk to. If you can get them to talk, that is.
    The Loud One
    This sort of person never shuts up. Often uses a brightly-coloured font, caps lock, and will type short sentences and then press enter, rather than put them all into one line, so you get something like this:
    'HI! :D'
    'GUESS WHAT?! :D'
    'I :)'
    'AM :)'
    'REALLY ANNOYING!!! :D :p'
    A smiley after each sentence is customary. They will also post the same link every 10 seconds, in case you don't know how to scroll through the rest of their spam to see it the first time.
    The Spammer
    Often new to the game/chat. They'll log on, say something, and then spam the living daylights out of the chat. Smiley spam is usually the case. They spam, and either run, or get kicked.
    The PM
    They log on, and will PM you with often daft questions. If you don't respond after about 3 seconds, they'll ask you again. And again. And again. This is where the ignore function comes in handy.
    The Abuser
    Basic Routine: Log on, say something defamatory immediately, get banned.
    The Nice Newbie
    They're new to the game. They are polite and are desperate to learn. Their manners are key for them to get advice, and are often seen returning to the chat, and becoming a regular.
    The Daft Newbie
    They're new to the game. They are often impatient and rude, and are desparate to learn. Their lack of manners are key for them to be ignored. They will often leave in a blaze of frustration.
    The Wannabe Mod
    They are the people who like to enforce the rules even when there is a mod online. A lot of the time they will PM asking how to become a mod. A lot of the time they don't end up as mod.
    The Inquistor
    What does the inquistor do? What do you mean they keep asking questions? Why is that? What just happened? What? What do you mean I'm annoying? I'm not asking a lot, am I? Why did you just kick me?
    The Idiot
    No matter how many time you tell them, they just won't understand.
    The Revolutionist
    Often tries to get the mods revoked of their power. Will try to convert others to their way of thinking. Often fails.
    The Creep
    Poor girls on the chat. They log on, and the creep is there. Will try anything just for a nice comment from a female chatter. Is often ignored, despite the poor compliments and awful flirting techniques.
    The Hardman
    Comes on. Brags. Wants a fight. Is shown up. Cries. Leaves.
    The Grandad
    Let's use Teb as an example. Will log on, moan a lot, reminisce, and bascially raise the senility levels of the chatroom by 600%.
    And finally (he'll kill me for saying this...)
    The George
    Ask him anything! If you need help, ask George. Stuck? Ask George. Seriously, just ask George. He loves being asked.
    Add some more if you think I've missed anyone out.
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    Todoroski Foruming got a reaction from Kensational in Gold Championship 25 Transfers / Match reports Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 25 Transfers / Match reports Thread
    - Willing to offer Silvestre, Diaby and/or cash for
    a decent 90 rated CM.
    - Will P/E Eduardo for a younger 87 rated F.
    - Also have money to spend
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to Seftinho in EPL Rating Changes   
    Re: English Premier League ratings
    Stay the same. Torres hasn't scored enough since the last rating to be a 96, but he certainly won't drop. As for Babel, he's barely played.
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    Todoroski Foruming got a reaction from Adonis in best youth squad on soccer manager?   
    Re: best youth squad on soccer manager?
    No one can predict what those players are to be
    unless your god, honestly. All we can say is they have the talent or show
    glimpses of it. As for Adonis thread, It could happen, Why not
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    Re: End Of The World
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    Re: End Of The World
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    Re: best youth squad on soccer manager?
    ronaldinho was a 99 so why not?
    and they have only said a variation of about 15 players over 94 which represents current sm so its not far fetched at all mate and its personal view
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to pompeyfc in 10-100K Superstars   
    Hi, this is my first post, and as the title says i am posting a new thread about players of whom i think will get a good rise, or are brilliant prospects!!! I would however like to stress i do not take any credit for finding these players or not so i would prefer not to have scouts complain about a player being 'theirs'.!

    Vincenzo Fiorillo
    Fiorillio is an 18 year old Italian goalkeeper currently rated 72 on SM. Fiorillo currently plays for Sampdoria. He is not a starter of any start at Sampdoria, however he has been tipped to be a great prospect for the future, he also plays a large role for Italy at an u19 level. Furthermore in the recent u19 european championships he was one of Italys best performers, behind only Silvano Raggio Garibaldi. He can be snapped up for 80k! :D
    In the coming italian ratings i predict he will get a small rating increase of about +3 due to his appearances and performance at the u19 European Championships. Fiorillo is a definitely an Italian player to keep an eye on!
    My Reccomendation: 7/10
    Danny Ireland
    Ireland is a very young 17 year old goalkeeper who is playing football for Coventry FC. He has not been playing for Coventry recently, however the season has not long started. Ireland has only played 1 game which was against Aldershot in the league cup. This game was the reason Danny was added to the database. He is currently rated 70 on SM. He can be snapped up for only 10k!!!
    In the coming ratings i predict he will not get a rise but he could be one for the future, as starting IN GOAL for a championship side at the tender age of 17 is a feat in itself.
    My Reccomendation: 4/10
    Vito Mannone
    Vito is still only 20 years old and only rated 70 on SM. Vito was signed by Arsene Wenger from Italian club Atlanta for a fee believed to be around £350,000 back in 2005. After no solid appearance for 3 years he made a comeback in the 2008 pre season coming on as a half time substitute four times in an Arsenal Shirt. You can purchase Vito for a tiny amount of 10k!!He is a definate future investment.
    I believe Mannone may not get a rise this time round however he has started with his comeback (in the pre-season).I am sure he can keep his head up and fight for a place as a back-up keeper for Almunia in the later part of this season. And from then on it can only get better for the lad.
    My Reccomendation: 7/10

    I will post the defenders very soon so watch this post. :D
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    Re: English Championship 1
    Welcome all you soccer fans and managers in EC1 to Herby’s end of season round up of what has been yet another fascinating season in the original and first ever setup on SM.
    With just 3 games left in the season we are well and truly in the final stages of what for some will be a last ditch effort at achieving promotion whilst others will be battling hard to avoid the drop and relegation to a lower division. Read on as Herby analyses and sums up the present situation in each division for you.
    At the top it’s as tight as ever, but in recent weeks a few have stood up whilst other have fallen and in some cases even come crashing down to earth. Just last month we saw Adam’s Arsenal flying high on top of the table, whilst Shels took over at Man U and began the mammoth task of counting piles of cash and then having to contemplate ways of spending it in the transfer market, meanwhile young Teb proclaimed that he was on a run of good results and anything was possible but in the process obviously jinxing himself as he hasn’t won a single match since, and Newcastle has been thereabouts for much of the season and no doubt the manager is satisfied with his investments having gone on a spending spree in late July buying up the talents of players such as Rodrigo ALEX and Luis FIGO and now is now reapin the rewards. Raz’s Leicester and also Leeds have enjoyed a fruitful season but with the season ending next Saturday it looks to be a 3 horse race between Arsenal, Man Utd and Newcastle.
    Strange to be this stage of the season and not mentioning Dave Leigh’s name in the mix. The Bolton guru has had a rollercoaster ride with his team this season, with mixed results in the League and Cup but success in the Shield final against Delf's Southampton outfit, adding to his collection of silverware and confirming that his big money signings of KLOSE and ARSHAVIN were worth the outlay and should see the club compete for honours again next season as this term the best he can hope for is a mid-table finish.
    At the foot of the table it’s even closer than at the top. Unfortunately for Pete, his Boro team never really recovered from the poor start to the season and is already relegated to Div 2 but with the manager’s squad rebuilding program virtually complete now, the future looks bright and the financial difficulties that plagued the Riverside club earlier in the season are now a thing of the past. The BIG question remains, who will join Middlesbrough in the lower division come next season?
    Norwich, Leigh’s old club now managed by Louis Mattis, who achieved promotion against all odds last season to play Div 1 football this term has been hovering around the drop zone for most of the season, as have fellow new boys Sheffield Wednesday. Both teams currently occupy relegation spots 18 and 19 however with Blackburn just above them on the table and even Birmingham not out of the woods yet, the battle against relegation is now ON for young and old. Norwich might just have enough class to leap frog Soccerking's Blackburn and avoid dropping back down to Div 2 but only time will tell.
    WINNER: Manchester United
    RUNNER-UP: Arsenal
    RELEGATED: Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn Rovers
    Two teams have set themselves apart from the rest atop the table in Div 2. Sheffield Utd and Tottenham Hotspurs have occupied spots 1 and 2 virtually since the opening day of the season and both clubs are already assured Div 1 football next season. All that remains is the honour of winning the title, bragging rights and adding a bit silverware to the trophy cabinet. At present, Herby’s Sheffield Utd holds a slender 3 point gap and superior GD over Tiger Baker’s Spurs however the teams are due to meet at Brammel Lane next Wednesday in what is shaping up to be the ‘decider’ for the Div 2 title.
    The playoff spots from 3rd to 6th are also hotly contested and only Everton in 3rd looks certain to feature at this stage although there’s no doubting that George in planning to have his Ipswich Town amongst the challengers after match day 38. The managers of Sunderland and Hull City will hope for the same but will need to see off potential challenges from Millwall and Blackpool who are still in with a realistic chance of a top 6 finish and therefore promotion to Div 1 next season. Sunderland especially faces 3 difficult and tricky games in the run in and could well get overhauled by Millwall who have shown great form of late.
    The bottom looks like this; Nottingham Forest is all but down with only a miracle saving them now from Div 3 football next season. Places 19 and 18 are currently occupied by Coventry City and Perry's old club, Southend United however both still stand the chance of avoiding the drop if they can manage at least 6 points from their last 3 games. A tall order but with Rushden & Diamonds very poor run of form in recent weeks, anything is possible. Chris Exley’s club has only managed 1 point from the last 6 outings and is now staring the very real possibility of Div 3 football in the face and even though there’s still a mathematical chance of Chrystal Palace going down, they seemingly have done enough to retain their status in Div 2, at least for this season.
    WINNER: Sheffield United
    RUNNER-UP: Tottenham Hotspurs
    PLAY OFF PLACES: Everton, Ipswich Town, Hull City and Millwall
    PLAY OFF WINNER: Hull City
    RELEGATED: Nottingham Forest, Coventry City and Rushden & Diamonds
    BIG ACHIEVER AWARD: Charlton Athletic
    Division 3 is another where with 3 rounds to go the automatic promotion spots have all but been decided, in fact the title even has gone to Yap’s Bristol City who have an unassailable lead over Chesterfield now and can bask in the glory of having secured their promotion to Div 2 in style by winning Div 3 this season.
    Much like in Div 2, Bristol City and Chesterfield have dominated the competition and it would take a complete collapse for Stewart Lauder’s Chesterfield to stumble with the finish line in sight. He currently holds a 6 point lead over the chasing pack and this should be enough to claim 2nd spot come next Satuday when the season finally draws to a close. There is however still plenty of competition and interest in Div 3 for the playoff places with 6 teams in contention for the 4 spots available. Rochdale, currently 3rd have enjoyed a fine season and looks to be fairly safe but the managers of Burnley, Bradford City and Watford are all looking over their shoulders as Aston Villa and Wycombe Wanderers make a late bid for the playoffs. Jorge Lemnus who recently took over at Villa Park has a strong squad and is no doubt looking for maximum points from the last 3 fixtures in the hope of sneaking into the top 6. As is the Wycombe manager who’s team is currently ‘on form’ and could cause a huge surprise in the dying stages of season.
    At the tail end of the table it looks like nothing will save Steve Bates’ Gillingham despite the new manager’s fine record of late, winning the last 3 on the trot, it would appear that his arrival and managerial expertise has come too late to avoid the dreaded drop. He’ll be joined in Div 4 next season by Rotherham United and Swindon Town, neither of whom look likely to overhaul fellow strugglers Grimsby Town, a team that looks a shadow of its former self compared to the days when Fraser McInnes was in charge.
    WINNER: Bristol City
    RUNNER-UP: Chesterfield
    PLAY OFF PLACES: Rochdale, Burnley, Bradford City and Wycombe Wanderers
    PLAY OFF WINNER: Burnley
    RELEGATED: Gillingham, Rotherham United and Swindon Town
    BIG ACHIEVER AWARD: Chesterfield
    The Div 4 has been all but won by Colin’s Man City outfit, who are 8 points clear of second placed Bournemouth with just 3 games to go. Luton Town currently sit in 3rd spot and are trying desperately hard to knock the Rooster off his mighty perch, in an attempt to overtake Bournemouth and jump into an automatic promotion spot. With only a 3 point gap between the 2 clubs anything is possible especially with the Rooster having to visit Colin’s Man City on the final day of the season. Will Colin do his fellow former a favour is what many pundits are asking themselves? Either way, it should be a cracking finish to the Div 4 season! Apart from the above mentioned teams, Bristol Rovers and Brighton and Hove Albion should barring any major catastrophes feature in the playoffs along with one of either Crewe Alexandria, Peterborough United or Tranmere Rovers to complete the quartet of team in the playoffs.
    Mister Malcom’s Peterborough Utd is considered by some to be the dark horse of Div 4, after his recent transfer activity and signings have caught the attention of some of the most respected managers in EC1. The man who calls the London Road Ground his home has assembled a squad now valued at over £240 million making it one of the ‘richest’ clubs on paper in the entire setup.
    Cheltenham Town and Hartlepool United will fight it out for the wooden spoon this season. The Hartlepool manager has obviously taken the challenge seriously and dipped into the club’s coffers this week signing a number of “mature” players from the Austrian lower divisions, a ploy which he hopes will take the club to new heights next season.
    WINNER: Manchester City
    RUNNER-UP: Bournemouth
    PLAY OFF PLACES: Luton Town, Bristol Rovers, Brighton & Hove Albion and Peterborough United
    PLAY OFF WINNER: Luton Town
    WOODEN SPOON: Cheltenham Town
    BIG ACHIEVER AWARD: Peterborough United
    That's about it for post # 2658
    I hope you all enjoyed this report and wrap up of what was in Season 8 of EC1. I'll do a final version once the season is over and all promotions/relegations have been confirmed. That post will be followed by a Season 9 overview of the various Divisions and their teams and of course, Herby's predictions of how teams will fare.
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    Todoroski Foruming reacted to Hally in Players you should sell!   
    Re: Players you should sell!
    I will begin the list is is no particular order:
    Key: red indicates player that needs to replaced
    blue indicates a player that needs to be brought in instead
    Thierry Henry- chairmans value around 20m
    Henry has not made an impact whatsoever at Barcelona, he has not rediscovered the form from his time at Arsenal and he looks well unworthy of his current 95 rating and should drop down to at least 93.
    you should replace him with...
    Klaas Jann Huntellar chairmans value around 19.1m
    Huntelaar is a proven goalscorer every season and he was top scorer of the dutch league last season (not completely 100 percent on that as i cant find anything on the internet about it). He looks like a striker in the style of ruud van nistlerooy a real predator in the box. i can see him going up at least 1 to 93.
    Gilberto silva chairmans value around 5.5m
    He moved from arsenal to panathaniakos for only 1m as he was not getting 1st team opportunity's. He has moved to side who had a highest player rating of 89. He will definetely drop down at least a place but i think he will go down to 89 as he is not playing at a top level club and he had a poor time at arsenal. Although his team are in the champions league i dont see them getting past the group stages and even so how many players rated 91 are there in the greek league?
    you should replace him with....
    Yoann Gourcuff chairmans value around 6m
    Has currently been loaned out to bordeux from milan after a big money move. He is playing very well recently and has scored 1 goal already for bordeux. Bordeux are in the champions league this season (unlike milan) so he has a chance to really prove himself. He is going to get regular playing time for bordeux so i think his rating will rise a least 1 to 88 he is a real prospect for the future.
    Salomon Kalou chairmans value around 21m
    Is currently on the db rated 92 which is far too high in my opinion for a player limited mostly too sub appearences. What i dont understand is why he is rated 92 on db the same as huntelaar who is a proven goalscorer season after season!I think he will go down 1 to 91 but i believe he should be only 90. perhaps i am been too harsh on kalou i just feel there are better players you could pay less money for on sm!
    you should replace him with...
    Emmanuel Adebayor chairmans value 19m
    He is a proven goalscorer like huntelaar but is rated the same as kalou i just dont understand that! he is a consistent goalscorer for both club and country. He had an excellent season last season and proved himself to be one of the top strikers in the premier league. in the summer he was linked with clubs like barcelona and ac milan. I will predict a rise of 1 to 93.
    Steve Finnan chirmans value around 4m
    He has just moved from liverpool to Espanyol. He was linked away from anfield times and times before and liverpool wanted to get rid of him as part exchange for the gareth barry deal but it was rejected. He is not involved in champions league football at espanyol and he is ageing and i dont think he was the player he was a couple of years ago for liverpool. He could most probably drop down to 89 he is never going to go past 90 again i dont think as i have said he is not the player he was a few years ago!
    replace him with...
    Lorenzo de silvestri chairmans value around 6m a bit 2m more than finnan but he is a big potential riser.
    This guy is an amazing talent. He is an attacking right full back who loves to bomb forward. He played 18 times for lazio last season and was listed in the top 50 of the worlds most promising talents in 2007. he was one of only 2 italians included in the list. He has made 9 appearences for italy u 21s. he is a very promising talent and should make 90+ in the the next year or so. I predict a rise of 2 to 88. he is definetely going to be a good investment for any team if he continues to play for lazio.
    Nolberto Solano chairmans value around 2.6m
    After been released by west ham he now plays for Larisa a greek team. He was struggling to find a club until then. Larissa is definetely a step down from the premier league! Anyway i can see him retiring in a year or so, so even if he doesnt decrease hell be worth selling! I predict a drop of 1 to 87.
    You should replace him with....
    Sotiris Ninis chairmans value around 3m.
    this 18 year old is an exceptional talent. He won the greece young footballer of the year award in 2007 but was hampered by injuries in the 2007/8 season,
    before he was named in the best 11 of the u19 championships. the 18 year old has already played 1 match for greeces seniour side and he scored as well. I would buy this rm quick as he will be a world star in 2 years time! check this link! - http://www.premiershiplatest.com/news/arsenal-man-utd-along-milan-real-madrid--5510535.html
    Fredrik Ljungberg chairmans value around 5m.
    Freddy is an am/w on db and rated 88. Freddy was released by west ham this summer, after a poor season, and has not found a club since. Well if he doesnt even play for a club he is not going to keep his 88 rating is he! Thats just commen sense! He will go down dramatically so get him sold or certainly do not buy him!
    Replace him with....
    Miguel Danny chairmans value around 7m. 2m more than ljungberg but he is definitly worth it!
    This guy is an under rated player on sm rated only 88! He has just signed for
    zenit st petersburg for 30m euros!!!! He looks a great player skillful, creative on the ball and has great dribbling ability. Zenit are in the champions league this year so he can make a huge impact and establish himself as a big name.
    He has also played 1 game for portugal and i believe he will have many more caps in the future! I predict a rise of +2 to 90!
    Slobodan Rajkovic chairmans value around 4.5m.
    This cb is rated 84 on db, he is a cb who is at loan at fc twente from chelsea. He has just been banned for a year for spitting at a ref. A year is a long time to be not playing competitive football so he will go down. Slobodon has huge potental but not playing for a year could stop him forfilling his potential. We will have to see! credit to insider for mentioning this player.
    you should replace him with...
    Adriano buss Henrique chairmans value around 5.3m.
    Has had an increase of 5 to 86 just recently but is tipped by many forumers to increase to 88 when the next rating changes come about! Moved to barcelona for a fee equvilant to about 8m pounds. He is now on loan at bayer leverkusen and has started 3 games already this season for bayer and has been handed the number 3 shirt. He has played 1 game for brazil. He is a top, top player and i am sure many forumers will agree!
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