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  1. Re: Gold Championship 55 Transfers / Match Report Thread Colchester United News Colchester united players Met New Manager Aaron Bolam At 4:20 as they had there first lite tranin session under the new manager Aaaron bolam. Colchester Comfirmed that they have been in contact over some Players coming in as Loans, They have also Said that they have sold 9,000 Season tickets for tommorows match against Shorpe. Aaron bolam Will Select his team Tonight. More New to Follow
  2. Re: Zampa's Graphics Hideout ZAMPA ! can u do me a Colchester United GC55 Match report banner for me if its not to much thanks
  3. Re: Signature Design Feedback thats thee 1 u do thomas thats the 1 i found
  4. Re: Signature Design Feedback How can u even say its urs wen all uve done is smudged it , i found that and uploaded it on my photobucket so i can use it as a sig . so u cant realyt say like my sig ,
  5. Re: Gold Championship 55 Transfers / Match Report Thread Colchester Get There Man Colchester appointed Aaron bolam as there new manger as they hope to win promotion Looking for Loans so can People get Message me wen they have people up for loan
  6. Re: Signature Design Feedback Made sig Feedback ????????
  7. Re: Signature Design Feedback JUst thoguth i would make a sig feedback?
  8. Re: Signature Design Feedback bit harsh . i think its a good sig , he just needs to move the text over
  9. Re: SM Forums Best Sig/Skin/Avatar Maker? Soz , i was thinkng bout he others as there boys lol soz
  10. Re: SM Forums Best Sig/Skin/Avatar Maker? Out of 4 Fabregas: Always Puts alot of effort to her sigs and always comes out brilliant , she is A great sig maker Munt: Great Sigs and with Great Affects and his sigs are top class Connor bowen: Some have affect some just look great , all his sigs are neat and have great cutting Zampa: Great Sig maker . great backgrounds and is happy to make 7 at a time for people . puts lot of effort into them
  11. Re: Signature Design Feedback When your more Fund with making sigs , try and add some Affect like the background , and maybe Light round the player
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback I like the background its ok , Dont like the writing , and cutting is ok , good sig overall
  13. Re: Signature Design Feedback Finally made them big . quite good sig , good background , could be bit more affect
  14. Re: Signature Design Feedback Great Background , Text is alright , Dunno if its just me but could be better cuttin round the head , or is that suppose to be like that , But a great sig overall
  15. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread I Would say that everton Arn't as good with out Arteta , i rate him very much aswell as cahill i think them 2 will be moving to The big 4 in the next 2 years But a good result for newcastle
  16. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Thanks Dai , I Think that is a Very Good result and a lot to take in , Everton Have been on Great form , Beating Liverpool and drawing With Arsenal , To get a draw is 1 thing but not to conceed , i think u cant argue with a draw
  17. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Sorri , Mite sound like i dont no alot bout football but Wat was the final score ?
  18. Re: Signature Design Feedback Love it , But the Affect thingy u have on Agbonlahor , u could of Put coming on to him From the Left ANd around him ?
  19. Re: Signature Design Feedback Owell , i Aint makin them anymore , as i aint good , and dont no wat people see in a good background , i use gimp , unlike .Fabregas and Zampa they use photoshop and thats much better
  20. Re: Signature Design Feedback Plainer? or plain? downloaded nother text thing feedback??
  21. Re: what 94 rated player should i go for if ur lookin for a 94 , i would go for Senna , but he aint on list , then Zanneti
  22. Re: Gfx Cup Sign Up same , here if no late
  23. Re: Signature Design Feedback That is what it should be , and its a comment
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