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  1. Today i bought a new custom setup. I wanted to make it a forumers league , but im a bit stuck on what to do : Name Teams League Any Twists (e.g) No buying from over age of 35 So if you would like to join just post here and give some ideas : Thanks .
  2. Re: Athletico Madrid i dnt think that anguro will increase to 94 but deffentlliy think he will go to 93
  3. Re: Lil_kick_kid's Setup - Finally i'll join mate , im (-)Daniel(-)s brother
  4. Re: Gold Championship 7 yesterday night fiorentina said good bye to mutu as he went on his way to the german giants bayern munick.but coming in to fiorentina was to top quality strikers tamudo and ronaldowho will pair upfrount for the first time tonight in fiorentina coulurs to face AC milan which will sure be a brilliant match.
  5. Re: Emilio Nsue yh he isn't really a good find
  6. Re: European Championship 198 Match Report Thread - Forumers Setup yesterday psv boss aaron bolam brang in 3 top players this is wat he had to say the 3 players we have bought are 3 brilliant players and will go streight into the squad tonight to face FC Schalke.and the players i have brought are giggs for 4mil and p.e. and sold farffan for 10mil plus samuel and cruz
  7. Re: European Championship 198 Match Report Thread - Forumers Setup new manager at psv got named at 4 0clock today as aaron bolam took charge at psv This is what he had to say psv is a top cub and brilliant players.tommrow will be my first time in chrge. at the moment it is a new season and all my sqaud is fit so have a goo team to choose from. one man that will be startin is farffan jefferson who is a top player and i no clubs will be intrested in buying him i will be lookin to buy some players to strengthen my squad. at the moment i am intrested in julio cruz will be a great singing if we can buy him and as he has a lot of experience because playing for intermilan who are a top side. i am also intrested in buying thuram from barcelona who is a brilliant defender and will bring strenght to my diffence.
  8. Re: Gold Championship 14 (News, Gossip, Match Report, Etc) Thread does any 1 wana swap a good gc 14 side for a fc porto in gc 2 which has 237mil if any1 does plz reply
  9. Re: Gold Championship 7 Donadel Moves to Hamburg:rolleyes:
  10. Re: Gold Championship 7 FIORIENTINA NEWS!!! New man at fiorentina!! New signings to follow tommorow Key Players Sebastian Frey Tomas Ufalusi Andrian Mutu http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2b/Adrian_Mutu_2.jpg/250px-Adrian_Mutu_2.jpg more to follow tommorow:D
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... good deal mate, torres is on form atm for liverpool. 2 hat-ricks in about 2 weeks, eto'o is not playing as much as he use to and could be looking at a decrease.
  12. Re: Ross v Tom v Mark v Teb v Torley v Toggs v Sam v Daniel v Austin hey teb, can i be in the bristol city challenge. i just got bristol city in the new ec
  13. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread v sevilla 0 marseille 0 last friday night sevilla had a triccky tie against marsille which prooved to be a brilliant match. Sevilla manager Aaron bolam was keepin the side he had played he had put out with for the last 4 games.marseille coach Eoin adams was playin a strong side but was restin key players such as :givet,cisse and nasri which were all left out. the game had kicked of and with 1min into it kanoute had a powefull shot which pulled out a fine save from the marseille keeper.Threre was not realy much more in the second half but a frustating half for Aaron bolam. so in to the second half and marseille got of to a great start with valbunen with a free hedder wich was gaverd up by the keeper there was more chances in the second half but a frustrating game for sevilla but good game for marsille. which finnished sevilla 0 marsille o
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