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  1. Re: Signature Design Feedback Can we not talk bout wat Thomasblow does wrong , i let him use mine so be it Beckham sig , Best Background ive made Feedback
  2. Re: Signature Design Feedback Ill Clear it up , There not my Sigs , There his sigs but i let him use my Photobucket to upload them , so stop the arguing ,
  3. Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Liverpool Land In Milan Ready For SMFA Cup Final Early Today Liverpool Flew into Milan ready for there Cup Final Against Inter.Aaron Bolam Have no Injury Worries and will have there First team squad out Liverpool Beat Some Highley Ranked teams To get to the final.They Beat Santos , Real Madrid , And PSV. They got through the Knockout rounds by considing 2 goals. Inter Beat Barcelona , Werder Breman and Manchester united . Inter have a very strong squad and it should be a very good game. Both Teams Will Be Going Out For The Prize
  4. Re: Who do Liverpool now sign in the summer to replace keane ? Dunno . Rafa Usualy Changes the system but he hasent been doing this often this season
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... umm, I would do Arshavin , Better rating and has alot to prove to the arsenal fans
  6. Re: Who do Liverpool now sign in the summer to replace keane ? Well hes not getting picked for England now and before his injury and he scored bout 10 goals
  7. Re: Who do Liverpool now sign in the summer to replace keane ? Personally , i dont want to see Villa or Aguero at Liverpool at the moment , i want Rafa to buy Someone who can score goals and will only cost us about 6mil case we dont want to spend all the money we got for keane on another replacement , i dont want Villa or Aguero at liverpool at the moment cuz i want to see Torres play better just as he has done for liverpool. For spain torres dont look more affective then he does for liverpool. Would love to see Owen back at liverpool
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Well , i would keep him , Been very good for liverpool could be up for 91
  9. Re: The Risers and Droppers Thread Dam , i put down Ac Milan by mistake , haha . Good Thread , Could do with some more people and why u think there gunna rise or drop or stay
  10. Re: The Best Defender In The World I no some people would say im saying this player just because i support the team , but thats not the case , i think Jamie Carragher . Played over 500games for liverpool . nearly every game a season unless suspended or injured and hardly gets booked or sent off . Verry reliable for liverpool and i think he is a top class defender
  11. Who do u think The Best Defender in The World Is
  12. Im intrested in getting Xbox live , But i dont no how to set it up Help :confused:
  13. Re: Gold Championship 30 Match reports/Transfers thread. Roma Beat Top Of The Table Fiorientina 4-1 To Move Into The Last SMFA Cup Place Aaron Bolams Roma Beat Fiorientina 4-1 to go ahead of Inter into 4th. Aaron bolams team needed a win or they would have to fight to hope that they will secure a place on the last game of the season, Aaron Bolam was very happy with his team peformance and have quoted that the SMFA cup place is are to have. R.TADDEI 40, 72 M.VUCINIC 52 P.MEXES 59 Scored the goals and Roma have won 3 on the trot going into the last game of the season
  14. Re: Gold Championship 51 Match Report Thread Porto 7 Points Clear At Top Of Table Yesterday night Porto beat second place Sporting Braga 2-0 as they went 7 points clear at the top of the table.Aaron bolams men Havent losta game in the league since Aaron took over with 12 wins and 4 draws. Aaron bolam spoke after the game. I Thought we played very well and we need to keep up the form we have been in . the most important thing for me is keeping the players fit and that way we will be able to win the tittle. Fc Porto Will be up against Vitória de Setúbal next in the league and they hope to go even more ahead at the top of the table
  15. Re: Spain Vs England Llorente plays for Athletico Bilbao I thought that the match overall wasent a good match . England Didnt attack well in the first half because spain were making england chase the ball which was making them tired . I didnt think Villa and Torres attacked well . But iniesta He Played amazing and thoguth he was the best out there , I thought david beckham made a difference to England . He was putting balls out to Shaun wright phillips and made a great ball to Carlton cole which he could of scored his fir internaitional goal for england , So we didnt play aswell as i thought we would of . But it was against spain
  16. Re: Spain Vs England I dont Think England can win Ae Strikers dont have anothe Expirence Cole, Agbonlahor, Heskey and Peter Crouch And they dont have anothe goals I think Jagielka deserves a start and Maybe Play Him CB with Terry
  17. Spain and England go head to head t onight in a International Friendly should be tough game for england as Gerrard and Rooney are both injured What do u guys think will be the final out come
  18. Re: 93+ players that will rise???? I Dont realy agree with u on Villa aswell Played 39 , scored 33 Thats in all comps , Including international but in league played 21 scored 17
  19. Re: 93+ players that will rise???? Mate how can u say That Eto'o wont rise he will defo rise Played 21 , Scored 21 Thats in League , In all Played 22 scored 22 so Why on earth wont he rise
  20. Re: Gold Championship 30 Match reports/Transfers thread. Roma Thump Inter 4-0 Roma Manager Aaron Bolam Is still Fighting for a SMFA place and he said we can do it after His side Saw off Inter 4-0, He said after the game "I put a squad out that i think can win the game and i thought my players played very well and it showed as we came out 4-0 winners.I sat with my staff admiarng the game and we thought that i couldnt of made a stronger suqad,it was a very strong squad and when i first Chose the players i thought i had done the rite thing.We will keep fighting to Play SMFA cup football next year but wee will have to keep playing like we want to and not that we already are. A.HERNANES 10 F.TOTTI 34 M.VUCINIC 46, 54 Hernanes , Totti and Vucinic scored the goals which saw Roma win. Tonight Roma play Bolonga and A.Bolam has been speaking about tonights apponents. It will not be an eay game , We know they havent won in there last 4 but we can not count out a defeat. We need to keep are Heads up and if we go 1-0 down we can not let them drop as it will let are peformance and Spirit down.
  21. Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Anfield Witness Liverpool Secure Place In Semi Finals in the SMFA Cup. 1-0 Aaron Bolam Has Prasied his players after Coming out 1-0 winners against Real Madrid. Aaron Bolam said that there Squad Was Stronger in places but are squad had more spirit and that is why They are in the Semi Finals Henry and Pennant Secure Win In EPL Against Arsenal Aaron Bolams team Kept up the einning streak Against Arsenal . Henry and Pennant scored the goals and Aaron bolam Hopes that Henry will now show The EPL why Liverpool signed him. Aaron Bolam was very Happy with the result and no are 6th and 2 points of The top four. Aaron Boalm's liverpool are at home to High Fliers Sunderland and he says it will be no easy game , He Reckons it will be a harder game then it was against Arsenal and has Spoke About Sunderland. It will be a hard game as they are 3rd in the League they have a lot of confidence and it will be hard to Break them down.
  22. Took Marseiile Still Psg, Monaco and loads more clubs free Join
  23. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread Villereal Beat Real madrid 2-1 in the cup final to Lift The Shield , Aaron bolam was very Amazed after his team peformance and Said it eas a tough game and his team dident Deseaved to win . Well Played Real Madrid
  24. Re: FA Cup Confident we will beat Everton , And Beat Villa if they get through
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